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1827 lieues lieues
October 5 Wesen to the Baiersbach and back } 3?}
(by water) 2 1/4 hours going 1 hour returning
Wesen to Rapperschwyl 6} 12
Rapperschwyl to Wadenschwyl 3}

Saturday 6 Wadenschwyl to Horgen 1 1/2}
Horgen to Zug 3} 9 1/2
Zug to Zuric 5}

Sunday 7 Zuric to Aarau 9

Monday 8 Aarau to Soleure 9

Tuesday 9 Soleure to Berne 6

Wednesday 10

Thursday 11 Berne to Fribourg 6

Friday 12 Fribourg to Moudon 8

13 Moudon to Lausanne 4
Lausanne to Geneva (by water) 11 15
74 1/2

Sunday 14

Monday 15

Tuesday 16

Wednesday 17 Geneva to Pont d’ain

Thursday 18 Pont d’ain to Lyons

Friday 19

Saturday 20

Sunday 21 Lyons to Rouanne

Monday 22 Rouanne to Nevers

Tuesday 23 Nevers to Montargis

Wednesday 24 Montargis to Paris

October 24 Arrive at home from my tour in Switzerland and Italy — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] here (208)

25 Order things for M- [Mariana] (208).

26 Mrs. and Miss Barlow called (208).

27 Tell IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] the reason of the incivility of the Misses Morritt and
Goodrich — patés as good as in London Gave wine out T
ib prefers etc. etc. (108).

29 Monsieur Séné called. wants to divide the coach house
countermand the watch ordered at Bauttes. Look at
pendules with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] called on Mrs. Barlow (209).

30 price of carriage for IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] from here to Calais. Perrelet’s
gold medal and mechanism. Possibly order chronometer price

31 Mr. Gledhow called on IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] she says, not customary
for parents on the continent to wear mourning for their children.
Mrs. and Miss Barlow dined with us. (210).

November 1 Put up green blinds. Go in to the Elysée Bourbon.
See devastation of the fire at the palace royal (210).

2 Mrs. Johnstone came. went with her about carriages prices.
Shewed her the gardens etc. etc. Saw Mrs. Mackenzie
§ tiffing with Tib. Servants wear cockades. IN- [Isabella Norcliffe]
went to the opera Not exceeding our income – When hope
to pay Mr. Freeman (210).

3 Think of fitting up rooms at Shibden for my aunt. Observations vide
on my bowels deranged again from the moment of my return
§ Discharge again Note to Mrs. Johnstone carriage at
Bennet’s. no seasoned wood here. Dr. Tupper in London
Dr. Jones against Roberts. Dr. Lathom’s address
Observations on Mrs. Johnstone’s situation (211).

4 Note to Mrs. Johnstone she called – Went together to see the humans
of the fête. Saw the bearded woman Conversation
about her uncle’s marriage advice on the occasion
call on Mrs. Barlow see the fire-works. Extract from letter to
Miss MacLean would not fix abroad Observations on my bowels
etc. not think Paris agrees with me Began with
§ brandy and water (211-12).

November 5 Went with Mrs. and Miss Barlow and the Johnstones to the Conciergerie.
IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] takes the coupé. Doric column at the halle au
bled. Price of set of tools chez Giroux Miss Barlow and I disp
uting Observations on my bowels. Brandy and water of service? (212).

6 Note to Mr. and from Mrs. Johnstone they go today. she calls — ask to
hear of their arrival at Nice, but will not write in answer
Tell my aunt of Paris disagreeing with me. when began
§ with brown bread. Monsieur Séné came and brought Miss Sawkins —
to go with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] Consent to have the carriage house divided
IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] goes to the Vaudeville — Tell my aunt of fitting up
rooms at Shibden, and going to Rome, and Naples. (213).

§ 7 How to apply for tickets for the royal chapel. leave
Sam’s watch to be mended. Shopping. never such severe
indigestion pain. IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] not well. wrote out journal —
talk of year’s visit at Shibden (213).

8 Tell Monsieur Séné we will take the middle coach house Our
staying here now uncertain — Paris disagrees with me etc. etc.
Offers us his country house. small one gratis to my aunt
for part of the summer. very good friends to pay 5/. for
Mrs. Johnstone they had to pay for the pole straps. price of
carriage. Observations on my aunt’s going to Shibden. no hope
of tickets for the chapel. Mrs. Barlow called Talk of
going to live at Versailles What Tib to give our s
§§ ervants IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] lodgings in London (213-14)

9 muse on leaving here before the 1st April and going to Shibden.
Mrs. and Miss Barlow called Mention of it to Mrs. Barlow see below
Go with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] to the Louvre Observations on her letting me pay
§ Address for Sherry wine. (214).

10 Annoys me by her long harangue to Tib on dress
gave her the gondola pin Go to Madame Contant (215).

11 Suffer from indigestion — packing finished — Charlotte Norcliffe not well —
Observations to Mrs. Norcliffe on the Swiss. Observations on Isabella on dec
lining all amatory intercourse with her etc.
+ Madame Contant brought the 2 volumes of Montlosier’s works

November 12 IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] leaves us — almost determine never to travel by the
rue Bouloi diligences — busy for IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] go to the bank. the
§ water may disagree with me – Ought to drink it boiled
See Bennet, and tell him Mrs. Johnstone’s message — 2nd breakfast, —
at a restaurant — the coffee does me good — I want
tonics. Send parcel to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] my aunt not inclined to
return to Shibden — what alterations proposed to make
to stay here another year (216-17).

13 Take to our common bread again (217).

§ 14 Bowels bad — busy at my accounts — began with fires.
Mrs. Barlow called. Began to breakfast at twice. Seem
better for it. (218).

15 Walk with Mrs. Barlow to Boulogne and the site of the old
Convent at Lonchamp. my bedroom close and unhealthy.

16 at my accounts IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] 40 hours on the journey (218).

17 Take magnesia (218).

18 Began to have my milk for breakfast not boiled — little cake
baked in the ashes. Call on Madame Galvani Madame Giguet
de Roquette there and a Miss Hoy. IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] safe at Dover
Quillacq well advised her not to go to the custom-house
vide (219).

19 Went to Madame Galvani 1st time. go to Mrs. Barlow for 1/2 hour She hoped
I had not forgotten her etc. etc. Madame and the Mademoiselles
Séné drank tea with us. Madame Séné recommended and gave me
§ ipecacuanha lozenges. (219).

20 The lozenges do me good? Mrs. Barlow called and sat with
me. Right middle finger up (219).

21 My aunt not well — her face always swelled in a
morning etc. etc. her throat bad — can hardly, for the time,
eat or speak. Go to Madame Galvani Send George with her. Note to
Lady Mary Stanley Rowe-making against those who did not
illuminate for joy at the election of some opposition
deputies. (219).

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