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May Thursday 22
9 1/4
1 20/60
Talked again last till very late ~ Breakfast at 10 1/2 — from 12 1/2 to 2 1/2 wrote out the whole of
Monday Tuesday Wednesday and so far of this morning — off from Redford at 3 1/2 — went to Simpson's hotel Queen Street to inquire
for lodgings — full - then called at Gianetti’s, 39 George Street (where the Thiebauts are) and took them from tomorrow, and
got to the Thackwrays at 4 1/2 — hair dressed at 5 1/4 — dinner at 6 1/2 — no one but ourselves — came upstairs at 11 —
Sat up talking — Talked the more freely saying the whiskey had got into my head took it for the cold
the damp nunk air of Redford had given me — fine day —

Friday 23
8 50/60
12 3/4
Talked very long in bed more freely than ever before blamed the whiskey. Breakfast at 10 — then some
time with Colonel Thackeray in his study looking at his books — Seems to keep up his Greek — very fond of the language —
Left the Thackerays, in spite of their really kind wishes invitations for us to stay, and got to our lodging (39 George Street) at 12 — found the Thiebauts were only just gone — left
the people to get all cleaned up for us — Strolled into Whites' the bookseller's, then over the North bridge
(whence looked down upon the fish and vegetable market) and to the museum — 1 1/4 hour there — not much to be seen but the
fine collection of stuffed birds — very fine specimen of a pea hen assuming the plumage of the male —
Large handsome room lighted from the top, with galleries all round the top of it, and small rooms with the sides above it — did not dress — Put on
my black velvet cap and thin shoes — got to the Thackerays' to dinner at 6 — dinner in 1/2 hour — got back to our lodging
at 9 55/60 — fine day but, as ever since my arrival East wind, thickish, and impossible to see much —

Saturday 24
10 1/2
12 3/4
Talking almost all the night rather flirtingly she always lies with her arm round me — breakfast
at 11 — Colonel Thackeray came at 12 — he and Miss MacLean and I went out at 12 1/4 — first to Trotter’s furniture rooms 9 Princes Street the post-office —
Letter from my aunt Paris — 3 ppages and 1 end — very good account of her — Mrs. and Miss Barlow to be off from Paris
for England on the 27th instant — from the Post Office to the Calton hill — it began to rain therefore the people would not
Shew us the observatory though Colonel Thackwray in coming along had met Mr. Stewart Monteith who had given him
an order (in his capacity of magistrate) for seeing the observatory the jail and Bridewell — no view to be seen
from the Calton hill in consequence of the East wind and haze, so went along Princess Street and tried to see
the museum of antiquities — could not be admitted till Tuesday — the rain continuing all went home — came in at
1 1/2 Read aloud my aunt's letter to Miss MacLean which led to observations on the little Countess which she It seems Madame de Rosny has
after all been at a party at the de Boyves since my being away — my aunt thinks she gulled us both — about
the teeth and me about the bird of paradise — Everything is possible — a little annoyed for the moment, but care not
much about it — wrote 2 1/2 ppages to my aunt — Dinner at 6 — tea from 9 to 10 — thoroughly rainy afternoon from our coming
in at 1 1/2 for the rest of the day — came to my room at 11 —

Sunday 25
8 50/60
1 3/4
Foolish last night felt her bosom but she was not very angry and I thought to myself I might con
trive to go any lengths I liked though since being at Redford I have often alluded to π’s [Mariana] living with
me — Breakfast at 10 1/4 — at 10 3/4 Miss MacLean and I off to St. John's church (Bishop Sandford's) — It being Whit.Sunday,
and consequently sacrament Sunday we had no sermon so that I missed hearing the bishop preach — but heard him read the chief part
of the communion service — an old man with weakish voice — handsome modern gothic church — but inside the clustered
shafts of the columns too long and lanky and thin, and the pointed arches too short and dumpy [drawing of the arches and columns] and outside the tower looking too long and lanky for the
rest, and the proportions somehow not pleasing — from church called at the Thackeray’s — They were out — then took a
little round about by Murray place, the royal circus, Queen Street etc. home — called on Mrs. and the Miss Clarks MacDonalds’
friends — they speak very queer broad Scotch — mentioned Mr. Irvine's preaching — offered me a seat in their pew at St. George's this
afternoon and to send a young nephew to go with me — got home at 1 — sat talking to Miss MacLean the young gentleman not coming, off by myself at 1 3/4 — found the entrance
(vestibule) completely full — impossible to gain admittance — Espied Mr. Trotter, the great upholsterer, and he got me in —
Took the 1st vacant seat in the first unfilled pew — the church already crowded though 20 minutes before the service began —


The service lasted 1 3/4 hour beginning with the 100th psalm read aloud by Mr. Irvine then sung — then a prayer by Mr. Irvine then
the 62nd psalm as before — then Mr. Irvine — opened the bible (a thick 8vo. [octavo]) and read something I think from Luke, but somehow not being
aware he was really beginning to preach, I lost the text chapter and verse if they were given out at all —
The discussion seemed a continuation of some former discussion on the same subject — however Mr. Irvine began by stating the end or purport of
the creation to have been for the glory and worship of God, and that his subject would naturally divide itself into 3 parts
the Knowledge of God, the worship of God, and the communication of God by which last I suppose he meant
our connection with God — God could not be known but through Xst. [Christ] and that not by the tale that he told, but by his actions
well might Xst. [Christ] and the resurrection be so put together — it was the resurrection which proved him to be God —
Mr. Irvine’s short answer to an atheist would be, whence his sensations his joys griefs etc.? he (the atheist) would tell him they were from
Life — well! but whence that life? Mr. Irvine would say, it was not from the atheist himself or he would never die;
it was not from any other man, for then that man could not prevent death — it must therefore be from some invisible
being, and that being was God — therefore Xst. [Christ] being able to die and rise again had the power which could belong to God alone —
God could be worshipped only through a religion the basis of which was the Trinity — much to prove the necessity of the
fall and scheme of redemption lest man should have confounded himself with God — 3 persons in 1
substance were required for our proper union with, yet distinction from God — no other no. [number] than 3 persons could do —
the doctrine of distinctions much insisted on — Xst. [Christ] the head of the redeemed church which is united to him
through the holy ghost, and to God through Xst. [Christ] — thus the 3 distinctions, — the redeemed church joined with the holy ghost —
the redeemed church and holy ghost joined with Xst. [Christ] — and the 2 former joined with the almighty father — then
the unredeemed form a 4th. distinction or division — seemed to call God the father the will, Xst. [Christ]
the expression of that will, and the holy ghost the fulfilment of that will — all this seemed to be in
illustration of what was in the commencement of the discourse styled the communication with God — It seemed
to be insinuated that the fallen angels had confounded themselves with God; therefore not payed proper worship
to God, and were thus cast out — combatted the idea, that the 2nd. deaths would not be eternal damnation — if at
the end of any cycle of time, sin could be as it were worn out, then there would, in fact, be no positive sin at all, since
all could be atoned for — Every system of religion not founded on the basis of the Trinity, must lead to
materialism, materialism which made God in everything and every thing God — a very singular,
enthusiastic, fanciful? dicourse — delivered with an ardour of manner which made one almost apt to say, art thou
beside thyself? action at times theatrical, yet not ungraceful — handsome looking dark man in the pulpit —
yet said to squint very much — should think he preached 1 1/4 hour — waited ten minutes before attempting to get
out — and perhaps 5 minutes more before all the congregation was out — church said to contain 3,000 people —
church heavyish within — [drawing of the dome and wings as described] a large dome with 4 circular wings the square filled up at the great entrance (west)
with the vestibule — in returning walked round St. Andrews Square — got home about 4 3/4 — found Colonel and Lady Elizabeth Thackeray
here — went with them to walk in Princess Street gardens, and got back again in 3/4 hour at 5 3/4 — dinner at 6 — Tea at
9 — Sat talking to Miss MacLean — finish day — west wind the 1st time since my arrival, and therefore warmer and clearer —
the only clearish day we have had —
DateMay 1828
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