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December 15 My mind is made up comfort π [Mariana]. Observations on all
shops that advertise in Galagnani. vide Buy
knives How well satisfied Box to raise my
seat. why. vide (54-5).

16 observations on McDonald’s carelessness
Shopping Buy weigh scales, etc price How to choose
§ loaf sugar. (55).

17 walk to the barrieres de l’Étoile and du Roule. Monsieur
Eteinne’s very pretty place Price of a house to let in the
avenue de Neuilly. Mrs. and Miss Barlow call. Make out weekly
summary and a list of all we have bought under the head
§ furniture — surprised to find 2 or 3 things not set down (56).

18 Observations on paying the washwoman too much. Extract from to
IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] — fear we shall not be able to see her here — my
§ aunt’s health vide MacDonald denies having had beer every afternoon
at Shibden — no confidence in her — suspect her of a
turn for drinking vide Madame Galvani came — to come only once a
§+ week for the present order plain cakes etc. observations on having
eaten a mince pie, and taking pepper for indigestion
Getting rid of MacDonald and taking Mrs. Potter (56-8).

19 Look over newspapers. 3 wanting observations on and order of book for weekly
summaries Note to Madame Contant — Pay George — how long he
has lived with us — Called at Mellerio’s — Went to Mrs. Barlow
§§ More strength with my hand than a man had etc. made
her feel a little more tired believe my having n
o connection with π [Mariana] or ‘would not be to you what I a
m now’ observations on her curiosity jealousy and passion

20 Observations vide on my bowels Long extract from to Miss MacLean
respecting the quaker and the rare existance of Platonic
friendship under such circumstances Take magnesia and break the bottle.
(60-1) ‘I may live to tire you’ not so comfort
table now. Shopping price. (59-60).

21 Further observations on my bowels Long extract from to Miss MacLean
respecting the quaker and the rare existance of platonic friendship
§ under such circumstances Take magnesia and break the bottle (60-1).

22 Extract from to Miss MacLean how I like Paris — my aunt’s
health (she may live this dozen years) — Opinion of MacDonald
observations on Mr. Charles Lawton Shopping — cheating pot shop Price of
Roquefort and parmesan cheese. Berthellemot’s enormous
price Buy Plaqué teapot bonbons etc. order wine. My aunt
only hoped I should manage to have a few franks
§͞§ for her to go out airing. observations vide the Tasburgh’s
§ address Note to Mrs. Barlow Consumption and price of charcoal

December 23 Further observations on my bowels better — why disordered vide
͞§͞§ Observations on what my aunt said yesterday vide weight
of 4 stewing pears the meat again light weight Plate
§ came this morning — my bonbons in the rue du Bac price and observations
George goes by himself 1st time à la Halle. price observations on giving
my address. Indifferent account of Miss Lynn. (63-4).

24 Walk before breakfast Mrs. Grieves’s apartment Sugar loaf from
§ Bertrand light weight Baker in the rue St Honoré vide. (65).

25 Directions to my bankers about remittances π [Mariana] sends me ten
pounds Bank of England Bilious 1st time Observations on not
§ having prayers Shopping price of cauliflower etc. How to
make pudding sauce taking Madame Galvani a plum cake price of
oranges observations on MacDonald the dinner and Mrs. and Miss Barlow vide

26 Shopping Call on Madame Contant — Bread baker for English
bread order teaspoons etc. observations on the plum cakes what expense
I wish not to exceed from now to 5 February Napkin rolled
upon the table. Have a little indigestion pain Take lemonade (67).

27 My aunt not quite so well. Inquire of Madame Huchez about sending
M-’s [Mariana] gowns to London buy work-box for my aunt to give Mac
Donald price of bonbons and copper — what to give for a kettle —
join Mrs. and Miss Barlow in the gardens observations vide I shall be
§§V tired to death of her before I have done Madame
Galvani came tell the butcher about giving too little weight her
judicious behaviour (67-8).

§ 28 Mrs. Barlow’s birthday. Send her a plum cake observations vide Dine
with her. Foolish expense of the dinner Respecting retu
rning her her letters observations vide (68-9).

29 Substance of to M- [Mariana] on Miss MacLean dignity of mind etc.
MacDonald satisfied — may mend the spirit of romance
more scratching out in my account book observations vide Mrs. Barlow
called on my aunt walked with her 1/2 hour at Quai Voltaire
§ Her raving fit about my refusing to give her
V back her letters without she returned me mine
Decline going to the play. (69-70).

30 Weight and price of a kettle Short extract of from to Steph. (71).

31 Observations on my fear of ever getting fat. Extract from to Mrs. Lynn, on
§+ Mr. Canning’s speech my aunt’s health, the weather etc. Extract from to
Steph M-’s [Mariana] account of herself vide my aunt’s health — we shall
§+ stay here. observations on Paris as a residence its markets, etc. etc.
political observations ask Steph to wafer. Muse on writing to
Miss Yorke. vide Look at apartment in the avenue de Neuilly —
All but take one in the aven Place de la Madeleine. vide
wrote a little to M- [Mariana] (71-3).

January 1 Average expense of the last 24 weeks call on Mrs. Barlow
and Madame Galvani observations on Miss Harvey etc. observations on Mrs. Barlow
wasted time Take Mrs. Barlow to see the apartment. Found it
too high — Etrennes — custom of sending cards to or calling on all
[illegible] you know (75).

2 Wrote out index. Etrenne to the washer woman. Annoyed
at George. Mrs. Barlow and I go to look at apartments — terms etc.
Arrangement about the apartment I saw on Sunday She would dist
V ract me at last I should buy a brace of pistols
§ etc. etc. vide [illegible] Told my aunt about MacDonald Miss
Reed’s last letter etc. Snow today, 2nd time this winter.

3 wrote out index up to today Mrs. Barlow came at 10. Ill after
what passed last night my right middle finger up
V lavender drops at her again. Look at an apartment rue
Florentin. Madame Galvani came Took her and Mrs. Barlow to see the apartment
au 3me etc. Shall probably take the 3me Slight snow showers. (77).

4 Called on the Drozs. Looked at apartments Mrs. and Miss Barlow
called. Dessert in the drawing room. (77).

5 Looked at apartments with Mrs. Barlow Would not do to have furniture
V from a tapissier In fact she is my mistress Meet Dr.
Lefevre. Observations (78).

§ 6 Agree with Monsieur Sené for the apartment. (78).

7 Called on Mrs. Barlow brought her back to dinner and to meet Monsieur
Sené. Finally settled about the apartment Satisfied at having
taken it — thinks the tea very good. (79).

8 Made out last weeks summary add up the heads of the
weekly summarys of last year. Monsieur Sené called to ask me
to go there this evening Go. observations Tell the porter’s wife of having
§ taken another apartment ‘Dernier adieu’ to our new
porter (79-80).

9 Death of the duke of York (vide Literary Index) Observations on myself Had the
porter’s wife. observations Went to Quai Voltaire Take leave of the apartment

10 Call on Mrs. Barlow in her new apartment She got there this morning. (81).

11 No better account of M- [Mariana] has suffered from swelling and gathering
in her 3rd finger Explanation with Grantham L [Charles Lawton] begins to be —
Mrs. Milne has got another appointment to Addiscombe. M- [Mariana]
likely to get Charles on the foundation at Eton. Receive the other 1/2
the Bank of England note Mrs. MacKenzie asks me inquire for letters at the
§ dead letter-office — to be here in a few weeks Call on the Senés.

No.[Number] of the page.
Literary Index.

173 Laffitte would impeach ministers French revenue how fallen
off. Stagnation of trade, how caused by over speculation in
England and by want of confidence here. 86000 paupers in
Paris. Sir Thomas Letherbridge to be opposition leader in the
house of commons. Monsieur Manuel makes Laffitte’s speeches.
Mr. Peel now a strong oppositionist.

178 Prospectus of Laffitte and company’s new Diligence scheme.

179 Reading Ebel’s Swiss Guide. Madame Galvani recommends me to get
§ La vie des Saints.

180 No.[Number] of regular forms. Diving bell. the sum of 2 volumes not the
same before and after mixture — atmospheric pressure — porosity —
air in an egg forced through the shell. Hydrophane.
perspiration pulmonary and cutaneous what quantity of our
nourishment passes off thus Sanctorius’s balance, or carriage-
weighing machine.
Read Contes de Voltaire attending to the use of the subjunctive mood

181 Prospectus of new Diligence concern. Value of a French
league in English yards.

181–2 2nd lecture Divisibility of matter — of carmine, and mica,
ductility of gold — exhibits 2 colours — mica how made
to exhibit a deep blue colour. How infinitely small must be
odoriferous particles [illegible] Is matter infinitely divisible
or not Newton’s idea. Elasticity Steel principally useful
on this account Watch springs Force de torsion.
Machine called Le mouton. Diamond the hardest substance
Tenacity — Hollow cylinder stronger than solid one, hence
§ the advantage of bones and feathers being hollow. Buy
§ Haüy’s physics etc. Began Dr. Doussin-Dubreuil.

183 Began Haüy’s physics

184 Value of a French gramme and millimetre. 3rd lecture statics and
dynamics. Why haul a boat by a long rope. Centre
of gravity why people should step together (marcher au pas)
position in which we stand firmest. Almost all our members
levers of the 3rd kind Turn to Hutton’s course of mathematics

185 Interesting extract in this morning’s paper from Ouvrard’s just published
memoirs on the finances of France. Observations on the badness of the author’s character

187 annual consumption of coals in London
4th lecture. Ratio of the power to the weight.

188 price of Dr. Tupper’s Spanish MSS [manuscripts]. annual income of the Bibliothèque
du roi — loses much by the depredations of readers! How many

189 attorneys in England — at what national cost.
§ Mrs. Barlow reads aloud Contes de Voltaire
Immense majority against taking the bankruptcy business from the Lord
chancellor at present Recommend Soame Jenyns to Miss MacLean
Read grammaire des grammaires article e
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