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April Tuesday 8
6 40/60
11 40/60
M- [Mariana] came to me about 8, and sat with me while I breakfasted — Promises to behave well and not to fret L [Charles Lawton] has been
in high good humour all the while I have been here ~ Off to the Redbull at 8 20/60 — The Jolly Potter coach not arrived
left Christopher to see my luggage safely put on, and set off to walk — walked 65 minutes to the 4th milestone
and got into the coach at 9 25/60 — 2 very decent men and a boy inside — and stopt a few minutes in Congleton — at Macclesfield at
11 — At Manchester at the Moseley Arms at 1 1/2 — M-’s [Mariana] beaver hat that I had brought away with me, too small, made my head ache —
but though I walked down to the shop (Agar’s in Exchange Street), had not time to go in, and buy one — off from the Flying
Horse Inn (nearly opposite the Moseley Arms) in the commerce (light coach) at 2 — Went outside, with the coachman,
from Manchester to Rochdale, Crowther the H-x [Halifax] librarian behind me — got in at Rochdale — only one man besides
myself and he had had too much to drink and was fast asleep all the way to H-x [Halifax] — I too slept a little — Knew
nothing of passing Blackstone Edge — got out at the White Swan, H-x [Halifax], about 6 1/2 — John Booth there
waiting for me — got home about 7 — found my father and Marian both looking very well — Marian playing cards
after tea with her little visitor Miss Sarah Inman, a child perhaps about 5 years old — I am civil to the
poor child; but this is all; — for I cannot bear the acquaintance; and this Marian knows and has always known
well enough — Sat talking of the tithes and 1 thing or other and reading the 1st 34 ppages Mr. Oastler’s pamphlet
respecting the claiming of the tithes — Came up to my room at 10 1/4 — fine day — Letter from my aunt (Paris) waiting for me —
my aunt quite well — no decided answer from Dr. Tupper about his apartment — Mrs. Barlow talks of coming to England by the end of next month or in June —

Wednesday 9
8 10/60
12 10/60
Dressed then immediately went down to my uncle have not done so for years always going to the
pot or somewhere on getting out of bed ~ Out at 9 — in the stable coach house spoke to John — Then about
9 3/4 walked to H-x [Halifax] to buy a new hat — looked over Northgate house and the land — bought stockings at Mounsey’s
ordered umbrella at Metcalfe’s — stood reading at Whitley’s and talking to Whitley about the tithes for near an hour —
and bought the ‘Cabinet Lawyer’ a thick 12mo [duodecimo] private not long come out, but already in the 3rd edition — returned up
the old bank — got home at 11 40/60 — breakfast — staid talking to Marian till 1 — then afterwards talking to my father —
things at Market Weighton seem likely to be getting into pretty good train — young trees, holly hedges, walks not
likely do much good here — I must go and see, yet dread to do so — Marian last night talked of Mr.
Briggs — Thinks I do not pay him well enough and he will pay himself fancies Mr. Saltmarshe pays
two pounds for a church pew and Briggs only gives me one and a half guinea I must investigate
Came to my room about 2 — settled my accounts — wrote out yesterday, and today, all which took me till 5 — Letter
this morning from Miss MacLean Edinburgh — The sooner I go the better, but bids me not think of inconveniencing
myself — she may probably go home in May — Can we arrange to go together? She has had a hundred schemes —
Very kind in some great trouble or other all which she will tell me when we meet ~ at 5 10/60 went out with
my father — through the garden along the walk came up the wood [illegible] then [illegible] under [illegible] and the Northowram

[remainder of page cut off]

April Thursday 10
7 1/2
11 1/2
From 9 to 10 1/4 at my English cashbook — breakfast at 10 1/4 at 10 55/60 set off to walk to H-x [Halifax] with my father — Put into the post my letter to
IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] — written yesterday evening — then went to Mr. Parker’s office to speak about Northgate house being let to Mr. Scatcherd — Mr. Scatcherd to come to me
at Shibden tomorrow between 11 and 12 — There seems to be little doubt of my selling ground for the new church — Mr. Pollard was 1st applied
to — he asked 10/6 per yard — but when he found this would not do, said he would take whatever price I agreed to take — however Mr. Musgrave said,
it was then too late, as he was in treaty with me — Mr. Parker begged me not to cut down the trees on the ground — said I was just going
to order William Keighley to mark and value take them down, but that I would now let them stand, and we would have no difficulty on this subject —
Mr. Parker thought my aunt would have to sign the deeds and he must take them over to her to Paris — We then went to look at the new canal, and thence to Mrs. Rawson Stony royde, and sat with her 40 minutes — She seemed delighted
to find me not at all changed, very civil and glad to see me — Said I had done her good — Her son Jeremiah’s family in distress —
had just lost a daughter in her 10th year, and another child or 2 ill — Then went to Throp’s — Could have hollies at 6/. a hundred —
then went to William Keighley’s to tell young William to come tomorrow afternoon — ordered shoes at Booth’s in the new bank, and got home at 2 10/60
at 2 1/2 set off to Lightcliffe — Went along the walk — completely grown up — at the bottom of the dolt not distinguishable —
a little care might have prevented all this — found Mrs. William Priestley at home — sat with her 1 35/60 hour, and got home about 5 — Did not see Mr. William Priestley
we talked about the tithes — Mr. William Priestley quite sure the vicar will get them — Mr. Oastler proud of having my father
for his main support in the opposition — Mrs. William Priestley likes Marian thinks she has plenty to say — much more in her than she thought —
has decided opinions, though Mrs. Priestley and she generally differ — she (Marian) is very warm — The Priestleys going tomorrow to near Lancaster to induct Mr. Hudson
into his new living of £700 a year — Mrs. Priestley very glad to see me — asked if I meant to call at the vicarage — no! — only came
for a short time — it was not necessary, and in the present state of things might be better let alone — But did not mean to inden
tify myself with my father my walk all gone to ruin annoyed about it for the moment but should say nothing
should not be here longer than I could help she asked if I should ever live saying she always ssaid yes I
merely told her she said right asked if she had heard of my . . . . . any she replied marriage with a French Count Marquis
said I you must say ~ Got home about 5 — walked about with my father below the house to the fishpond — my father
shewed me a tree he must cut down — I said no! no! by no means — yes! said he — no! I am positive about that —
why it was in the way of the road (to the fishpond) — road said I — they can make room enough — The road is temporary — the tree I wish
to stand — what will you have no road? no! said I not here — I shall change all this — dinner at 6 10/60 — afterwards
marking Watson’s history H-x [Halifax] the endowment of the vicar etc. talking to Marian of the tithes etc. told her Mrs. Priestley had said she was sorry to hear to say speaking of visiting at the
vicarage ‘all that was over now’ — lamented that Marian should seem to be the 1st to turn her back on the vicar about
because he claimed what, if his right, he ought to have — Then wrote the above of today — Rainy morning till 10 —
a little rain after dinner — Note this evening from Mr. Parker to say Mr. Scatcherd could not come at 11 or 12 tomorrow but would come on
Saturday unless I could be in H-x [Halifax] before 10 tomorrow morning or after 5 p.m. — Came to my room at 10 1/4 — Cut my toe nails

Friday 11
7 35/60
Dawdling over 1 thing or other — at 9 5/60 off to H-x [Halifax] — down the old bank to Mr. Parker’s office — He not at home — sent for Mr.
Scatcherd — In the mean George Haigh’s son there — Spoke about Northgate house — had come for that purpose to Mr. Parker — said I considered it almost
as good as let, but if not would let him know — I fancy however he would want the house without the land — Mr. Scatcherd came — we
seem to have agreed, but I wanted £85 a year instead of £80 that he offered — however said I was not a person to higgle — we must
see what he meant by tenantable repair, and then try to agree — would not certainly give a lease for 14 years — did not
like long leases — he said property was very bad here now — He wished Mitchell to look over the premises for him,
and anyone I chose for me — I promised to send to Oates today, and to get his estimate — Mr. Scatcherd going from home —
but will call here between 11 and 12 next Saturday week to finally agree — Then after being at Mr. Oates’s put into the post my letter finished
last night to M- [Mariana] Lawton hall — Changed my stockings at Mounsey’s — ordered the handbills to be taken down at
Northgate and got home at 11 after meeting and talking sometime to my father by the way — wrote the above of today and breakfast at 11 1/4 — Dr. Kenny called
DateApr 1828
Extent1 page


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