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December 22 To the end of the Allée Dauphine 1st time Tell Miss
MacLean of having kept the sovereign observations on my health.
had Préau to cook, 4th time observations observations vide (236-7).

23 Put vanille in my coffee 1st time. great improvement —
the Turks always use it. Pothering over last week’s
summary (237).

24 Making out Ledger accounts (237).

25 Roasting coffee. Try the different Kinds observations vide. Mrs. and
Miss Barlow dined with us (237-8).

26 Plan new sort of general Daybook Knees bad today and
§ yesterday Try garters attached to loops etc. — order béré.
Go to Mrs. Barlow Note to Bishop Luscombe Préau would not shew MacDonald
anything yesterday (238).

27 My aunt quite well this morning. MacDonald has heard from her
friends. Note from Bishop Luscombe Making out rough draft of
Estate Ledger. vide (238).

28 Rough draft of Estate Ledger. had nearly forgotten to write to
my bankers. (238).

29 Observations vide on being rheumatic. wear my plaid, etc.
Bishop Luscombe gives the sacrament to ourselves and Mrs. Barlow Had Mrs. Barlow observations
vide she wearies me petit pates (239).

30 Mr. Mitchell’s valuation of ground at Northgate observations vide
Mr. Drake and Thomas Greenwood will offer no other terms
for Northgate Briggs not likely to stay long at Lower Place
Ruling for next 1/2 years summary Rule summary sheet for
my aunt (239-40).

31 Death of Colonel Milne. observations vide Hair cut. Mrs. Barlow came.
Observations vide .... to live with me she wearies me
to go to Madame de Rosny’s on Sunday Decline her offer
of a ticket for the Grand Couvert Extract of from to M- [Mariana]
respecting what Mrs. Milne ought to do as to Duncan
and Charles (240-1).

January 1 walk to Longchamps Complete last 1/2 year’s general
summary at once without any error. (242).

2 Finish ruling for general summary Mrs. and Miss Barlow called
Observations on my indifference. Note or letter per post from
Madame Galvani Long remarks on my feelings towards
her vide feel that I am flirting. (242-3).

3 Finish ppages for this year’s general summary, and write out private
Summary. Bad account of M- [Mariana] I must write regularly to her
if Madame de Rosny is young or old Thinks the bread
disagrees with me. advises hard biscuit. Mrs. Milne
has memorialized Charles has lent Mrs. Barlow £120.
Writing out the sums at the bottom of ppages (243).

4 Take salts. Began and wrote out the whole of estate Ledger
§§ observations on my aunt. She is not so well — fear her being
dropsical. Drawing room pendule to be mended —
puzzling over foreign cashbook (233-4).

5 Get cashbook right (244).

6 Good account of Marian Take up my abode with Madame
de Rosny Observations vide (244).

7 Mrs. Barlow called but not to see me. Fachée contre moi.
IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] strong fancy that she must have paid the bill for
M-’s [Mariana] gowns. Mrs. Milne not allowed to sell M-’s [Mariana]
commissions Mr. Oates’s valuation of the ground at Northgate
and Washington’s ditto Go out airing with my aunt — take Madame
de Rosny She and I call on Lady Vavasour Thought her
§ a pretty little woman then formed the project
of coming to her etc. venereal disorder
vide observations on IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] sending me the money in April (244-5)

8 Price asked for ground at Northgate Lady Vavasour and Miss Brooke
called Observations vide on them and on Madame de Rosny’s conver
sation has the whites feels the want of .....
her income etc. etc. DeBerri has amants

January 9 The quarrel with baron Vincent smuggling Miss Gaun
tlet to share she will give it up Dine with my
aunt Call on Mrs. Barlow observations vide (246).

10 Roast coffee Tell of Madame de Boyve give sciss
VV ars decidedly flirt husband ill from her
having the whites her own fall etc. Bled af
§ ter having her husband. (246).

11 Monsieur de Bérail came. Would give her her garters
§ VV kissed her forehead she does not believe in
Jesus Christ (247).

12 the old Comte de . . . called Told her all about
Madame de Boyve. (247).

13 Went to the assumption church with Madame de Rosny the Comte
de la Motte, and Comte and Comtesse de Falloux called.
Lady Vavasour when she found she had not a carriage
+ une personne qui est bonne peut tout
obtenir de moi [a good person can get anything from me]. (247).

14 Madame de Rosny played and sang to me 1st time Kissed her
hand might have been the mistress of . . . . . .
§ VV lady that had twenty cossacks her innocenc
e about . . . . . observations vide. (247-8).

15 Called on Mrs. Barlow and my aunt. observations vide to M- [Mariana] on my
aunt’s health and on Madame de Rosny Kissed her cheek could
keep house etc. Sixteen thousand francs a year (248)

16 Walk with Madame de Rosny price of gold and silver riband
Gave her two spoonfuls (248).

17 M- [Mariana] rather better Talked of Madame de Boyve
sapphos odes Marquis de Sade if I had ever
§ been in love I said yes once vide our all living
together she begins to like me (249).

= 18 Half promised to help her smuggling in Ma
rch what she gains by it the virgin the birth and divi
+ VV nity of our saviour into ridicule (249).

No. [number]of the page Literary Index

283-4 Author of the ‘Voyage autour de ma chambre.’
Patito the modern word for cicisbeo. Byron’s
4th Canto of Childe Harold calls Rome the Niobe
of nations. Description of idleness Population and
Extent of the Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily.
Cause of Italian Marerume. Italian taxes.
Tomb of Ilus. Curious tombs in Sicily vide

285 Began Mr. Oastler’s pamphlet about the H-x [Halifax] tithes.
Buy ‘Cabinet Lawyer’.

286 Read Watson’s history of H-x [Halifax] Endowment of the vicarage

287 Ditto, Oastler’s pamphlet, Burn’s Ecclesiastical
Law. All will depend on the construction of the word
Altaragium. Lee’s Register at York.

288 Read a little volume 2 Latimer’s Sermons and began and read a
little of Mr. Knight’s Sermons — get these last —

295 Read a little of the Gardeners Magazine
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