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our apartment in progress. Furniture warehouse. Set of
tea-china. Marché d’aubuisson. Call on Mrs. Barlow

12 Substance of to M- [Mariana] Observations on my income on there being
no war with France — on taking Madame Galvani’s protegée — on
§ my aunt’s chance of perfect recovery. Height of ours and Mrs. Barlow’s
new apartment. Hammersleys’ charges less than I expected
Observations on Miss MacLean’s letter Good account of her health.
All in trouble again. Observations vide on the Quaker etc.
Suspect some cannot. Snowy, rainy day. (82-3).

§§ 13 Shopping price of plates and glasses. Agree for butcher’s
meat at 0/60. per lb. (83).

14 Last week’s summary Messrs Rawsons’ account. How the
tenants paid their rent. Navigation interest how improved.
Observations on the Collieries and Northgate To build at Hilltop
Dispute about land bought at Godley. Death of Mr.
§ Knight. my father and sister well. Message in Messrs
Rawson’s letter my letter to Marian not received. Communica
V tion to my aunt about affairs own to having
no debt at the bank. Call on Mrs. Barlow observations vide
§ mention alluding to taking Madame Galvani’s protogée. Call
on Madame Galvani the Senés came unexpectedly in the evening
Substance of my letter to my father. Mention of our
new apartment the hatchment etc. (84-5).

15 Take magnesia. Condolence to Mrs. Knight ask for something
that belonged to Mr. Knight Observations on my letter to my father
Had the porter’s wife Price at which our apartment is offered — our new
apartment — more and more satisfied — the premier how likely
§ to be let. Curiosity shops. price of chimney vases
candelabras, pendules, etc. (85-6)

16 Get cash for my letter of credit. Shopping buy
sheets etc. (86).

17 Extract from to Mrs. MacKenzie my haircut. Mrs. and Miss
§ Barlow came Went out with them – Price of jaspé carpeting
and got stools. Pastry. Butcher en face de l’Eglise…..
filet de boeuf. Give sheets to be made. wrote 1 page to M- [Mariana] (87).

18 Took magnesia looking over Mr. Briggs’s and Messrs Rawsons’ accounts
Had the porter’s wife. Give her sheets to make. Mrs. and Miss Barlow
call — Royal carpet manufactory rue des Vieilles Andriettes.
Buy snuffers for Mrs. Barlow observations (87-8).

January 19 Pasteboard and rolling pin. pillow for George Go to Legrand’s —
not cheated yesterday in buying the snuffers. Walk to the
Suspension bridge thence to the barriere de l’Etoile. A little dog
would follow me — (88).

20 Long observations vide on the disordered state of my bowels — fancy
it may be owing to wearing a soutien — how to
diet myself — to take some rummaging journey in the spring
or summer — go a little way with the MacKenzies, or to
Mrs. Lynn ? my aunt the better of the 2 — hemmed a
§ dinner napkin yesterday never felt the cold so much my
fingers stiff with chilblains Began my letter to Mrs. William Priestley
Mrs. Barlow calls to tell me of war, and to buy as little as
possible My right middle finger up Repeat the order
about plate (88-9).

21 Take magnesia Began to try a more spare diet. Take only
milk and water at breakfast. (89).

22 Long extract from to Miss MacLean severe upon the Quaker.
Ask if she is evangelical observations on Breadalbane vide
Height of our new apartment wish to save to pay off my debts.
price of furnishing here. Extract from to Mrs. William Priestley observations on
French furniture carpeting etc. Praise of Paris. Ask
the Priestleys to come next May. Madame Galvani came Advises
§ me to buy wines by the cask. What colour for George’s livery
Go to look after our apartment — to be ready on Saturday Price of
tea canisters Did not put on my soutien. very cold

23 Made out last week’s summary Satisfaction arising from
keeping good accounts Call on Mrs. Barlow walk with them
then shop with Mrs. Barlow buy candles for trial. Gilbert’s the
§ best Observations vide on the de Noes passing me without
speaking. (93).

24 Observations on my quickness in dressing this morning Get
Couverts de dessert etc. Price. See Madame Sené. ask
for several little things pot shop. price No. [Number] 7 boulevard
des Italians a cheat. Buy 1/25 snuffers very civil
woman. Monsieur Droz walks with me. Madame Droz has
had a fright and miscarriage. Mrs. and Miss Barlow called on my
aunt Fretting because I had never once told her
etc. observations.

January 25 Had the porter’s wife. She brought the sheets — gave her up
the plate and pottery — she behaved very handsomely
§ IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] address in Bath Observations on Miss MacLean. observations on
M-’s [Mariana] illness Has never got over parting with
§ me vide Steph’s observations on M-’s [Mariana] illness, and method of
treatment M-’s [Mariana] extreme agitation at not hearing from
receiving my letter. Madame Alexandre brought the sheets
§ Quotation from IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] letter respecting not visiting
us here. Thomas sent off in disgrace Entreat M- [Mariana] to blame the post not me — Long extract from my letter Hint
respecting her coming to me. Do not seek
tête-à-têtes with Mrs. Barlow ‘the course of true love
never did run smooth’ observations vide as also on the
good done me by writing my journal will write
§ again to Steph. vide (94-7).

26 Observations on this 1st anniversary of my uncles’ death Extract
§ from to M- [Mariana] (and vide yesterday) have given up the thought of
Madame Galvani’s protegée, why. Offer to go over to M- [Mariana]
whenever she wishes it. offer her a draft on
Messrs Rawson or Hammersley went to our new apartment Left
my card for Madame Sené Could not agree with the Charties
about leading the wood. Go to Mrs. Barlow She goes with
me about furniture rue des vieux Augustins —
Bronze candelabra and pendules at Ravno’s. Carpets at
Davennes. (97-8).

27 Mrs. Barlow came and we went early to our new apartment.
how much required to carpet my study — Buy dining
room carpet etc. a tea set, glass, and pots. Pendule,
buffet, candelabra etc. (98).

28 Packing observations on leaving here. Fires and beds aired
in our new apartment — went there — the drawing room chimney
smokes. Saw the Senés about it. Called on and walked
with Mrs. Barlow (99).

§§ 29 Excessively cold. Leave rue Mondovi, and come to Place
de la Madeleine. Could not make an agreement for
meat at 12 sols. words with Monsieur Sené about the
coach house and George’s room Madame Sené almost cried
Mrs. Barlow dined with us. Arrival of pots and
furniture George sleeps in the drawing room (99)

No. [Number] of the page
Literary Index

190 5th lecture screw, inclined plane, and wedge — centrifugal force —
French cathedrals height of that at Strasbourg — that at Coutance
1 of the finest specimens of Gothic architecture in Europe.
what I ought still to see in Paris.

192 Fine cathedral at Prague.

193 7th lecture missed the 6th. Perrelet recommends work on horologerie and ditto on mechanics
§ Bertrand’s Essay on horlogerie the best work on the subject
Monsieur Tremery a man of reputation.

194 Epsom salts how efficacious in cutaneous diseases.

196 View of the chateau of Compiegne, ditto of that of Rambouillet.
where to get such a map of the environs of Paris as I want.
8th lecture ‘courbe célèbre’ or cycloid vain search for its properties – Subscribe to
manual of horlogery, and got the 1st no.[number]

197 Get the ‘Annuaire’ published by the bureau des Longitudes.

196 10th lecture. Buy thermometer. Momsieur Tremary not Savant.
§§ Monsieur Arrago’s lectures gratis — began yesterday Order chronometer

203 Dr. Tupper will lend me his thesis on sensation in vegetables
against Drs. Gall and Spunzheim.

210 Read Grammaire des grammaires genders of substances

213 Favourable notice of Ranking’s Recherches historiques to prove Peru etc. invaded by the moguls.

214 Bousman’s Essay Générale sur la fortification

216 Ditto — price etc. of the Mécanique Céleste. Got 2 volumes of
Montlosier’s works.

217 Get Sir Thomas Lawrence on ‘the nobility of the British gentry’
Explanation of a new national bank in England (and page 218)
Study French genders. Began and read a little of Cuvier’s
Regne animal.

218 Mention of Rockingham china manufactory near

219 Read Boileau. Began to translate into French the School for Scandal
and to get off Italian verbs.

220 Read Italian grammar.

233 Best article on the poor-laws.

225 Alteration in Galignani’s paper Stranger’s diary
inserted price of Hallam’s Constitutional history of England.

226 On serpent eating scorpion girt with fire etc. and epigram
on Mr. Salt. Get statement of the council respecting the London university.

227 Explanation of [illegible] bain-marie and of the Novelle di
Casti. the Abbé di Casti the author a sad reprobate died
here (in Paris) 10 or 15 years ago. The present London
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