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January 19 Gave pack of English cards General Amiot then Mrs. and the Misses
Amiot Madame Lesire and her brother called Madame de Rosny and I called
on Mrs. Barlow I saw she was jealous observations vide. Madame
de Rosny’s chanson on the Bois de Vincennes Made out literary index
§ from June last up to today Loss of the diamond will
help her to smuggle. (250).

20 Gone to bed without a dinner my manner of consoling
vide my aunt inclined to begrudge the money I spent
at Madame de Rosny’s Call on Mrs. Barlow Meet Madame de Rosny there
evidently jealous Major White called Madame de Rosny
Went to Court. (251).
21 Mrs. Barlow called . Shopping with Madame de Rosny Madame Sillian the milliner Monsieur Long du
Plan and the baron ….. came in the evening. took Madame de Rosny to
see my aunt. Mrs. Barlow there Her curious conduct vide
buy feather and diamonds annoyed and was low (251).

22 Sat on her bedside in the morning. Madame de Rosny’s soirée observations on the party and On
Madame de Rosny said to have sat on the knee of .... the po
rter here spoke very oddly of her. (252).

23 Walked with Madame de Rosny almost to the bois de Boulogne Called
on my aunt She let me undress etc. leaned over her whi
VV le she sat on the pot les moustaches vide she did sit
on his knee observations on women (252-3).

24 Called on the Amiots with Madame de Rosny then on my aunt and
Mrs. Barlow the latter in bed but better Said of π [Mariana] she was the
VV only woman etc. etc. Observations on Madame de Rosny she washed her mous
saches before me incur a cross (253).

§ 25 Madame de Rosny walked with me (1st time) to the Bois de Boulogne
an Englishman and Messrs de Bérail and du Plan called
§ Mr. Scatcherd wishes to take Northgate house What rent I ask.
Mr. Musgrave will agree to my terms, if the money
can be raised by subscription She now sits on my knee
how libertine her husband vide (254).

26 we walked to the bois de Boulogne Madame de Falloux called. ditto
General Amiot roasted coffee Washed her feet cut her corn
downright love making vide Monsieur le Medecin
called (254).

January 27 Read prayers at home. observations on my aunt. call on Mrs. Barlow
Madame de Rosny why cut by Miss Pope and Mrs Core does not always
sspeak the truth according to Mrs Amiot and Miss Gauntlet vide.
Why do not go this evening to the Amiot’s (255).

28 Mrs. Barlow came to my back door, and called me up. went to the
bois de Boulogne, and afterwards shopping with Madame de Rosny Called
to see my aunt. she not well Observations on Madame de Rosny gave he
V r towards her velvet train I felt her nipples
the only difficulty (255-6).

V 29 Hand to her breast etc. I might have done vide (256).

30 Madame de Falloux and the Baron de Montauban called. Called on
Mrs. Barlow Had evening dress sent home five per
cent no never Miss Gauntlet’s being in love (256).

31 Called on Mrs. Barlow ordered her 5 grams calomel and 10 scammony
vide gallstones passed and to pass. Madame de Rosny went to
§ V Madame de Caze’s ball. Right middle finger very
little up first time. (256-7).

February 1 Went out in the carriage with my aunt and Madame de Rosny then
called on the de Fallouxs, and uselessly on the Vavasours —
changed their quarters Everybody expects a revo
§ lution on Mrs Kidd’s and Miss Pope’s knowing Madame de Rosny
had sold empty bottles for a dinner. (257).

2 Wrote out Itinerary of Travelling Journal My hand up to the
moustaches ssitting by the fire and afterwards (257).

3 Mention to my aunt chance of apartment in Madame de
Rosny’s house [illegible] Madame de Rosny’s history and observations unfavorable
to Mrs Barlow. Madame de Rosny went to court. M- [Mariana] better but not
well. L [Charles Lawton] getting worse tempered plan of subs
cription to keep the boy at Eton Duncan’s shirts
at 3/. each! (258).

4 Mademoiselle de Serre called Dix mille francs on a pledge
Called on Mrs. Barlow her medicine Wearies me as to
Madame de Rosny had her on my right knee left hand up
to queer sucked her left breast all round her
mouth quite yellow on account of the great want
§ she had of being married right middle fing
er up Note of invitation from the de Fallouxs (258).

February 5 Reconnoitre the new buildings in the quarter Beaujon.
price of shoulder mutton. Shopping. see the model of St.
Petersburg. call on my aunt not so well today Joinin
g with Mrs de Rosny vide to give up all thought of ever re
§ turning to England finger up well while she wa
s awake may steal some of (the hair of queer) (259).

6 Monsieur d’Angèle etc. and Monsieur du Plan called At my cashbook
and wrote out Hammersleys’ account Tells Mrs Amiot she will give up sm
uggling observations by Mrs Amiot on Mrs Barlow and I repeat ditto ditto
by Mrs de Rosny ill of the piles examine her vide value
of my emerald ring. Price of resetting it. price of seal and
engraving my arms. (259-60).

7 A little tenderish scene. Roast coffee (260).

8 Washed her neck etc. Madame de Rosny went to the de Rigaudier’s
Invitation to Madame de la Tour’s ball. (260).

9 Note of invitation from Lady Vavasour and answer observations (260).

10 Mr. Wood’s offer for the house and buildings at Northgate. answer
§ vide. below. Marian going to Market Weighton. Serious mention of taking
the apartment next to Madame de Rosny’s etc. vide. Call on
Mrs. Barlow very unwell — has employed the French doctor
observations vide The portiene spoke lightly of her (261)

11 Give Madame de Rosny salts. my aunt thinks the cambric dear.
its price per yard. Went to the Vavasours’. Stupid party (261).

12 Madame de Rosny called me up in the night — very unwell.
§+ Dr. Tauchon came. His prescription for sore throat etc.
English physicians play quitte ou double Mrs. Wainewright
§ called on Madame de Rosny Observations on getting into French society
Madame de Falloux excuses herself from inviting the Vavasours to her ball.
Her civility to me. Observations on Lady Vavasour’s shabby carriage (262).

13 Emerald to be well set for 700 francs Mellerio values the stone
at 6 napoleons and the diamond ring at 260 to 280/. observations vide Dr.
Tauchon came Thoughtful and grave vide she had never so
loved any femme used a ffallus [phallus] les religieuses
§§ poured a little milk etc. Conte de Livry aux beaux
doigts [with beautiful fingers] wished to enfoncer his watch in her took a lemon
§§ in his pocket penis in a sort of case the skin of a peach
dose of cantharides (262-3).
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