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April 1 Do summaries wrote out index Observations on my difficulty in
reading aloud the service — Sleep on the sofa. walk with Mrs.
Barlow to Chaillot about Mademoiselle Sacken (144-5).

2 Take salts. Mrs. Barlow came and sat with me Mrs. Barlow and I called on Madame
§ Sené then walked — Madame Amyot how disgusted with
the priests. (145).

3 Walk with Mrs. and Miss Barlow to mount Calvaire — returned from Ste.
Cloud in a velocifère — Dined with Mrs. Barlow (145-6).

4 Made out and write out French cash account Observations on my loss
§ of money vide will keep a weekly account of cash in
§ hand made out wine account (147).

5 Had nearly sent for Dr. Tupper Began to take oranges at night
Madame Galvani came Observations on Bourdeaux, vide All
§§ wines of hot countries should be kept warm — All ditto of
cold kept cool — Bertrand’s little boy run over — Should
change my manner of living — to buy a thon à l’huile
for breakfast (147).

6 Extract from to Miss MacLean, and from her letter on the Quaker on
pride being wounded — affectionate — on MacDonald: it is
a natural not an acquired silliness. walk with Mrs. and
Miss Barlow to Montrouge, and Arceuil — Duty on
+ bougies passing the barrier Galignani’s inaccuracy about
§ the church at Arcueil — the Marquis de Laplace’s place
aqueduct — Jane knocked up observations A good grubbli
ng (148–9).

7 Salad 1st time yesterday and what sort of breakfast on thon à l’
huile, etc Left off butter yesterday wrote out M-’s [Mariana] account
§§ for last year Observations vide on the agreement made with her as
to money matters, and on giving her a bond, and witnessing
my will at Lawton. Think of consulting Dr. Tupper
walk with Mrs. Barlow Madame and Mademoiselle Sené came (150).

8 Think I feel lighter than of late — observations on my new sort of
breakfast Called and walked with Mrs. Barlow Madame Sené came for
a minute or 2. Look over my money right — will do so
once a week observations (150-1).

9 At my ledger what remains to be done. Shopping with
Mrs. and Miss Barlow order new hat. Determine to go to Les
Bains d’Enghein. (151).

10 Go through St. Denis to Epinay sur Seine (very pretty stop
to look at Mrs. Andrew Barlow’s house there) Sannois, Ste.
Gratien, and les bains d’Enghein — The waters like Harrogate

water. Observation on the lake. Its picturesque how rather spoilt.
Dinner at a little auberge Water to be conveyed in pipes to all
§ the houses in Paris, and the streets to be 35 feet wide besides
causeways. Disappointed with the vale of Montmorency
§ save at the Bains d’Enghien — Strangers should see them
pass the Comte de Lacepèdes place — my aunt rather
low. — another bug found — (151-3).

11 Note to bishop Luscombe Call on Mrs. Barlow Order liniment
for my aunt tooth powder for myself Anchovies both au sel
et à l’huile. The Senés came pay the rent. they say
the bugs found must be punaises de bois — harmless —
§ bugs cannot live in mahogany! Miss Gauntlet returned
from Switzerland and Italy. No oranges. (153).

12 Made out rough draft of ledger accounts. Observations on the overreaching
§§ of Mignaud the butcher Bishop Luscombe called Observations vide
Madame Galvani’s observations on bugs — only means of destroying them
Our Bordeaux — Medoc from the village of Pouillac
§§ whose wine is esteemed the best quality of Medoc.
Walk with Mrs. Barlow (153-4).

13 Mrs. Barlow and I go to the Oratatoire to hear bishop Luscombe Called on
Miss Gauntlet. Ask her to dinner We quizzed etc.
§§ Remedy for the determination of blood to the head. Southern
Italy too hot for English constitutions — to Miss Gauntlet production of weakness in the stomach Extract from to M- [Mariana] respecting
§ my not going to Switzerland M-’s [Mariana] calling on the William Buchanans
having a house in London etc. (154-5).

14 Finish rough drafts of ledger accounts bishop Luscombe came and
administered the sacrament to us all. Mrs. Barlow with us — the
bishop wishes to have a regular church here. No. [Number] of English
in Paris has been much exaggerated Gave 20/. to the
English charity. Observations vide Mrs. Barlow sends costumes
newspaperwise by the general post office to Guernsey, paying
§ a mere trifle. Meet Monsieur de Cussy. observations vide
And on Madame Galvani. Price of a vol-au-vent (155-6)

15 Good account from Shibden. Marian thinks everyone of moderate
fortune should be near enough home to look after their inheritance
§§ Think of going over suddenly. Still some dispute about Godley.
The new vicar very proper — not against Roman Catholic
emancipation call and walk with Mrs. Barlow Jane not
well — go to 3 patissiers. price of vol-au-vent, Charlotte

Russe, and tourte de frangipane. Called at the
Senés — my aunt’s bed to be examined on account of bugs

16 Extract from to Marian respecting my aunt and leaving here —
remembrances, etc. acknowledge the book sent by Mrs. Knight
the liberal French delighted at Mr. Canning’s being prime
+ minister send back volume 10 Anquetil to Madame Sené Go
shopping — beef at 0/50. but 1 sol more instead of taking
réjouissances wholesale confectioner — shall make this our
shop. Sauntered along the Quais — Detained by rain under the
arcades. Ground very wet today. Monsieur and Madame Sené come
MacDonald’s bedstead full of bugs probably in fault — to
§ be taken away — full of bugs — Dine with Mrs. Barlow to
meet Miss Gauntlet George waited Mrs. Barlow has something
wicked in her eye. Our route by Strasbourg to
§§ Switzerland — By all means cross the Tête noir.
Good Inns. Where buy prints at Florence 3 days
enough for Venice. See Lyons. Miss Trail, the
§ amateur painter, travelled alone all through Italy with letters of recommendation
§§ Be sure to get letters especially to our ambassadors and
consuls. (157-8).

17 Mr. Canning prime minister scandal says through the influence
of the marchess of Conyngham Price of cauliflowers and cucumbers
§ Miss Gauntlet how nervous Right middle fin
ger up Walk with Mrs. and Miss Barlow (159).

§ 18 Order what plats at a traiteur’s price of Seville oranges
and marmalade – Call and inquire the terms of Madame Coure.
§§ observations vide Madame Galvani came. To go to her every morning.
See below in crypt the effect on Mrs. Barlow observations on her tem
§§ per etc. etc will not go to Switzerland compar
ison in π’s [Mariana] favour. Mrs. and Miss Barlow and Miss
Gauntlet dine with us. Dinner Imagined rebuff
at dinner to my aunt. (159-60).

19 wrote out index Miss Gauntlet called Dinner with her at a 22 sols restaurant
take coffee with her She will settle in London Could not enter
into 1st rate society there for less than £2000 a year — Mrs.
and Miss Barlow would be well introduced there observations (161).

20 Would cost £2000 to make Northgate into an Inn. £70 a year
§ now bid for it — Mr. Briggs’s opinion. Quantity of coal
got — my father stopt the felling in Trough of Bolland wood,
and the planting in the Cunnery plantation. Observations vide.

mistake in Washington’s plan of the land bought at Godley.
Mr. Carr behaves handsomely — my father would do well to leave
Briggs to himself Extract from to M- [Mariana] Observations vide on my father’s
interference — on going to Switzerland — going home — going to Madame Galvani
every morning — walk with Mrs. Barlow to see 1 of her country
§ women — say I must go to England — give up Switzerland observations vide
§ Must learn to speak French cost what it might observations vide (161-2)

21 At my ledger. Oil and chinois for breakfast Dr [Debit] and Cr [Credit] account
of woods. Discover error in cashbook — overlook and correct
§ balance sheets of last year and 1825. Satisfied observations vide. (163).

22 Fancied loss of 20/. gives me much trouble — thorough examination —
Enter weekly expense from 1 January in foreign cashbook, and arrange
it to my mind — How much I have lost this year — Calculation
§ of total expense per week during this year observations vide. (163).

§ 23 wrote out ledger index Got English cashbook quite to my mind
Mrs. Barlow came Right middle finger up Note from the
committee acknowledging charity subscription. (164).

24 Making out yearly synopsis to be inserted in private summary
Went to Mrs. Barlow Miss Gauntlet there — go about with them
to Terneau’s about shawl, etc. Coach fare to London etc.
§ buy raisins at 0/80 per lb. vide Madame Sené came at 9 50/60.
observations. (164).

25 Time and fare from Havre to Southampton. Made out synopsis
of 1826. Error in cashbook — Lost and unaccounted for only
§ 18/7. Observations vide Mrs. Barlow came Monsieur Peyronnet lives
with his sister in law — vide epigram — Get ticket to see
mummy opened — call and partly dine with Mrs. Barlow
my aunt spasms in her chest 1st time in her life — (165).

§ 26 Error in Synopsis vide Draw up short summary. See
mummy opened Embalming a matter of utility. Dine
with Mrs. Barlow Dr. Tupper goes with us to the gallery of
Egyptian antiquities. (165-6).

27 Terms of keeping a boy on the foundation at Eton.
against purchasing the living of — Further proof of Willo
§ ughby’s etc. etc. should anything happen to my aunt
§§ go to Lawton vide Death of little Emma Crewe. Account
of my aunt. Observations on Sir George and Miss Prevost’s coming
Disinclination to all society (166-7)

28 Buy wood. Went to Mrs. Barlow She called for me — Went to the
expiatory chapel, ateliers de sculpture (price of model of
Louis 16 and of woman to copy) and the Savonnerie — The carpet
§ manufactory removed to the Gobelins. Nantes a very nice town
§§ full of English — Have lost 7 sols this week. (167-8).
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