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+ October 25 Mrs. Lynn’s coach maker took the carriage his address
Had the porter’s wife (1st time) to speak French to me. (7).

26 Extract from to M- [Mariana] respecting the happy state of my mind
§ Called on Mrs. Barlow observations vide the porter’s says I have
+ no accent in reading French — (7-8).

27 Note from the Comte will de Noé — will shew me the
§ Crown jewels — he is very civil Observations vide Ruled all
the ppages for the index and letter index of this volume (8-9).

28 Writing out the rough draft of the index of June 1825.
Mistake about meeting the Comte de Noé Explanatory
note making out of the rough draft of index Had spelt
Comte with an n instead of an m Note to the Comte
de Noé (9).

29 Extract from Mr. and Mrs. Duffin when married — refurnishing the
house — will always be glad to see me. Deaths of Lady
Mary Stapleton and Mrs. Hotham. Birth of Mrs. Wright’s little girl
§ ‘William Milne going gradually’ Pleased with the tea caddy.
Kind message from Mr. Marsh. The business of my executorship
all well settled by Mr. Gray. To sign and witness
the rough draft of my will, (I have done so), and it
will stand good — Read the service. Madame Droz and her husband’s
sister called — ask me to tea. Call at the de Noés’
Physicians recommended by the Comtesse — the Comte not at home —
+ Called on Madame Galvani observations Montlosier has lost
his situation and pension under the ministry — (9-10).

30 Pothered about the washerwoman writing out Index
Intended Douceur to George from the crêmier. Finished
§§ writing out Index Reflections vide Settle with the
washerwoman the Scale of prices. (11).

31 Extract from to Mrs. Lynn respecting the marriage of Mr. Duffin
and Miss Marsh Bought fruit. Called on Mrs. Barlow Monsieur St.
Albin there Name her not calling on my aunt
§§ become tender a complaint in the womb I believ
e she will be my mistress will never go absolutely
near her Madame Galvani likely to recover some of her fortune.

No. [Number] of the page
Literary Index

8 Account of the chaîne des forçats on their journey to
the galleys — how examined lest they should have anything
to cut their chains. Publication of the Atlas
Constitutionnel. Observations on Monsieur de Villèle and Mr.

10 Montlosier has lost his situation and pension under the
ministry for writing his mémoire against the Jésuites.

13 Read the grammaire des grammaires.

16 IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] writes l’Langollen instead of Llangollen.

21 Read Lumprière’s classical dictionary Criminal Conduct Bligh versus
Wellesley Pole.

22 Reading Montosier Mount Rouge tout près d’ici.

23 Reminded of a curious observation made by Soame Jenyns.

25 Read chapter 3 liber 1. Tacitus observations

26 Should read Voltaire especially his Pucelle d’Orléans —
Should read Antequil. Nothing of Machiavelli translated
into French but his advice to a Prince.

27 Price of periodicals received from England by Galignani.

33 Observations on Montlosier’s memoir — finished reading it —

# 34 Reading Dr. Clark on the climate of France etc.

37 Another actor in imitation of Talma will would not have her
remains presented at a church — a child sent back from school
not allowed to remain there because the daughter of an actress

# 35 Different translations of Plutarch — 3 — Amyots the best
but in old French

39 References to books I should like to buy.
Amount of national income and debt. Expense of different public
establishments. Currency how raised in value vide
average rate of taxes paid by each individual One
attributes all our national calamities to the state of the
currency Another to gambling speculations comparison
between those of the present day and those of 1720.

41 Read a page or 2 of Beauvilliers’ art de cuisine
Death of [illegible] average prices of corn in England

43 Fine and imprisonment for offering for sale Les Avantures
de Faublas et l’origine des cultes.

45 Can gain no information respecting L’Echo de La Halle.

46 No. [Number] of officers on H.P. [half pay] and full ditto No. [Number] of commissions given to the
H.P. [half pay] Advantages of having men of fortune in the army.
Hint against the admiralty. Duty on Baltic timber
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