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May 1 measure off ground for the new church — the vicar there gives him
the trees. the church to be dedicated to Saint James. Balmfirth not
to sell off. Hemingway to be raised — not putting down proper
floor-joists therefore. called on and saw Mr. and Mrs. Scatcherd. Called at Mr.
Briggs’s. Mr. Adam came. Mr. and Mrs. Scatcherd do not understand about
when the 1st 1/2 year’s rent is due. George Robinson came. settled to
build for him — say what his land should be worth — he
well satisfied — is growing lucerne. (299-300).

2 Note to Mr. Parker respecting lease of Northgate — biliously inclined —
my father may sell the Hampstead property, if he can
get £600 for it — Marian thinks individual comfort the 1st
thing to be studied. Mr. Washington came — quantity of
§ coal got rate of valuing on and off — cost of his new
house. rent of it — cost of barn for Hopkin, and farm
at Hilltop — Estimate of building for George Robinson. value of
trees given to the vicar. go to George Naylors. walk about to the
neighbouring quarries etc. price of the stone. Quantity of stone land
belonging to myself. Rent of Dove house and Caldwell hill.
Observations on Hemingway, Balmfirth, and Thomas Greenwood. vide Note and
draft of lease from Mr. Parker. Observations. vide not quite pleased

3 Note about Mr. Scatcherd’s lease — my father agrees to let
off the upper land — to go to York on Tuesday — sign agreement with
the vicar .Spoke to Mr. Briggs. call at the Saltmarshes’s Observation On annoy
ance about the lease. Called at Lightcliffe (302-3).

4 Extract from to M- [Mariana] as to my plans — to build a farmstead at the
Cunnery etc. etc. ask for fifty or a hundred — the new
church to be dedicated to Saint James. New road by Lower brea. the
Baileys have £1,500 a year and spend £4,000. Miss Barlow
has £1,500 a year. Look over plans of the estate Note to and from
Mrs. William Priestley — observations vide (303).

5 Quantity of coals got. Sign the Northgate lease. Note from and to
Mr. Adam. observations. James Keighley came. going to build at Northgate
will lay out £500. Building very low now. Mr.
Kershaw says, ‘I have a way of my own’ — Cut up young poplars.
Washington looks at the Cunnery — Price of building. Rent.
value of Hardcastle’s, Southholm, Pump — Rate
of cottages to the farmer (304).

6 Leave Shibden — arrive at the Duffins. (304).

7 Receive and make calls. Observations on Mrs. and Miss Belcombe Dr. Henry
Stephen Belcombe called M-’s [Mariana] liver torpid. Mr. Randolph
Marriott comes begging new deanery. Heads of my letter to
my aunt vide Mr Duffin’s income and will (305-6).

May 8 mention of Eliza Raine her watch, and chain etc.
I have some chance for coming in. Called at
§ the Cromptons’ etc. Flirtation between Joshua and me
Castle new wall — At the Yorkes’ in the evening (306).

9 to spend 3 weeks at Drumfin — Call on Mrs. Best.
Norcliffe’s violence against Mr. Charles Lawton. observations vide. calls
received. why Mr. Duffin will not now go abroad (306-7).

10 Saw Eliza Raine. uninteresting tête à tête with Mrs. Henry Stephen Belcombe.
they etc. all dined with us. (307).

11 Walk with the Cromptons. Call on Mrs. Morris, etc. Go
to the minster. why will never make presents (307-8).

12 Call on and walk with the Cromptons. Mrs. Preston (Moreby)
§ called. her great civility. Calls from Mrs. and Miss Wilson, the
Gages, and Yorkes — must go to Langton. All dine at
the Henry Stephen Belcombes. meet the Poores, etc. etc. observations vide
on the Belcombes (308-9).

13 Settled accounts Mrs. Duffin takes me to the races — go into
Bacchus’s garden. Miss Jane Percival dined with us —
wrath said to be against me at Langton — Drank tea at the
Gages. Note from Henrietta Crompton. architect of the new house at
Moreby (309).

14 Breakfast at the Cromptons’. to meet the Prestons — wrote to Hammersley
to forward my aunt’s teeth — Calls, on the Abneys, Plumbes,
Mrs. Best, Lady Johnstone and Mrs. Henry Stephen Belcombe — party at home. Observations
on Charlotte Norcliffe’s not wishing to see me (309-10).

15 Leave the Duffins — Arrive at Croft. observations. IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] there (310)

16 Observations vide on Mrs. Dalton and to her about Tib and on Maria
nne her silly impertinence and Madelen
flirts with Cecil. Mr. Wright dined with us —
music (310-11).

17 Leave Croft. Durham and its cathedral. Tombs of
‘Saint Bede’ and Saint Cuthbert — no 2 pairs of columns alike.
curiously fluted — Sleep at Sunderland. The people took
me for a nobody (311-13).

18 Sunderland bridge — Lambton and Hetton coal staiths
the Free Trade System ruins Sunderland — Lord Durham
poor — has allowance — arrive at Newcastle — had
Dodsworth and his wife in — badness of the times —
obliged to keep a horse per mile for the mails —
rent and taxes — poor rates, etc. How much he has
realized (313-15).

19 Mr. Dodsworth franks me to Alnwick. Observations on
the free Trade System. agriculture of East Lothian
Rate of the mails, and duty to government. Arrival in
N Edinburgh Note to Miss MacLean see her — invitation to
the Thackerays’. What for dinner. (315-16).

20 At the Thackerays’. Observations. party at dinner. the Thiebaut’s
etc. (316).

21 Go to Redford. Confidential conversation observations
vide (316).

22 Return from Redford. (317).

23 Leave the Thackerays’. come to our lodging. See the museum. (317)

24 On the Calton hill, but could see nothing. Madame de Rosny
has been at the de Boyves’. my aunt’s observations on her having
gulled us both (317).

25 Go to Bishop Sandford’s church. Call on the Thackerays, and Clarkes.
[illegible] Go to Saint George’s church to
hear Mr. Irvine. Subsequent of his discussion (317-18).

26 See the goal [gaol], Bridewell, wax figures, Holyrood house
and castle Dine at Lady Scaforth’s (319).

27 See the museum of antiquities and picture exhibition room.
Buy doll for Miss Thackeray. Observations on my nonsense.
Mrs. Campbell, and Miss Augusta MacKenzie — called (319-20).
28 Miss Riddle took us to the General Assembly — Saw the
old parliament house, and the libraries of the writers to the Signet
and of the advocates — then along the Canongate etc. and round the
Calton hill — Colonel and Lady Elizabeth Thackeray and the Misses MacKenzie
called (320).

29 Miss Riddle called ditto the Thackerays — to be in
Mull in about a fortnight (321.)
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