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November 22 at my cash-book. alterations at Lawton. new dressing
rooms etc. Can make very comfortable etc. etc. she see
ms in no danger. price of baking a pie. Went to Mrs.
Barlow observations vide about my going to Madame Galvani.
People hired to cry vive L’Emperor Several killed
(afterwards contradicted) the King etc. went to sleep at St. Cloud. wrote to M- [Mariana] (220)

23 Extract from to M- [Mariana] respecting my aunt’s health and my own
etc. Mrs. Barlow went with me to Ternau’s to choose gown
§ for MacDonald etc. went to Madame Galvani Ground white with
snow. (220).

24 Think the lozenges do me good. Extract from to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] respecting
custom house duty M- [Mariana] ought to pay, etc. Dr. Tupper called
on his return from Spain — the country how wretched!
Call on Mrs. Barlow ill — Besides herself. walk
to the barrier — my aunt wishes me to sleep in my sitting
room; ’Tis my bedroom not Paris disagrees with me. Snow
§ yesterday and today. Note from Madame Galvani (221).

25 wrote out housekeeping weekly summaries Note to
Madame Galvani (221).

26 Went to Mrs. Barlow and to Madame Galvani the latter shewed me how
to make coffee. Have Mrs. Barlow’s lit de sangle set up
in my sitting room and sleep there 1st time (222).

27 Cannot do without the lozenges — pain — unwell — must
get off to Versailles? to England? Called twice on Mrs. Barlow not
at home (222).

28 Mrs. Preston and Miss Crompton called — went out
with them 3 or 4 lines to and from Madame Galvani huffy? (222).

29 Extract from my father’s letter. Marian seriously ill. the new
vicar claims enormous tithes. the parish resists.
New roads Godley road. Note to Madame Galvani not quite pleased
Mrs. Barlow called. Perrelet brings back my pendule.
Call on Mrs. Preston and Miss Crompton. Dine with them
Observations on Joshua and his egotism about his travels

30 Mrs. Barlow and I go to Perrelet’s — he explains the principle of
watches — model and price of pendule I should like — let him

November have 1 of my old watches, price to be left on account
speak to Rosset about dinner for Mrs. Preston and the Cromptons. Madame Galvani
came. very good friends — talk of having her every day —
French dinner. Note to Mrs. Preston to ask them to dinner tomorrow (224).

December 1 Title deeds of Shibden not to be seen by anyone
out of my father’s sight. buy wood — Bois d’Orme
1st time. Shop in opposition to Giroux — Hair dressed
Mrs. Preston and the Cromptons dined with us (224).

2 Called on Mrs. Barlow and Madame Galvani all orange sweetmeats
§ ferment when the next flowering season begins.
Rocher de Cancale best restaurant in Paris.
potage à la bisque (225).

3 the Johnstones got to Nice on the 18th in 12 days. all
well. to inquire at Galignani’s the terms of having books
sent. Dine with Mrs. Preston and the Cromptons at the Café de Paris.
not allowed to pay — Bottle-rests for fear of shaking
the Burgundy — drank tea with the Cromptons — prints of the Bolognese
gallery. observations. Extract from Miss MacLean’s letter Gloomy
darkness over her mind Albane queer Death of
MacDonald’s brother (225-6).

4 Note to and from Galignani. Mr. Joshua Crompton called Mrs.
Preston’s watch stolen (226).

5 the Cromptons to be off this morning. Madame Galvani’s servant came to
learn to make plum pudding. Note to and from Galignani —
§ terms — At my English cash book — Take cascarilla. indigestion
§ pain. What to pay the garçon from the restaurant — the
master of an hotel answerable for what is proved to be
stolen in his house. Take magnesia (227).

6 writing to M- [Mariana] and Miss MacLean go with my aunt in the evening to the Sénés

7 Proposals from Mr. Drake and Thomas Greenwood for Northgate. vexed.
explain to my aunt my views as to Northgate — Send M- [Mariana]
her account — Hint at my travelling again. Propose
§ our all going to the Netherlands Note from Mrs. Preston.
Mr. Joshua Crompton’s card — their valet leaves with me a letter he
knows not where to take. Call to inquire about the watch.
Go to Madame Galvani (228).

December 8 A cross to see if it would do me good Note to Mrs. Barlow to
ask her to ask Madame Galvani how to get Count Peruzzi’s address
my aunt’s throat bad. observation vide Rough draft of letter to Mr. Briggs
§ Balance of accounts leaves me too much. Dance for
exercise — ’Tis not Paris disagrees with me, ’tis want of
exercise. Summaries of Travelling Daybook (229).

§ 9 Began to try walking before breakfast. M- [Mariana] pleased with all
I sent her. Some chance of their coming here. Miss Pattison to
pass through to Geneva. makes inquiries of me. M- [Mariana]
recommends the shower bath, and drinking nothing but distilled
water. surprised at the little expense of duty, etc. In
Yorkshire they think me led by the nose by Mrs. Barlow
Pretty good motion Observations vide Dined with Mrs. Barlow
§ Talk of going to England instead of Rome. (229).

§ 10 Walk before breakfast. Determined to go to England. Talk about
building an Inn at Northgate — plan — Madame Galvani came
Should like to 1/2 live with her next summer —
Rocher de Cancale for what celebrated — the Sénés
very low — Avocats and physicians do not associate with
notaires (230).

11 Go to Mrs. Barlow’s — go with her servant about wood. Mrs. Barlow
came to me at breakfast — went out together, to the bakery etc.
the finest white bread here, made of the flour of Oats.
how to get the best common oatmeal. Braisière or
daubière. Price of this and of cafetières. (230).

12 Take strong medicine. account of myself and of my aunt — at last
1/2 year’s summary. Madame Galvani came ditto Mrs. and Miss Barlow
Made out travelling summaries (231).

13 The drawing room fireplace to be closed in. Monsieur Perrelet’s
account. George not well. Same symptoms as my own. Application
for ground at Northgate for a new church. Note to Dr. Tupper
called on Mrs. Barlow Ferdinande’s husband to come and cook.
George ill. Talk of going to live at Tunbridge wells
§§ or Winchester. Dr. Tupper came. It is the newness of the house that
has disagreed with me — will go to England; then to Rome, and be
a year away — leave my aunt here. (231).

December 14 Had warm bath (1st time) in my bedroom Dr. Kenny’s account
of Marian — She has had the small pox. Quantity and price
of Willroyde land sold for Godley road. the vicar has
begun to claim the tithe of milk, etc. Madame Galvani’s
+ idea of love — Mrs. Barlow came. talk of going for a
month to Madame de Rosny — better — put on my woollen
boots again. drawing room chimney closed in. (232).

15 Had Préaut to cook 1st time Mrs. and Miss Barlow dined
with us. George from well. myself better (232-3).

16 Very hot bath — my aunt all complaining — walk with
Mrs. Barlow. talk to my aunt about our going to Shibden
if I could have the management of all, if not to stay
abroad. observations vide. (233).

17 walk to the Bois de Boulogne observations vide on never being
much at Shibden during my father’s life. Dr. Tupper came
observations vide George has an affection of the chest. to have a
blister — give up being a patient — do not much like
Dr. Tupper. observations on Dr. Tupper afterwards Madame Galvani came — paid her —
she wished Madame Giguet had had a spare room for
me. Observations vide Madame Galvani’s birthday. Vide we r
ather flirt. wrote jointly to Dr. Kenny and my father
prescription for George (233-4).

18 walk to the Bois de Boulogne call on Mrs. Barlow do weekly
summary Dine with Mrs. Barlow Price of coffee. Mrs.
Thistlethwaite’s and Miss Sophia Barlow’s letters to Jane.
observations And on Mrs. Barlow’s sstupidity according to Madame Galvani etc.
George had a blister on his chest. my aunt spasmy.

19 Call on Mrs. Barlow walk to the Bois de Boulogne have Préau
§ to cook 2nd time. Call with Mrs. Barlow on Madame de Rosny
her address the d’Angelys would take me. George better. Mrs.
Barlow goes to the Amyots tonight — do the 2 last weeks’
Summaries (235).

20 Have Préau to cook, 3rd time (235).

21 Observations to M- [Mariana] on receiving Mrs. John Lawton at Lawton on insuring a small
sum for her. on Charles’s health. On what he might do if I had
to plan for him. my aunt spasmy. Mrs. Barlow called Madame de Rosny’s
terms. (236).
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