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better acquainted with Mr. or Major Hewgill who is very intimate with the family — Marianne is coming to them
(the Major and his wife) next week — Lady Johnstone, Mrs. Saltmarshe, a Mrs. Window the wife of
a Captain Window here on some account or other, and Mr. Cyril and Miss Hutchinson came in the evening — Supper
a sort of cold collation on a table on the landing before we went away — pleasant enough, but surely more
than needed — Mrs. and Miss Belcombe of the party — no one would dream there had ever been any misunderstanding
between us, though they themselves must must think me graver and more reserved — the dinner, said by Mrs. Duffin, to have
been one of the best — really very well, yet somehow not elegant nor in remarkably good style —
She in spite of all is not thorough and never will be I do not at all admire her in any way though she
does all she can to please me and be attentive — got home at 11 40/60 a minute or 2 before Mrs. Duffin
came to my room immediately and Mrs. Duffin came for a moment to wish me good night — very fine day —
Sat up combing out false hair and putting by my things ~

Tuesday 13
1 35/60
wrote the journal of yesterday down at breakfast at 9 3/4 — came up to my room at 11 and from then to 2 sittling [settling] accounts
and writing 3 ppages to M- [Mariana] off with Mrs. Duffin and her niece Miss Sophia Greenup to the race at 2 and got back at 5 —
Mrs. Duffin delighted to take me in her carriage — more than I was to be taken — begged off yesterday and shall beg off
tomorrow — a desperately stupid lounge — drew up where we could merely see the race for about 20 yards beyond the
stand, and drove gently up and down between the courses — at first 4 or 5 ladies on the stand — at last 8 or 10 - declined
joining them — 3 people in a carriage bad enough, and the great bonnets worse — leaned back in my corner not troubling
my head about the races or anything else, scarcely uttering but to say how well I was satisfied, and something or
other in praise of the carriage [illegible] — With which she is
quite new fangled and delighted — walked 1/2 hour with Mrs. Duffin and Miss Sophia Greenup in Bacchus's gardens
(very fine beds of tulips), and dinner at 5 3/4 — Miss Jane Percival of Acomb dined with us — Parsons
junior came at 6 1/2 to dress my hair and left me fast asleep — awakened by Thomas bringing me up a note or letter
enclosed to Mrs. Best and forwarded by her from Mrs. Norcliffe Langton — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] had given no message from me on
the death of poor Beatrix, but Mrs. Norcliffe did not believe I had meant to be ‘neglectful or unkind’ — Oh!
oh! thought I, as I mused over M-’s [Mariana] letter and all the wrath against me I see how it is — I will write to Mrs. Norcliffe again — but she writes kindly — and gives directions what not
to miss seeing in Edinburgh — all went to a little card party at the Gages — I went at 8 — Miss Jane Percival went from there
to the ball at the rooms, and Mrs. Swann out of the bar offered to take me with her in her coach but I civilly declined
Not liking much to go with her ~ Lady Johnstone too was going to the rooms — a kind little note brought in from
Henrietta Crompton asking me to breakfast tomorrow a little before 10 to meet the Prestons from Moreby, and with them
the architect of their new house, a young man Mr. Salvin the son of General Salvin, or Solvin, I think but forgot how the name is spelt —
Mrs. Duffin and Miss Sophia Greenup and I left Mr. Duffin at the card table, and came away at 11 1/2 — Sat up writing the copy of
a letter to Mrs. Norcliffe — very fine day — Mrs. Moseley called on me while at the races, as also Mrs. and Miss Abney, the
Miss Plumbes, and Lady Johnstone —

Wednesday 14
7 3/4
3 1/4
down at 9 20/60 — at the Cromptons to breakfast at 9 3/4 — Sat talking to Henrietta, Mary, and Margaret — Papa and Elizabeth
and Caroline gone to Sion hill, Mr. Rookes Crompton’s — the Prestons did not arrive till 10 3/4 — Mr. Preston called suddenly
off to London put us all into a bustle — breakfast at 11 — Mr. Gilbert Crompton came in soon after 11 — Came away
at 12 5/60 immediately after breakfast — the Prestons very civil — Mrs. Preston making me promise to write to her on my return to
York, and go and spend a day with her — In passing, called to inquire after Mrs. Yorke, and sat 20 minutes with her and Miss Yorke
then sat talking to the Duffins at home till 1 1/2 — then in my own room, and till nearly 3 wrote nearly 3 ppages letter very close to Mrs. Norcliffe
a line or 2 to Messrs Hammersleys to say I had taken the liberty of desiring Mr. Horner to send to them a set of teeth that had
been repaired, and begged they it might be forwarded by the earliest opportunity to Mrs. Lister Place neuve de la Madeleine No. [Number] 2 Paris —
wrote the ends of my paper and finished my letter to M- [Mariana] begun yesterday My letter to Mrs. Norcliffe nearly the same as I copied

last night only leaving out a few lines ~ At 3 went out with Mrs. Duffin and Miss Sophia Greenup — left cards
for Mrs. and Miss Abney, the Misses Plumbe, and Lady Johnstone, then sat a little with Mrs. Henry Stephen Belcombe Charlotte
Norcliffe coming tomorrow — shopping a little — got home at 5 — Had called twice on Mrs. Best — not at home — Mrs. Duffin
put my letters into the post in passing to ‘Mrs. Norcliffe Langton hall, Malton’ ‘Messrs Hammersleys
Bankers London,' and ‘Mrs. Lawton, Lawton hall, Lawton, Cheshire’ — Dinner at 5 1/2 — Parsons junior at
6 1/2 for perhaps 40 minutes dressing my hair — a small party at home this evening — went down at 7 3/4 — only Lady Johnstone
come — very good humouredly when we met her this morning turned back with me to Mrs. Cloake’s in Stonegate to
order me a coarse Dunstable bonnet like hers, and because could not have one in time, let me have hers, she to wait till
noon tomorrow for the new one — Mrs. Anne and Miss Gage, Mrs. Moseley, Miss Yorke, the Misses Mary and
Margaret Crompton (Henrietta laid up with her tooth lately plugged) and with them Miss (Elizabeth) Foulis, and Mr. Cyril
Hutchinson our party — all gone at 11 1/2, and came immediately to my room — packing till 2 1/2 — very fine day —
Mrs. Duffin and I both struck at Charlotte Norcliffe’s coming over tomorrow and Mrs. Norcliffe’s never having named it to me — thought if Charlotte Norcliffe had
wished to see me, she would have had it named in which case I would have waited — as it is, think it best to be off —

Thursday 15
7 1/4
12 40/60
10 minutes in Mrs. Duffin’s room talking to her — breakfast at 9 20/60 — off at 9 40/60 — Mr. Duffin walked with me till
a little beyond Bootham bar where I got into the Highflier light coach (a gentleman and a respectable elderly woman inside besides
myself) at 10 1/4, and was off for Croft — had told Mr. Duffin was going to build — might probably be at £1000 extra
expense this year — if I wanted a hundred or 2 for 2 or 3 weeks, could he lend me this sum — yes! for 2 or 3 months —
Very kind —
York to Easingwold . 13
Easingwold to Thirsk .. 10
Thirsk to Northallerton . 9
Northallerton to Croft .. 12
the coach stopt at Northallerton for 1/2 hour to dine — so got out, and walked
forwards 1 1/2 mile — warm, and dusty — got out at the Inn at Croft
at 4 5/60 — walked the step or 2 to the Rectory — all well — Marianne and Esther
gone to dine out and Bell out walking — Isabella Norcliffe there and fatter than
when in Paris — she and I ‘tete à tete’ in my room near an hour before dinner — Told her about Charlotte Norcliffeshe is sure Charlotte did not intend the thing as I supposed — As the last time I went no servant sent to meet me at the
inn this sstruck me before and strikes me now glad enough to see me but after dinner in the study when something
led to saying I should go on Saturday nobody said a word against it Cecil seems queerish given
to say things in dislike of Croft and exclusively in favour of smoking shooting and fishing ~
Dinner at 5 1/2 — Marianne and Esther at home early — played Cassino with the former against Mrs. Dalton and Elizabeth
then Esther - 6d-points — lost a rubber of 4, and won one of 2 — Marianne seeming as if there was nothing
at all wrong between us on account of my having got off writing to her but she has always a foolish
sort of a ping wit ~ Staid down the last with Mr. and Mrs. Dalton and joined with them and the servants in family prayer —
came to my room at 11 — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] came and sat with me till 12 1/4 — She said as Bell always sslept with her she thought
it best not to change for fear it should seem odd so I have my room to myself as luck will have it
very fine day —

Friday 16
7 3/4
1 1/4
a few minutes talking to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] and Bell as they lay in bed — down to breakfast at 9 1/2 — Mrs. Dalton more cordial said
she was very glad to see me more glad than yesterday and should be still more so if I staid longer
thought I you are too late and said I must be off tomorrow ~ Sat with Mrs. Dalton in the dining room — wrote and sent
at 2, 1 1/2 ppages to ‘Miss MacLean of Coll 5 North Street David Street Edinburgh’ to say I should be off from here tomorrow — should sleep at Durham and Newcastle I think
I said but hoped to be in Edinburgh on Monday — could not be off from Croft till 2 p.m. not to trouble her head about me —
should prefer tea to anything else, but if not arrived at Redford at 9 p.m. not to expect me till Tuesday morning —
Looked at Carey's maps — will go and see the bridge at Sunderland and should see the coal straiths — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] came down to breakfast
[illegible] about or soon after 11, and had it sent up as usual into the school room — Just hinted to Mrs Dalton that I could not
DateMay 1828
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