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January 30 Tidying. Mrs. Barlow called — shopping — Went home with her
Right middle finger up Jane came and sat with my aunt
Madame Sené frightened of me. cool and dignified (100).

31 Insufferable glare from the church opposite observations vide Monsieur and Madame
Sené observations Madame Sené came and sat with me. Madame Galvani came
went to Madame Galvani the apartment cheap. (100).

February 1 Called on Mrs. Barlow shopping — bought furniture (101).

2 Mention to Monsieur Sené all we want — he is very civil — not to
pay till all is done. Shopping Sofa and 6 chairs come —
my study comfortable Mrs. Barlow dined with us. (101).

3 Call on Mrs. Barlow walk — see the Prussian lady 1st time
knew not before where the Gourmand was Good but dear
rheumatism in my left arm. buy woollen sleeves

4 Mrs. William Priestley lost her sister Mrs. Graham last 8br [October] my 2
last letters to Marian not received Subscription for Mrs.
§ Knight shall give £20. Agree to give the porter
0/50 a time for helping my aunt up and down stairs
Observations on the little confidence to be placed in our late
porter and his wife. Observations on my uneasiness about M- [Mariana]

§ 5 Subscription Mrs. Knight Observations on Marian’s not crediting
§ that letters could be lost. my aunt wrote 1 of the ends.
Entreat M- [Mariana] not to make herself uneasy in future and to
remind Steph to write to me — Call, and walk with Mrs. Barlow
§§ Middle finger up dirty concern. vide (103-4).

6 my aunt and I call (1st time) on the Senés. Proposal
§§ about the coachhouse value of an Ecu. Kitchen table
Buy bougies, and etc. for dessert. Dine with Mrs. Barlow
her servant very ill. Dr. Tupper saw him 1st time
observations vide French physicians treatment of white swelling
V with fresh-killed cats! Mrs. Barlow will have me go to
bed the usual sequel she and Jane think my aunt
§§ getting into dotage. Series of gaucheries.

7 Address of Monsieur Senés’ menuisier. Call on Mrs. Barlow
got her some cream — her servant very ill: Dr. Tupper there and Madame
§ Galvani walked back with the latter She gave me an admission
ticket from the director general des travaux publics — went
§ with me to the tailor, and I home with her — how she said I ought
V to pay the cocher For the first time in my life I felt
a sensation of passion for her Madame Galvani knows no French woman
§ that would suit me. what wages to give a lady’s maid (106).

February 8 Observations on my present inability to be happy and on my want
§ of a companion. Remark made by my aunt observations vide
George measured for clothes Better account of M- [Mariana] The conf
§ idence she has placed in Mr. Willoughby Crewe rewe vide
M-’s [Mariana] present diet. Duncan gone to Addiscombe π’s [Mariana]§ remarks on my taking Madame Galvani’s protegee and
my answer. Extract from to M- [Mariana] respecting Mr. Willoughby Crewe
her continuing at Lawton I will see her in the summer
§ may see her every summer? French taxes — the Senés.
Why I do not always write by the Ambassador’s bag (107-8).

9 Further observations on Mr. Willoughby Crewe Settling my accounts and doing
the 2 last weeks summaries Calculate what we have spent
in furniture Call on Mrs. Barlow has no servant —
V She is desperately jealous. (108).

10 Bourrelet put round the doors. Call on Mrs. Barlow
Give Jane almanac de la coeur She grunted and groan
V ed with delight (108-9).

§ 11 Think of writing to Miss Fletcher and Miss Yorke. Observations on
writing to the former. Give it up. vide. Long extract from to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] — about our apartment, my aunt being marvellously
recovered IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] coming to us — my regard for them all —
for them to come here next winter message to Miss
Ellen Duffin observations on M-’s [Mariana] providing for 2 of the
Milnes — do not visit — suffer from indigestion etc.
walk to the Bois de Boulogne Call on Mrs. Barlow (109-10).

V 12 On π [Mariana] getting the upper hand. Did last weeks’ summary.
the Senés came to tea. Monsieur Sené went away with a sick
headache, and Madame Sené with him, and left the girls. (110).

§ 13 George’s livery brought home Change of weather Went to Mrs.
Barlow (111).

14 Delightful walk to the Bois de Boulogne by the route royale
(1st time). observations vide Must always walk before breakfast
§ Madame Galvani came order wine. price and quantity Madame
§ Sené came and sat with me. Sick headache. On not lik
§§ ing my aunts company observations vide (112).

15 Still rather bilious Observation. Call on Mrs. Barlow Talk
of excursions Shall I go to Geneva and the Swiss
alps? (112).

February 16 M- [Mariana] better Observations on Willoughby Crewe. Dr. Belcombe not
so well. Anne Belcombe laid up in the gout. Cheapness
§ of linen in England. Will send M-’s [Mariana] cap through Lady
Ousley mention what I wrote to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] bilious Go to Madame
Irlande about the candelabra Saucisse Sancisse Truffée
§ not good. (113).

§ 17 Wrote to Mr. and Mrs. Duffin receive pay for the fourneau.
Call on Mrs. Barlow ill in bed Observations vide. Coldest
day we have had. (114)

18 Observations on the last weekly summary Long extract from to Mr. and
Mrs. Duffin apartment prices. no saving here. Ask after
Eliza Raine Expense of wood. Remembrances. Quotations and observations
on the happiness of England and goodness of French air. Long extract from
to Mrs. James Duffin Price of butcher’s meat No.[Number] of English here.
Distress. Interference of the Duke and Duchess d’Angoulême
for the French academy etc. etc. the raisinet de Bourgogne does
§ me good (114-16).

[margin text:] (vide page 156).

19 Washing the cheapest thing we have. Total amount of General
account book of last year Long talk to Madame Sené she read
§ a little to me. Gave up having milk from our cremier
bought meat. (116).

§§ 20 At my accounts call on Mrs. Barlow 1st mention of
§ going to Geneva. Break up of the frost. Decided thaw.
Wrote out index. (116).

21 Got my large summary book observations My aunt went to the Senés
Doing grand plan for M- [Mariana] paid the tailor (117).

22 Price of tinning pans. Buy wax candles Call on Mrs.
§ Barlow talk of going to Geneva 4 June. (117).

23 Full of going to Switzerland. Extract from to M- [Mariana] would she
object to my taking an excursion with Mrs. Barlow observations vide
appeal to M-’s [Mariana] good sense not to suffer her to be
unhappy. Shopping call on and walk with Mrs. Barlow
§§ Mention to my aunt of going to Switzerland and being 6 weeks
away. (118-19).

24 Call on and go with Mrs. and Miss Barlow to the Diorama.
Excellent meringue. Mrs. and Miss Barlow dined with us. (119).

26 The Northowram road when to be finished the Rawsons not
§ pleased at my sending no compliments observations vide will
§ not answer to let Northgate as an Inn. Degree of cold at

No. [Number] of the page
Literary Index

university the Dissenter’s university. One to belong to the
established church projected.

228 Napoleon fancied Gli animali parlanti [The Talking Animals] a satire
on his coronation the Empress Josephine and Madame de
Stael des Messalines. Napoleon had not a good opinion
of women Champs Elysées for pederasty

230 For Italian character read Madame de Stael’s Corinna.

231 Code des Gourmands.

235 Reading Beauvilliers.

237 Get Cuisinier Royal. Read 1st time here (in Paris) 1 of
Thistlethwaite sermons Do not like it.

239 Bishop Luscombe will give us his literary discourse on Confirmation —
Has a work in M.S. [manuscript] ought to read Bingham, Jones,
and Stevens, and the life of the latter by judge Park.

242 Galignani’s Messenger enlarged by 2 columns.

246 Marquis de Sade his works blasphemous and obscene.

247 Abonnement for the Journal des Débats
Berenger’s poetry work proving Louis 18 etc. etc.
Read a little de Berenger’s chansons.

248 Biographie des dames de la cour [Biography of the ladies of the court]. Madame de Genlis how
low in her amours. Could not give her memoirs to young people

249 First forty pages of the Marquis de Sade and page 253.

254 Monsieur Tauchore’s confusion of argument respecting l’âme, etc

256 Began Robertson’s history of America

258 Difference between si and oui.

260 Finish the Justine of de Sade on religion. Read a little St. Pierre’s Harmonies of Nature observations

264 Dr. Tupper does not believe the scriptures. God himself could not stop the sun.

265 Fine conclusion of Mr. Brougham’s speech on moving
for a commission to inquire into the defects of the common law.

266 Interesting explanations in the House of Commons

275 Quotation from Madame Galvani against the French vide

279 Self-supplying paint-bush. Why opposed.

281 Began Italy in the 19th century.

280 Composition for the roots of trees by means of which
you may move them anywhere.

282 Began volume 1. Rome in the 19th century.
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