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February 14 Death of Mr. Salmon. Duncan not to go of 12 months
§ Tongue out kissed it Snowy afternoon Madame de Rosny a
free mason. vide (263).

§+ 15 Dr. Tauchon called. Lemonade should be made without the
peel for Madame de Rosny — Messrs de la Bachelerie and de Bérail
called My aunt not well. Saw her her. bowels out of order vide.
bad cold. took magnesia (264).

16 In bed all the day. Mrs. Barlow called and Monsieur de la Jonquière etc. (264).

17 Mrs. and Miss Barlow called (264).

18 Madame Henri and her sister Mademoiselle Laurier, Monsieur de la Bachelerie, and Dr.
Tauchon called his new method of operating for the stone.
very giddy — went to the bois de Boulogne with Madame de Rosny No sche
§§ mes think before I speak her corns the baron did them
and combed out her hair (264).

19 Bois de Boulogne with Madame de Rosny Note to ask her to Mrs. Wainewright’s —
refused Mrs. Barlow called. Madame de Rosny went to the spectacle à la
cour. (265).

20 Value of gold chain — went to my aunt — very unwell — went to
the bank. Paid Madame Huchez for IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] and myself — missed Madame de
Rosny. called on Mrs. Barlow Smuggle for their mistresses
§ the Duke of Wellington for ~ (265).

21 Rowe about wood to the portiere. Mesdames de Cazes and de
Verdun etc. called — roasted coffee She took half teaspoon
ful epsom salts (266).

22 Mr. Scatcherd’s offer for Northgate house Dr. Tanchon called.
left cards at Lady Vavasour’s — called and sat with Madame de la Tour.
§ Took pocket handkerchiefs to be brodés. Terms for Northgate house (266)

23 Miss MacLean has been ill. Son and heir born. wishes me
to go to Edinburgh Involved estate Observations vide. Went to
Madame de Falloux’s ball. Madame de Boyve there vide (266).

24 To be off to England about the 13th next month. Madame de Rosny in
tears — will go with her to Rouen. my aunt quite better called
on Mrs. Barlow. Denied having told me etc. Had a
§ scene. Observation on Madame de Boyve Mrs Barlow was fond of women
vide (267).

February 25 The canal finished up to H-x [Halifax] – The tithe business not
settled. Mr. William Priestley and the Rawsons do not oppose the vicar.
§ my father with the town does. Mr. Walker has not called
on my father. Blonde fichu Madame de la Sire. Call
at Dr. Tanchon’s to see his apparatus. Promise to write
to Dr. Henry Stephen Belcombe about it. Call on my aunt and the dames
de Graves (267).

26 As if I had taken strong medicine. Have the carriage
to make 12 calls. Dentist. Price of new teeth for my aunt (268).

27 Looked at apartments. Observations on the 4me [quartieme] at Madame de Rosny’s
called on my aunt and Mrs. Barlow. the latter will quit Paris
in June — Told her, 1st time, of my plan of having Madame
de Rosny to live with us. Jane ill. (268).

28 Call on my aunt to meet the dentist Calculation of
expense of living with Madame de Rosny. What she would pay.
Called on Mrs. Barlow. Dr. Tanchon called — Propose
introducing him to Dr. Tupper. M- [Mariana] better. Norcliffe distracted
Mr. Willoughby Crewe coming (268).

29 Madame de Rosny would be annoyed etc. Went to the de
la Rigaudier’s. Neapolitan Comtesse (269).

March 1 Went about my passport Called on Mrs. Barlow. walked with
her. the Ouseleys coming. Went to the d’Angèles. Madame
de Rosny not well. mention to Mrs. Barlow my plans for
next winter. Go into Lorraine with Madame de Rosny (269).

2 Called on Madame Galvani who [was] there. Mrs de Rosny we might have
spared Lady Vavasour admitted. observations. not very bon ton (270).

3 Went with my aunt to the dentist. Called for Madame de Rosny
§ at the de Graves — Called on the de Noes Gave her
the bottle orange marmalade. Monsieur de Bérail came
Helped me off with my brandy etc. Note of invitation
to Madame de Rosny from Mrs. Wainewright. observations vide. Set
off the family of Mrs Barlow (270).

4 Tell Miss MacLean to plan for me about seeing her, and
direct to me at Lawton where I hope to be on, or
about the 20th instante. The Consul de Malte and his wife called
on Madame de Rosny She very low (270).

March 5 Balanced my cashbook for last year — in the evening went to Madame
de la Bachelerie (1st time) observations and then to the consul de Malte (271).

6 Mr. Scatcherd will agree to my terms for Northgate house. Does not
wish Mr. Briggs to overlook the repairs. Go to see the Marché
in the faubourg du Roule. Dr. Tanchon called Told
him Dr. Tupper would be happy to be introduced to him. (271)

7 With my aunt 2nd time to the dentist Called on Madame de Nef,
Lady Vavasour Mrs. Barlow and the dames de Graves Colonel Carter
died Wearies me to death ~ she will sleep with me.

§§ 8 She really did sleep with me. with my aunt (3rd time) to the
dentist. Take up Mrs. Barlow and go shopping. Monsieur du Plau
called. going to the Morea — His observations on ultimate war
§§ with England What noodles we are to settle out of our
own country! (272).

9 Mrs. Barlow called and went home with me to prayers then went
with me to Madame Galvani’s (272).

10 Shopping with Madame de Rosny Went with her to Madame Contant (272)

11 with my aunt (4th time) to the dentist Shopping with Madame de
Rosny and call on the d’Angèles and the Consul de Malte — then
went to Mrs. Barlow Vide against mad Madame de Rosny by Mrs G
alvani (273).

§ 12 Promisee to take blond etc. Madame Contant came Mr.
Joigny Amyot Mrs. and the Misses Amyot called Left Madame de
Rosny and returned home. Go to Madame Galvani in the evening Her report
§ of Mrs de Rosny vide nothing new and no effect on me (273-4).

13 Madame de Rosny not at home. to see the St. Leger’s apartment
tomorrow. Commissons for M- [Mariana] her observation on fancying I should
altogether stay with her only a few days. the dentist
came. meet and go about with Mrs. Barlow She dined with us.
Tell her physical reason for her not being the mis
tress etc. Mrs Barlow mentioned the quarrel and why Mrs Amyot
§ says she has no character to lose she had forc
ed herself on Mrs de Moutort. Note of invitation
from Lady Vavasour, Inquired about Mrs. Beck for the Pattisons

March 14 Note to Lady Vavasour and Madame Galvani — Answer from the latter.
Mrs. Barlow came before breakfast — with me all the day — Madame de
Rosny called Shopping — Called and saw the apartment of the
Marquis de St. Leger and looked at 2 apartments rue d’Anjou —
1 of them might suit us. (275).

15 Mrs. Barlow with me all the day. Madame de Rosny called
and afterwards came to dine. — Her Note from Lady Vavasour. Dr.
Tanchon called. Shopping with Mrs. Barlow and saw Dr.
§ Tupper’s apartment Terms. She brought her contr
abande observations vide. Took magnesia (275-6).

16 Went to Madame de Rosny She and Mrs. Barlow came. Rowe with the
dentist. Call on the Sénés — pay rent and speak of the
uncertainty of our staying here — Packing (276).

17 Mrs. Barlow saw me off for England Dine at Beauvais.

18 Breakfast at Montreuil Travel with Miss Coppinger
sister of Mrs. Callaghan — has an estate near Bordeaux
Manner of making and keeping the wine. Districts of
Médoc and Grave. Paris 1/3 dearer than Bordeaux French
titles why not valued (276-8).

§ 19 Land at Dover. — Rates of Duties. (278).

20 Dover to London — the garden of Kent will average 5 quarters
wheat per acre (278).

21 Thames tunnel will be abandoned? Left the contr
abande Go to Hammersleys — Cannot send letters by the
ambassador’s bag, but what they can do …. give them my address
at Lawton — Gould’s hotel recommended — Hair cut at
Woodman’s — how it should be cut. Measured for pelisse.

22 Note to and from Messrs Hammersleys balance in their hands
off from London (279).

23 Arrive at Lawton Short observations vide (279).

24 Went to Congleton with M- [Mariana] called on Mrs. Cottingham and Miss
Wilbraham the Swetenhams and Cumberbatches here. (280).

25 Charles has laid out £30,000 on the estate play whist
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