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then that I may wish to send postage free, to the correspondent who will pay the postage and my friend knows nothing
about it — gave my address at Lawton, desiring them to forward there any letters that might come for me — Then went to
Jermyn street, and put into the Post Office my letter to my aunt “Place neuve de la Madeleine No. [Number] 2, Paris” — By the way
old Mrs. Smith or Smithson, mother in law to Wright at Dover, much recommended the hotel in this
street kept by Mrs. Gould, but I forgot to look for it — Then sauntered down Piccadilly to Woodman’s, and had my
hair cut — The son an intelligent man — said I should have my hair behind thinned in the centre about 1 1/2 inch being left
all round it to comb straight and smooth when I turned it up, or otherwise dressed it — should not be thinned in
front in too great masses — to tell Parsons this — The young man 1 of the best out of London — taught me to fasten
up the hair in front in curls with a small comb — his father had paid above £200 patent for a new sort of
painting brush, that having the handle in the form of a hollow cone full of paint which is confined or let into bristles
by a valve, prevents the necessity of constantly stooping to dip the brush in the paint, and lessens the bad smell by
not having the man’s nose constantly in the paint pot — but the journeymen (not the master painters) determined
to oppose it because (for they can give no other reason) they are afraid of having more work to do per day — as the
people wanted to put an end to all machinery some time ago in the manufacturing districts — The brush
(a large one) 15/6 — and the bristles to be afterwards renewed for the same price, that a conventional brush would cost —
Then loitered along Burlington arcade — bought there a pair strong or rather gentleman’s walking shoes — Then along the
Quadrant home at 4 55/60 — puzzling over (the entries of money received at Laffittes not made for this year except
in my foreign cashbook left in Paris) the balance I now have at Hammersleys — wrote a note to go tomorrow
to ask them — Dinner at 6 — Buckley came and measured me for pelisse to be sent on Wednesday to Lawton — Then
wrote out Wednesday yesterday and today which took me till 8 25/60 — Then till 10 at my private accounts, writing out what ought
to have been done before leaving home — finish morning — a little rain between 2 and 3 — smartish shower about 4 — damp
[illegible] rainy evening from 5 to 7 — afterwards fair, and the causeways apparently dry — took 1 large teaspoon full magnesia in the juice
of a small lemon just before getting into bed —

Saturday 22
9 1/4
Then at seven loos large motion from the magnesia ~ came in to breakfast at 10 1/4 — Buckley came to try on
my pelisse — Breakfast at 11 — Sent my note written yesterday to Messrs Hammerleys, and received civil note in answer (with compliments)
that I had 149/13 in their hands — From about 11 1/2 to 1 1/2 at my accounts, and got all written out and settled up to today at 1 1/2 —
Packing dawdling over 1 thing or other till 3 — Then dinner and off from Webb’s in the branch at 4 10/60 — stopt in Aldermanbury at 4 3/4
waited there nearly 1/4 hour before the coach came then put on the luggage and off at 5 — stopt again for a few minutes — then stopt again at
Islington, and finally off from there at 5 35/60 — at 9 2 young mercantile men and an elderly Scotchwoman my companions —
At 9 10/60 stopt for 20 minutes to sup at market street — at Coventry at 5 — Detained there near an hour putting

[margin text:] fine morning till
noon rain and hail
more or less from about
12 to 4.

Sunday 23
12 50/60
and taking off luggage of which we had had and continued to have a great quantity — At 8 1/2 stopt at Tamworth to breakfast
and off again in the 20 minutes — Stopt at the Castle-Inn, Newcastle under Lyme, at 2 5/60 — a note there from
M- [Mariana] to say had I not betterngo forward in the coach to the Redbull where a servant wold meet me — ordered a post chaise
off in 20 minutes and got to Lawton at 3 35/60 before the family returned from after church — M- [Mariana] looking thin but much
better then I expected Delighted to see me said the real fact was was I come on her account yet her ma
nner was warmer than mine said I was harassed though in fact I felt more as if I had been so long absent
from π [Mariana] I did not [illegible] know what to do with her she looked tall and big she seemed grown taller I felt awkward and said to myself
why what have I to do with having such a woman L [Charles Lawton] came in from church very good friends ~ Sat talking
to M- [Mariana] — Dinner at 6 — Left the dining room before 8 — And came upstairs for quarter hour and had a kiss on the sofa in my
dressing room ~ Coffee, then tea soon afterwards and lastly wine and hot water brought in — Came to my room at 11 — Fine morning
till about noon, then [illegible] hail showers and rain to between 3 and 4p.m. and afterwards fine evening —

March Monday 24
12 40/60
From seven and forty minutes to eight π [Mariana] came to me in bed and we had a kiss ~ Unpacking my things shewed
them all to M- [Mariana] who came and sat with me — breakfast in the dressing room and in my dressing gown at 12 — dressed — at
2 went with M- [Mariana] in the carriage to Congleton — Called on Mrs. Cottingham and Miss Wilbraham — brought back Miss Cumberbatch
and got home again at 5 20/60 — Mr. and Mrs. Swetenham of SomerfordBooths who brought with them Miss Alice Cumberbatch
had just arrived to stay a couple of days — The 2 Misses Cumberbatch maiden ladies, aunts to Mr. Swetenham Mrs. Swetenham daughter to Mrs.
Buchanan of Chester — At Parkgate when we were there the summer before last — Watson dressed my hair with the
false band and turned up behind ~ Dinner at 6 1/4 — I began to play the organ and led us into dancing with the children
little Swetenham and the two girls Lawtons but the evening was heavyish the squire rather tiresome ~ Came to my room
at 11 1/2 — M- [Mariana] gave me Miss MacLean’s letter that had waited my arrival — 3 ppages and the ends — wishes me to go as soon as
possible — Kind message from the Hunters begging me to go there — but they leave Redford the middle of May — Fine day, but a
little rain as we returned home from Congleton —

Tuesday 25
6 3/4
12 50/60
Sat writing out Saturday and Sunday — π [Mariana] could only come to me for a minute just before going down so no kiss ~
breakfast at 9 — M- [Mariana] and Mrs. Swetenham and Mr. Charles Lawton and I went out to the garden etc, etc. and then Mr. Charles Lawton and I sauntered about to
see the new lodge he is building etc, etc. Said he had laid out £30,000 at least on the estate since he came to it —
We are excellent friends ~ After luncheon played billiards (the 1st. attempt in my life) with Miss Alice Cumberbatch —
Came up to my room at 4 In fact to have my hair dressed and put on my best gown and be ready in time Dinner at 6 1/4 —
played whist with M- [Mariana], 6d points, and won 2/6 — at 11 1/2 came to my room — Hurried off my clothes jumped into bed and at eleven
and three quarters π- [Mariana] came and in five minutes we had a kiss got up again to wash etc. Fine day —

Wednesday 26
π [Mariana] came to me in bed for about twenty minutes in which time we had three kisses — Breakfast at 9 — From about 12
to 3 1/2 , pair of posters to the phaeton and M- [Mariana] and Mrs. Swetenham and I drove over — to Newcastle to shop, and we called with M- [Mariana] on
Mrs. Northern to inquire about the bazaar to be held by the ladies on the 9th next month — Charity — to build a fever ward
for the Stafford infirmary — on our return home, M- [Mariana], and Miss Cumberbatch, and Mr. Harvey (the Reverend George) brother in law
and curate to Mr. Willoughby Crewe, at Warmingham — who called yesterday and came today for a couple of days) and I sauntered
about the garden and grounds for about an hour — Too much for M- [Mariana] she came upstairs with me, and sat with me about 1/2 hour
before dressing — Tired — very nervously low — only relieved by tears — never saw her in this way before — her health seems
sadly shaken — Dinner at 6 1/4 — afterwards whist — played with M- [Mariana] and Mr. Swetenham against the Misses Cumberbatch,
and lost the 2/6 won yesterday and 2/. more — 6d points — Came to my room about 11 1/2 — M- [Mariana] came with me, and sat with me about 1/2 hour —
Still very low — what a miserable business it is! low from nervousness, for she has now no other cause — my bowels having
been wrong ever since my arrival here, and having had more os less of my old pain at the pit of my stomach, took a full large
teaspoon of Henry’s magnesia in the juice of a largish lemon just before getting into bed — fine day, but cold and rather
windy, and very high wind at night —

Thursday 27
7 20/60
12 1/4
..Obliged to hurry out of bed on account of my medicine one large loose stool a very little one afterwards
and then no more of it ~ very windy, stormy boisterous night, and windy rainy morning — Breakfast at 9 — The party meant to have been
off immediately after breakfast, but waited for better weather, took luncheon, and were off at 2 — very soon afterwards M- [Mariana] and I off in the
carriage to take back Miss Cumberbatch to Congleton — She shewed us all over her house — nice little place enough at
£30 per annum — sat about 1/2 hour with them, and got home again at 4 3/4 — Made myself agreeable and suppose myself in their good books
Dinner at 6 1/4 — Mr. Charles Lawton mentioned from last Chester paper a discovery by an Englishman in Paris — you may remove trees — keep them any length of time
out of the ground only guard the roots from the air by besmearing them with a composition of cow’s dung and loam — In returning from Congleton talk
ed of π’s [Mariana] nervousness she must be roused fix for her to spend next winter with me in Paris if L [Charles Lawton] wont go my cousin came gently just be
fore dinner ~ Came to my room at 10 40/60 — M- [Mariana] came with me, and sat talking 1/4 hour — Windy rainy day till 2, then pretty fair and fine — high wind towards night —
wrote 3 hurried ppages to Miss MacLean to thank the Hunters ask her plans, and say I could not be with her before the end of next month — franked by Mr.
Heathcote 5 North Street David Street Edinburgh
DateMar 1828
Extent1 page


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