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November 20 Made out weekly summary. Estimate of our weekly expense
Go in vain to 52 rue St. Honoré for L’Echo de la Halle
aux Bles Madame Galvani came. Observations on her returning to her family
§ on her being dropsical On the means of her being
supported by her English friends. She then told me the story
of Mr Wright papers ssecuring to her a life annu
§ ity what I said about it vide. Mrs. Barlow called Like
§§ a fireship and I as if exhausted send Jane to Mrs. Fo
ster and we might live together curious express
§ ion in her aunt’s letter Great market days à la
Halle. price of meat there. (33-4).

21 Give my opinion against Mrs. Lynn’s going to Montauban.
Go à la halle and rue des Lombards Call on the bookseller
recommended by Sowerby. Inquire Call on Mrs. Barlow In an agon
§ y because I had rubbed Madame Galvani’s ancle you have
V drenched me would not be my mistress. (34-5).

22 Mrs. Barlow came early Say in what case π [Mariana] would give
V up she loves virtue better than me Madame Galvani came
the porter’s wife makes an omelette souffleé for us (35).

23 Making out the monthly summaries of 1825. Long extract from to
M- [Mariana] respecting Mrs. Barlow Miss MacLean my aunt’s health
and my own, dissuading Mrs. Lynn from going to Montauban
etc. (36).

24 Further extract from to M- [Mariana] respecting my aunt settling here,
and furnishing Mrs. Barlow’s mention of sending Jane to Mrs.
V Foster called and sat with Mrs. Barlow She has ssuffered f
§ rom haemorrhoids the excitement of your being
with me vide (36-7).

25 Making purchases à la Halle, and in the rue neuve des petits
Champs Go to Bertrand for the 1st time (37-8).

26 call at the de Noés’ walk with the Curate and his nephew
to the Luxembourg Curious history of the behaviour of the Heathcotes, the Curate
§ very good friends with Monsieur de Villele. vide called on Madame
Galvani found her indisposed Madame de St. Aulaire alarmed for her.
her curious remedy for dropsy. Began my letter to M- [Mariana] vide

27 my bowels not right will leave off coffee in consequence —
Summary of last week go to the halle aux bles, and to the salle
Sylvestre to see some books about to be sold — buy flour à la
halle — wrote out the index of last week. (39).

§ November 28 How to know good sugar, cinnamon, flour, meat. Finished
the synopsis of my accounts of last year (39-40).

29 Went to look at furniture to be sold tomorrow Looked
at an apartment rue d’Anjou. Madame Galvani came How
§ to make a wood fire. Bois flotté and ditto de Gravier
why so called Estimate of the expense of furnishing vide
wrote a little to M- [Mariana] (40-1).

30 Death of Mr. Wiglesworth. Went to lady Acton’s sale. How
things sold. π [Mariana] sick at Mrs. Barlow’s having nursed me L [Charles Lawton] den
ies having said anything to me about his in
triguing with Mrs. Grantham William Milne very ill. the auctioneer
V who sold the Belcombes’ furniture has run off with the
money. (41-2).

December 1 Substance of my letter to M- [Mariana] Pretty strong she will
understand that I mean to say there is no alt
ernative but our being together or my leavi
ng here Talk of going to Toulouse. Percentage
charged by French auctioneers for their trouble. Called on Mrs.
Barlow walked with her Saw her new apartment the 1st
time and the marquis de St. Leger. Miss Harvey’s expense
per day while travelling in Italy (42-3).

2 Estate and housekeeping summary of last February. Mrs. Barlow
came before my breakfast went with me à la Halle etc.
went home with her then walked with her and Jane What
V I emitted was not good enough to beget childr
en and had sucked her wrote out index — Note from
Dr. Scudamore begging to introduce me to his brother
in law and his wife and through them to the niece of Cuvier
and through her to Cuvier himself — Cards enclosed from Mr.
and Mrs. Newte — Observations (44).

3 Did the summaries of the estate and domestic accounts from
§ March to the end of last month Began to make out the washing
bills in a 2nd book (in 2 books) — Received Miss MacLean’s
§§ profile. (44-5).

4 Ruling a model for my weekly summaries Call on
§ Mr. and Mrs. Newte. Got Mrs. Lynn’s bill cashed
Buy wax candles rue Thevenot vide call for my bill
at Madame Huchez’s settle accounts etc. Note to Madame Galvani
§ pans new tinned every month. (45).

5 call on Mrs. Barlow see Madame Galvani there Mrs. Barlow and I go
to the sale — return to Quai Voltaire Colonel Carter had a
V mistress leaving perhaps at a moment’s warning

I used to call her my wife do so once again shou
V ld be as bad as I was should forget herself
Returned in a cabriolet the 1st time I was ever in one (46-7).

6 Finish ruling models of summaries Madame Galvani came Give
her spirit of Juniper — fear she will be dropsical
Paid her would speak to Mrs. Sitwell about beginning a subscription

7 At my summaries. Shopping price of knives in the
Palais royal Mrs. and Miss Barlow called Price of silver forks etc.
and of silver by the marc (48).

8 Dust my salon — buy apples too dear. Mrs. Barlow called.
Our amatory schemes have been disappointed
͞§͞§ for this time put up the middle finger ’tis all
over now asks for her letters. Go with Mrs. Barlow
to her banker and shopping, and then to Quai Voltaire observations vide

§ 9 Mutton should not be too red between the ribs — best part
for harico. water came for the 1st time Pay the
coachmaker — his address — Transfers from 1 account
book to another. Price of weigh scales, and copper
omelette dish — Price of cut glass salt cellars Did my
VV book all wrong Damned the thing. (50-1).

10 At my general day-book, the weekly summaries etc. (51).

11 At my weekly summaries observations vide Madame Galvani came.
Brought a pocket handkerchied to sell for ––––– Charity to Mad
ame Saint Aulaire Observation vide Address of a
§ plumassière. Go to Madame Contant did the summary
of 1 October (51-2).

12 Cause of the oppression at the pit of my stomach the
charcoal fires disagree with George and MacDonald call
on Mrs. Barlow Should like to go to Rome and why
should not Mrs. Barlow go too Mrs. Barlow has hired a French
woman — her wages — when to go to England. Accosted
§§V me Best dentist in Paris. (52).

13 observations on taking magnesia recommencing holding my
umbrella across my shoulders etc. vide the pot shop woman
came will buy no more of her Always have a note
§ of each separate article Finish the weekly summaries. (52-3).

§§ 14 Spoons stolen order plate of Mellerio — he advises
laying an information before the police. Price of the plate etc.
Madame Huchez makes me an abatement. (53-4).

No. [Number] of the page.
Literary Index

124 Galagnini’s Swiss Guide (began yesterday).

125 Mrs. Starke’s advice to travellers in Italy etc. etc.

128 Daru’s History of Venice recommended by Madame Galvani

130 Observations on Mrs. William Buchanan’s attributing the La belle
Jardinière of Raphael to Murillo.

131 Mr. Canning’s speech on the corn laws. Debates on the Catholic question —

132 Sir Francis Burdett’s motion on the Catholic question
The Senés lend me volume 10 Anquetil’s Précis of
Universal History — (returned 16 April) —

136 Buy Mrs. Starke’s advice to travellers

138 De Faublas in bad taste but a true picture
of the then times.

141 Ackerman’s? history of Scotland recommended by Mr. Duffin

143-4 Further notice of Raphael’s picture la belle Jardiniere
birth and death of Raphael.
Trial of the Wakefields for abduction. Mrs. Wakefield Miss
Davis that was the main spring of the plot.

145 Mrs. Bathurst’s letter to Mr. William Wakefield. French pamphlet
against the French ministry.

149 Observations on Galignani’s inaccuracy about the church at Arcuiel.

150 Mrs. Bathurst laughs at denies the letters attributed to her

151 National revenue not so bad as expected.

155 Copy poetical squib against Monsieur Peyronnet. (good).

159 The press law project withdrawn buy Galignani’s
Guide through France and the works of Boileau 2 little volumes —

164 Began Galignani’s Guide through France.

165 Madame Galvani lent me volume 1 Contes de Voltaire — began it.
Epigram of Monsieur Pyronnet.

167 Began Passalacqua’s catalogue raisonné.
Mecanisme des Langues par la Pluche and proper
method of learning languages.

169 Buy and read ‘Véritable complainte de la garde nationale.’
English ministerial appointments —

166 (omitted above) Embalming originally a matter of utility than
of religion Buy catalogue raisonné of Egyptian antiquities —

170 The celebrated ruins of Athens now levelled to the ground by the Turks.
newspapers observations on the disbanding of the French national guard.

171 Interesting debates. The late opposition has completely changed
places —

172 the duke de la Rochefoucauld’s school dissolved by government — (contradicted) —
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