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November 1 Do the summary of August 1824. Observations People visit the
+ graves of their friends on all souls day. Look over accounts
͞§͞§ Began to try dancing for exercise My bowels have no
t been quite right. observations vide Madame Galvani came 1st time
͞ ͞§͞§+ to give me a lesson here — her chance of recovering some part of
her fortune Mrs. Barlow loved me very much. (13-14).

2 Observations on the price of different articles, pears, etc. Cheaper
§ sugar etc. than Gilbert’s. vide M- [Mariana] better out of London
§ Miss Hall’s inquisitive questions. M-’s [Mariana] weight Trufitt’s
͞§͞§ extravagant bill. observations Foreign post days in London M-’s [Mariana]
§§ Observations on Mrs. Barlow vide Bought a shawl — sent me music —
fancies Mrs. Acton a fine lady. Did I see Talma’s
funeral the Comte de Noé very poor. Mr. Watson asks
what Hipperholme School owed my uncle List of the books sent —
Mr. James Briggs wishes to hear from me. the bank will keep
§ the money received on my account etc. Mr. Jackson dealer
in silks etc. will take old clothes in exchange Meant to have gone to
Père Lachaise but ..... Writing to Mr. James Briggs
Mrs. and Miss Barlow called — walked and went home with them
+ The porter’s wife improves me. (14-16)

§ 3 Writing to Mr. James Briggs Observations on the exercise of dancing
account of the Norcliffe’s excursion. IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] favourite Welsh valley.
her singular way of writing Llangollen. thinks all
Napoleon’s palaces nothing to Eaton Abbey. Nobody so
happy as my jewel. value my present Bazaar
in York — the archbishop’s daughters etc. to have a stall. No
§ London coachmaker will answer for springs. Heard of
not meeting Mr. Charles Lawton of 3 days — singular question there on

4 Dance 7 1/2 minutes. Long extract from to Marian our rent
per annum thanks to my father for all he is doing for the
§ estate. Account of my aunt. Compliments sent to Dr. Kenny etc. etc.
the Duke of Devonshire’s quick arrival from St. Petersburg Sir Walter Scott’s
coming and going. Monsieur Margat's 32nd ascent. Lowest degree of
temperature. Note to and from Mrs. Barlow — dined with her
§§ Long observations vide Mrs Barlow and I love making the more I think
she is a little cracky (17-19).

November 5 Go to Madame Contant. She recommends Mademoiselle Fort for me to
§+ speak French to. observations vide Miss Lynn has been very ill —
The society at Tours changed — the English quarelling among
themselves Mrs. Lynn gives me a commission. Long extract from to
§ Mrs. Norcliffe Account of my aunt and of the Comte de Noé. Observations
on the Menai bridge, Eaton Abbey, Talma, General
§ Foy, state of our acquaintance here. Observations vide
͞§ name the carriage. vide the conclusion wrote out last week’s index (19-21) Changes in France

6 Madame Galvani came Expense (to a resident) of keeping a carriage in
Paris What I might live for — Tell her how much spent this
year. Observations on Madame de Fumel vide Lady Granville
§ receives Mademoiselle Gai etc. Observations on Italian morality Went
to Madame Contant about Mrs. Lynn’s commission why the
English do not make caps well. Passage Vero-Dodat.
Price of covered dishes etc. in porcelain. Bad fireworks
yesterday (21–2).

8 Better. Mrs. Barlow came early walked with her My imag
inary mistress I said she was dead had been connect
ed with π [Mariana] denied it altogether vide It appears sh
e and her aunt talked me over vide Would not have her
given nor thrown after me I see plain enough she will
be my mistress (22-3).

9 Note from the Comte de Noé Call to inquire after Mrs. Barlow
See the crown jewels. Observations the man who a week ago
shewed me such good sugar at 26 sols will not let me
have it now. Observations vide the consequent maxim Mrs. and Miss
Barlow called. (23-4).

10 Extract from to M- [Mariana] Observations on money matters most excellent
account of my aunt — on not having made the best of it to the
Norcliffes vide Mention of Mrs. Barlow observations vide to have M-’s [Mariana]
letters on Saturdays? Message to Miss Fletcher — my eye
inflamed (24-5).

11 Note to Mrs. Barlow making weekly summaries. (25-6).

12 Mrs. Barlow came Harping on my having been constant to
her for nine months Observations vide weekly summaries
§ Average expense of the last 8 weeks. Planning a form of weekly
summaries for the whole year. (26).

November 13 Looking over my account of Income Madame Galvani came
Observations on the family of Galvani. Madame Contant came,
§§+ and an Italian with trinkets to sell. Began my
ledger account and readding up all my accounts. (26-7).

14 Apologize to Mrs. Lynn for not having done her commission.
Madame Contant comes. 2nd letter to Mrs. Lynn. Observations on Mrs.
Sherard. Glad we did not go to Tours. Note from Mrs. Barlow
§+ She wants Madame Galvani’s ticket Copy of this ticket vide
sent me a green shade. Madame Contant came again. Pother
about the commission Will not offer my services again
in a hurry vide Mrs. Barlow and Jane called give the ticket Making
out Ledger account added up my accounts of 1825.
(27 - 8) o. very little indeed (27-8).

15 Price of parcel and packing to Mrs. Lynn. The carriage brought
back — observations vide prejudiced in favour of the coachmaker
who has done the repairs — Observations on parting with George vide
Has gaucherie in paying the postage of my letter to Mrs. Lynn
Madame Galvani came Mrs. Barlow and Jane called. Making out
the monthly summaries of 1824. (28-9).

16 Mrs. Barlow spent the day with me. I had a little one Jan
e’s dancing master felt her heel Observations vide
Mr. Charles Lawton about taking Spye Park — the Diorama of
V Rouen too much for M- [Mariana] her observations on Miss MacLean
as the cause of her being less agreeable when I am present.
vide Mrs. Belcombe’s observations on the happiness of Mr. and Mrs. Duffin
no chance for William Milne. (29-30).

17 Writing out the summaries of 1824, and making out
M-’s [Mariana] account as having bought her stock. Taxes paid for
this house landtax etc. Duty on wine — how much saved
by buying it in the cask (30-1).

18 Call on the Drozs. Mention of Madame de Boyve and her
house etc. observations on the Drozs Mademoiselle Droz taken a fancy to me
Meet Miss Pope at Laffitte’s. Observations pay Madame
Contant for Mrs. Lynn’s merinos, etc. Rate of exchange
today The exact money I have by me. (31-2).

19 Take salts, and raisin-tea. (32-3)

No. [Number] of the page.
Literary Index

46 Best Persian silk where produced French compliment to England
The cascades of Roman Tivoli how destroyed. Remedy
§ discovered for cancerous affections. Not comme
il faut to say or write s’il vous plait, but etc. etc.

53 Annual amount of sales of real property in England and Wales.
Quantity of waste land. Expense of Emigration
not much relief to be expected from it, but if practicable
how it might benefit both the colonies and England.

55 Meaning of the word Gruau.

58 Mr. Brougham’s good speech in support of ministers
sending troops to Portugal.

60 ‘De toutes les satiétés celle du pain est la
plus fâcheuse’

71 Read the Journal des Debats — prospect of the new law respecting the press Observation on Mr. Canning’s speech.

72 Mention of Montlosier’s work.

77 Average price of corn in England and Wales, the duke of York given
up by his physicians.

80 Death of the duke of York the sort of character I envy.

81 Mrs. Bligh’s appearing before the magistrates.
‘Paris par St. Foix’ recommended by Madame Galvani

83 Miss MacLean delighted with the correspondence between Mrs.
Carter and Miss Talbot. Compared me to Samuel Johnson.

92 Mr. Wellesley’s impatience in court before the Lord Chancellor.

93 Continuation of the Wellesley cause. Novelle
di Casti.

94 Term of the treaty with Persia said to have expired
Consumption of tea in Great Britain —

95 Profit of Sir Walter Scott’s life of Napoleon
Average price of grain.

97 Self-registering thermometer. Funeral of the duke of York

108 French taxes. Bought the alamanac de la cour.

115 Quotations and observations on Mr. Canning’s speech, and on the happiness of England

116 The debates on Emigration interesting.

111 Extract from the Revue politique de l’Europe in
1825. vide Striking agreement between the sentiments of the
author and those of Mr. Canning in his late famous speech.

117 Buy ‘Astronomie en 22 Leçons.’

119 Lexington originally colonized by the Welsh

120 Criminal conduct Sir John Astley versus Captain Garth.
Book belonging to the late Mr. Knight at Shibden for me.

122 Bought Ebel’s Swiss Guide.
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