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April 29 Go with Mrs. and Miss Barlow to the review Stupid — made and wrote
out last week’s summary etc. (168).

§§ 30 Musing over Synopsis Change the name to cash summary
alter and write it out in private Summary — Complete statement
of affairs vide observations on my uncle’s death vide All
§ astonishment — the King has disbanded the national guard! (169)

May 1 Go about places to Ermenonville — send George for knives
and knife leather for Madame Galvani Began letter to M- [Mariana]
§ Mention going to Ermenonville. Account of my aunt
Enter Hipperholme school charity account. Answer to Mr. Briggs’s
letter. (169-70).

2 Rough draft of letter to Mr. Briggs Madame Galvani came call on Mrs.
Barlow the Macenzies come to the de Boyves. Have cast off my
§§ woollen sleeves and cravat. (170).

3 Mortefontaine. Sleep at Ermenonville All in on
e room she pulled my locket off my neck observations vide
͞§͞§ o means middle finger up (170).

4 Said my prayers fervently particularly
for π [Mariana]. my Ivory tablets cracked what things taken
with me. 1st I have ever been without my journal book
Rousseau’s chaumière and tomb. Sleep at
Ernenonville (170).

5 All but close to her on my left (π [Mariana] always on the
right) — Sleep at Senlis. (170-1).

§ 6 Looked at her kissed the top hair with my mouth
etc. etc. hardish work with her. Leave Senlis.
Arrive at home my aunt very rheumatic Another bug
found the house at Shibden had been broken into George
not at home till near 12. Annoyed. Thought of π [Mariana] (171).

7 My money right. Observations on Miss MacLean’s letter vide
She will not spend the summer at Boulogne ‘unless driven
§§ to it’ — we shall not go to Switzerland very low. vide

8 Bookcases done — the man’s address — in his favour
high price of wood. Mahogany bought by the lb. — high duty —
price of doing the bookcases pay for the lid made to Monsieur Séne’s
chaudron. Observations vide Went to Mrs. Barlow planning another
excursion — the Loire, Brussels, or Lyons and the south of France?
Eat spinach at Mrs. Barlow’s. Give out wine. My aunt’s limbs
gradually worse. Conversation about her going to Northgate. (172).

May 9 Hair cut — Individually glad to get rid of the irksome duties of
§ the national guard. Madame Galvani came. Mrs. and Miss Barlow called
͞§͞§ Began to dine at 5. Partly dine with Mrs. Barlow Mention
of Geneva suiting my aunt better than here, and of our next
excursion (173).

10 Death of Mrs. Fisher (vide 29 March) health of the Norcliffes.
IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] will come in September their uncle John and the Dalbiacs never
asked Charlotte Norcliffe to dinner. Observations vide The Norcliffe Norcliffe’s going to Holland
Operation on her eye. Lucy Foulis married an heir
at Beverley. Mr. Schalch ‘pudding headed’ — Mrs. Schalch
has miscarried twice. vide observations on the change of
§+ ministers The antipapists execrate Mr. Canning —
The Norcliffes to be at home 1 June — Mrs. Duffin has been sick —
jokes. French dividends paid in 2 months bills — to speak about it.
§ Obliged to borrow of the tenants Mr. Charles Lawton wants ready
§ money. M-’s [Mariana] account of herself — don’t like it — Her observations
on politics ‘the Canning interest decidedly has it’
Mrs. and Miss MacKenzie called, Mrs. Barlow with them — walked
§§ with the latter. She and Jane dined with us — to go to Switzerland
the middle of June. observations vide How to sleep when IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] comes
§§ the swelling of my aunt’s legs decidedly dropsical Mrs. Barlow
does not like her symptoms Think to write to Dr. Kenny

11 Bilious lay down Madame Sené came to ask us to dinner
Could scarce finish my letter The swelling of my aunt’s legs
§§ already dropsical Miss MacLean’s coming uncertain
+ IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] — a person holding a living ad interim cannot be
compelled to give it up — lay down again Mrs. Barlow called
on my aunt — walked with Mrs. Barlow (175).

12 Note to ask the MacKenzies to dinner — went to Laffittes.
Answer about IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] dividends Went to Madame Huchez and to Madame
Contant (will buy the books), and about my gayters. Walk
with and drink tea with Mrs. Barlow talk about my regret that
my aunt has so little society Should like to have Mrs. Lynn
or a person here whom I could pay, or else talk of going
to Geneva. (176)

13 made out travelling account Talk to my aunt of going to Geneva for her
to have society and get out on the lake — perhaps after all, I shall go to
§§ Switzerland The expense is the main obstacle (177).

May 14 Madame Huchez’s woman came Price of merinos Monsieur Sené
called. Excuse ourselves from dining there on Sunday what part of
Normandy for forage. No change of crops here as in
§ England Political error to have disbanded the national guard vide
ministers lose their majority in both chambers Cannot govern
long in this manner The priests want back the revenues of the
church, hence all their intrigues. Monsieur Séne going to Switzerland
§ in July – New Diligence concern by Laffitte and company Wrote
out copy of last letter to Mr. Briggs Mention of Madame
–––––– rue de Castiglione No. [Number] 8 with whom we might live
Mention of really going to Switzerland and of calling on Madame
Droz. Determine to call vide Mention to my aunt of
going to Switzerland and putting off IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] till next spring (177-8).

15 Note to Madame Droz Do last week’s summary etc. Call on
§ Madame Droz ask her to go with us to the Sénes’. Observations on
Mrs. Barlow I had heard what had been said by Madame de Boyve
§ call on and walk with Mrs. Barlow Gateau grec and 1st gooseberry pie
talk of going to Switzerland and Italy as 1st planned wrote
out index (178-9).

§ 16 Madame Galvani came Making out Swiss route. The knife blades
§ we have here made at Langres. Nobody likes lady
Granville. (179).

17 Swiss route. Attend Monsieur Tremery’s 1st lecture
Leave my watch at Perrelet’s. Arrange my books
walk and drink tea with Mrs. Barlow etc. Captain de Lisle
struck with Jane? (179-80)

18 Trace Ebel’s 1st route. (181).

19 Mrs. Barlow called walked with her undecided as ever
about the Swiss journey (181-2).

20 Great pleasure in having my accounts so right and regular —
§§ Loss still the same as 22 April Began letter to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] walk
with Mrs. Barlow go to a café (182).

21 Note to Madame Droz foolish mistake about her not going with
us to the Senés — Horses from Drake 1st time saw the chateau of
Meudon. 3 interesting pictures of Louis 16, and 18, and Charles 10.
Monsieur Sené’s right of water. Cost of his place, and of the house
we live in — Call on Madame Droz out — went to Mrs.
Barlow dine at a restaurant — walk with Mrs. Barlow (183).

22 Madame Ste. Marie advertises for a companion to Vichy. vide
observations below 3rd lecture observations no neophyte could profit much

May 23 Call with Mrs. and Miss Barlow on Madame Droz — Best umbrella
§§ shop. Cheap pâtissier. Price of pigeons and peas. Madame
§ Galvani came. Lottery for young de Ste. Aulaire — Madame Ste.
§ Marie probably a kept mistrress. Price of raisins and almonds
§§ Fix to give up going to Switzerland. IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] to come in 7br. [September] (185).

24 M- [Mariana] better L [Charles Lawton] thinks himself breaking fast Mr. Charles Lawton
§ will send his nephew to school. Went to Madame Galvani
her observations on the bad character of Monsieur Ouvrard. Staying
5 years in St. Pelagie clears a man of all his debts.
Went to Mrs. Barlow the coach maker came about a new
͞§͞§ slipper price Get off about how we slept during
our excursion (185-6)

25 Shall be glad to see IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] any time why she cannot stay
later than the beginning of 8br. [October] Observations on disbanding the
National Guard, and mention of the pension transferred to de
Moustier. Account for the ‘restlessness of feeling’ M- [Mariana]
§ observed vide promise to go to Switzerland next spring
Inquire again about the Smiths mention having called on Madame
Droz etc. walk with Mrs. Barlow (187).

26 4th lecture heads in a little separate book Price of
chronometer at Perrelet’s. his machine explanatory
of clockwork to be shewn at the exhibition exposition
V Madame and Mademoiselle Droz left cards. Price of person with whom
§ to speak French Should prefer a naturalist. walk and
drank tea with Mrs. Barlow Monsieur de Cussy had called on her
§ Finest greenhouses in Europe. (187-8)

27 Accounts right. Bowels wrong. Consult Dr. Tupper Plan tour
into Auvergne or from Basil along the Rhine through Holland
§ etc. Dr. Tupper thinks we could do the latter in 6 weeks Guernsey
family descended from the uncle of William the Conqueror Drank tea
with Mrs. Barlow (188).

28 Pills last night, draught this morning observations line 2 from the
top and 8 from the bottom Tell Miss MacLean of having given
§ Switzerland and of IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] coming etc. Long observations vide on pride
Like all English women very ill wrote out notes of Saturday’s
lecture Rheumatism in my right knee (189-90)

29 Had a warm bath — profuse perspiration. Mutton broth and warm
wine and water for breakfast walk with Mrs. Barlow (190).
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