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March Friday 14
7 5/60
11 3/4
Sent off my notes at 7 10/60 written last night to Madame Galvani and Lady Vavasour Sewed hook on my gown Mrs. Barlow came at 9 with a bottle
of eau de luce — Sat with me while I breakfasted, till 10 1/2 — Then wrote a page to M- [Mariana] — Madame de Rosny came at 11 — sat talking —
Wrote me the copy of a letter to quillacq etc. Mrs. Barlow came back again with another larger bottle eau de luce at about 11 1/2 — Added
a few hasty lines so as to scrawl over page 2 of my letter to M- [Mariana] had before mentioned my having seen Mrs. Beck, and her message
of thanks etc, and just said that I should leave here at 8 on Monday morning, get to Calais on Tuesday night, Dover Wednesday,
London Thursday, and perhaps be off from there tomorrow week, but would write again — as for the house being full of company, what
could I do? she misunderstood me — would stay 2 or 3 day’s en passant at first, and afterwards pay M- [Mariana] a visit — sent off
my letter to M- Mariana (Lawton hall) at 11 3/4 — then all 3 sat talking — Madame de Rosny very low — in tears — Mrs. Barlow
seemed adoucie — recommended her servant Ferdinande in case of her Mrs. Barlow’s leaving Paris — Madame de Rosny
inclined to take her — Madame de Rosny on going away was some time with my aunt (who asked her to dinner tomorrow) and went away
about 1 — Mrs. Barlow I went out at 1 1/2 — she waited for me at Madame de Rosny’s while I called on the Marquise
de St. Leger to see her apartment — Said she had no thought of leaving it, but after all let me see it, after I had
sat talking about 1/2 hour — seems a good sort of person pas distinguée, mais assez bien [not distinquished, but quite good class] — pays 1400 fr.
per annum — afterwards looked at 2 apartments Rue d’Anjou — The one at the carpet manufactory 2400/. per annum — might suit us — Then went shopping with Mrs. Barlow Privats, Emballerés, Madame Cors, Madame Contant’s, Bertrand’s, palace
royal, Schey’s, and left Mrs. Barlow at her own door, and got home at 6 10/60 — Dinner at 6 35/60 — had found on coming in a note
from Madame Galvani — *** ‘vouz avez l’amitié facile, chère amie; tout unira pour vous si
‘vous habitez au tout autre pays que la France! N’oubliez pas que depuis 35 ans que je
‘connois les Français Je n’en ai pas recontré un seul, homme or femme dont je n’aie
‘eu à me plaindre — Ils savent tous ce qu’il faut dire, mais aucun d’eux n’est
'capable de faire ce qu’ il faut faire - Que ca la vous servie de règle' [you make friends easily, dear friend; all will come together for you if you live in any other country but France! Do not forget that in the 35 years that I have known the French, I have not met anyone, male or female whom I have had nothing to complain about - They all know the right thing to say, but none of them is capable of doing the right thing to do - let this serve you as a rule'] - ……. the rest
unimportant but simply no eau de cologne because her marchants ‘trop grand seigneur’ [too grand a lord], had given up the business
and I may possibly meet him in society as comte or baron 'un de ces joues’ [one of these days] — She writes well — would that I could write as well
in French and Italian! After dinner Linzeler came with fer de Berlin chain for M- [Mariana] and gold chain which I bought
for myself — Talking to my aunt — Says she is no tie upon me — will go anywhere — live anywhere — staid talking
till 9 1/2 and then came to my room and wrote the above of today which took me till 10 5/60 — Very fine day —

Saturday 15
7 3/4
2 1/4
Bowels wrong yesterday and bad as ever this morning — extraordinary — it makes me take a thorough dislike to the apartment —
Went out to the chantier (took George 1st time to see the wood measured) to buy wood at 9 — Mrs. Barlow came to me there, came
back and sat with me while I breakfasted — 1 person or other coming — Madame de Rosny came about before 12, and staid near an hour — brought
me a curious note from Lady Vavasour to her to beg her to go to her ball on the 19th, and take as many people as she could —
at 12 40/60 went out together with Mrs. Barlow and Madame de Rosny (and Madame de Rosny while here wrote as requested by Lady Vavasour a note to Madame de la Comtesse
de Falloux to ask if she would go to Lady Vavasour’s and take her sister and the demoiselles de Plaignoir, and wrote to Lady Vavasour
to say she would go, and take the Amiots and young de la Bachelerie with her and had written to Madame de Falloux and I wrote next a few
lines to Quillacq Calais to order a bed and supper for Tuesday) — Left Madame de Rosny at Madame de la Bacheleries — Mrs. Barlow
had told the emballeur to come at 4 instead of 1, and she and I went to Dr. Tupper’s to see his apartment au premier No. [Number] 8
rue de Castiglione — by taking the salle à manger for my sitting room we might do there — furnished (private house)
may have it for 300/. a month — Dr. Tupper not certain about leaving it — can give an answer Tuesday or Wednesday — this or
the Marquise de St. Leger’s the only thing likely to suit us — Went about my gayters — literaly not begun! Then went to Panchet's
my chronometer may be done this year — from 2200/. to 2400/. — asked about a watch in a bracelet clasp —
persuaded me against it — got home at 4 — prepared for the emballeur — Mrs. Barlow went about some errands for me —
the emballeur about 5 — Madame de Rosny came (to dinner) at 5 35/60 — dinner at 6 1/2 — She brought her contribande
desperately heavy I scarce know what to do with it ~ Dr. Tanchon came at 8 1/2 before we had left the dining room

Sat with us till 9 20/60 then he and Madame de Rosny went to a concert at Madame de Latour’s — Sat talking to my aunt
till 10 — Then came to my room — looked out my things for packing — which took me till 12 — Then in 40 minutes wrote the above
of today — What with Mrs. Barlow and in small part with Madame de Rosny I have been sadly pothered I think the latter will not
much wish my taking Doctor Tupper’s apartment she said the pelerines were much too dear if I had two
petites they would spoil all between them she should be jealous too! very fine day — Just before getting into
bed took a very full tea spoon-full magnesia in the juice of lemon —

Sunday 16
7 1/4
3 40/60
Only once but much and loose thinking of Madame de Rosnys contrebande took it back to her and sat talking on her bed
side saying I could only take the one small packet of blond ~ Took a fiacre at 8 40/60 got back at 10 10/ 60 — then
breakfast — Forest came at 11 with my new coiffure à la Grec — coiffed me very well in 1/4 hour — just as all
was done and he was packing it up came Madame de Rosny and Mrs. Barlow at 11 3/4 — then came the men with wine — Then the
dentist, Monsieur Hernandez — Charged mille francs — Expressed my astonishment — rowe about it — Said I should put the
matter into the hands of an avoué — at last paid him 700/. and agreed to give him 100/. more if the job
answered i.e. if my aunt could make use of the ratelier (set of teeth) — Madame de Rosny much annoyed at having
recommended, but said it was my own fault — Should always argue upon the price of everything beforehand and
marchandir — told him I should not object to the price if the work was good, but had my doubts — Then talked
it over then different people came — had Madame de Rosny in my room a while — she was very low, and not off till near 3 — Mrs. Barlow staid with me while
packing till dinner at 6 1/2 — afterwards packing — At 9 went for a minute to take leave of the Sénés,
and to pay the next 1/4 rent instead of half this year not giving notice to quit, but saying I was uncertain, and only waited to hear
what was said by our friends in England — then settled with my aunt — settled my general day book — summed
up — counted over my money — packed and sided — not much time to stay talking to my aunt — from 1 1/2 to 2 40/60
wrote the above of today — very fine day, but thickish in the morning when I went out —

Monday 17
6 1/2
rainish morning — Mrs. Barlow came at 7 1/4 — Sat with me during breakfast and went with me in the fiacre to the diligence office (rue Notre Dame des
Victoires) — got there at 8 — off at 8 1/4 — Poor Mrs. Barlow determined to see all she could of me ~ had the coupé to myself —
at Beaumont at 12 — an hour or 2 afterwards a woman complained of being 6 interior with a young lady sick, and
begged to know if she should incommode me in the coupé — if I had any objection — I said the coupé was not à moi, but
that if she had her place elsewhere I certainly should prefer her staying there, not at all liking the idea of having
my solitude thus interrupted — I could not tell what to make of her — was she some femme de charge or what?
And I had made water four times most comfortably on the straw at my feet ~ She made an attempt
to enter into conversation, but it would not do — She told me with a broadish Irish accent she had been at school (a
nunnery at Winchester) about 27 years ago to with Miss Mary Stounton, Lord Stounton’s daughter, who married Mr. Wells and that I would
so like her, she thought I must be some relation — disclaimed all knowledge of the family, and the poor woman left me
to dozing and to silence — at Beauvais at 4 20/60 — wrote a few lines to ‘Mr. Webb, Webb’s hotel, Picadilly, London,’
put them into the post, and then went to the restaurant in the grande place, had a basin of soup and 6 petit patés, returned
to my coupé, and off again at 5 10/60 — About 6 a gentleman from the outside came into the Coupé for the night — the lady found him
more talkative — not an Anglais, un Français non plus [not an Englishman, nor a Frenchman either], but living in London — told him she was on her road to England
etc, etc. and they talked themselves hoarse and asleep — Damp rainyish morning and continued rain more or less till noon
afterwards fair and pretty fine — passed Abbeville in the night — Asked for a room in vain so just got in time to do it on the coach

Tuesday 18
9 1/2
Stopt at Montreuil to breakfast at 10 — off again at 10 40/60 — The gentleman got on the outside again and the lady and I rather began to talk
much to her satisfaction for she seemed very fond of using her tongue — at Boulogne about 2 40/60 off again about 3 20/60
my companion and I got into conversation — She said she was sister to Mrs. Callaghan the banker’s wife of Paris whose
daughter had lately married Monsieur de Villèle nephew of the ex minister with whom therefore my companion Miss Coppinger
DateMar 1828
Extent1 page


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