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Description[Diary Transcription]

June Friday 15
No motion at all though quarter hour on the pot ~ Mrs. and Miss Barlow called for me soon after 6 —
no time for breakfast — off at 6 1/2 to the bureau rue du Bouloy No. [Number] 24, and off from there for Nancy at 7 —
very fine day — beautiful evening — (a shower between 1 and 2, but not enough to lay the dust) — o.

Saturday 16
vide Travelling journal — great deal of rain fell during last night — today very fine — beautiful evening — o..

Sunday 17
7 20/60
Reached Nancy about 5 — had boiled milk — washed and dressed — went out at about 7 3/4 to see the town
to the cathedral etc. bought fruit — got back about or soon after 11 — more boiled milk with our fruit —
came to my room at 12 — Mrs. Barlow and Jane at one end of the long corridor, I at the other — feverish ever
since leaving home — but the fruit did me some good so that I had a little motion the first since Thursday
morning ~ wrote out my Travelling journal and settled my accounts — brushed my pelisse etc. etc. and
repacked my things for tomorrow — at 6 3/4 boiled milk and strawberries — Mrs. Barlow came and sat with me a
few minutes having been in bed and asleep and being much refreshed — very hot today — very fine day —
Longed to have written a few lines in addition to my letter to M- [Mariana] but could not — dropping asleep over my
journal and accounts 2 or 3 times — π [Mariana] perpetually in my mind never thought so much of her my great con
solation having a room to myself at least this first night lucky accident thought I ~ o.

Monday 18
6 40/60
Slept well — bowels pretty well — hurried over a small basin of boiled milk, and a small pain au lait,
and in our coupé again and off for Strasbourg at 6 3/4 — vide Travelling journal — at 12 35/60 a heavy
thunder shower for 10 minutes — again heavy rain at 2 20/60 which continued more or less till 4 5/60 —

Tuesday 19
9 1/4
Reach Strasbourg — at the Hotel de la fleur — (vide Travelling journal) — went out for fruit about 7 — out
about an hour — then breakfast — Went out with Mrs. Barlow about 9 1/4 — Just before had a little motion which
did me much good Mrs. Barlow and I in the double bedded room jname [Jane] by herself ~ went to a first rate looking grocer’s
to buy sugar — 1 lb. loose loaf sugar at 27 sols, there I last paid 25sols for in Paris — poor little
lemons at 4sols — said I only paid 2sols for such in Paris — the man gave me the lie — I left him his
lemon, and walked out of his shop — unfortunately the key for our door on his counter, and had to
return for it — Mrs. Barlow afraid of my getting into a passion, and having a mob about us; for my
pelisse attracts much notice — no fear said I — and got my key back again having scarcely uttered
save to say what I wanted — got home again about 11 — tremendously hot — undressed got into bed at 11 50/60 —
in a profuse perspiration even though perfectly still in bed with few merely a sheet and cotton
coverlet over me — the room to the south — a perfect sun trap — by and by fell asleep and slept
till 5 1/4 — jumped up fancying it 5 1/4 on Wednesday morning took off my night things quite wet and put on my clean chemise and dressing gown and washed my teeth etc. — Mrs. Barlow in the other bed with her feet to
mine could scarce persuade me of my errorr had another tolerable motion this relieved
me much got into bed to Mrs. Barlow and quiet for some time gave her [illegible] then two good excitements
right middle finger up as usual nearly three [illegible] hours with her then ~ [illegible] about 8 1/2
made a few notes for my journal — ate the remainder of my strawberries drinking the currant
juice Mrs. Barlow made me at noon, and got into bed at 9 1/4 — o.~ very fine day — Fahrenheit 79°
at 5 1/4 p.m. [illegible] lying on the table de nuit at my bedside — no wonder I had been so hot —
being very thirsty on getting home a little before 11 this morning drank a largeish basin full of hot currant
juice-water which might probably assist in throwing me or rather keeping me in such profuse perspiration —
DateJun 1827
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