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March Wednesday 5
8 40/60
1 35/60
*Her cousin came at nine and ten minutes washed and partly dressed and then at her beside near
an hour finished dressing and Breakfast at 11 1/2 — Came to my room at 12 35/60 to write — have a fire — the 1st time since the 1st day or
2 of my being here — Madame de Rosny sat with me all the day working and then roasting and grinding coffee Settled last week’s
accounts — finished and balanced my English cash-book of last year — Dawdled — Dinner at 5 1/2 — Sat talking after dinner till 7 1/2
when Madame de Rosny took the remise and George and went to Madame Henri and got back at 8 35/60 In the mean while I dressed, wrote the
above of today (and partly read the Messenger of today — At 9 1/4 both of us dressed) and off to Madame de la Bachelerie (rue Castiglione, 6)
Sat with her about 1/4 hour — not well — rather in dishabille — her uncle and homme d’affaires with her — but not
disappointed — like her manner and appearance, though it seems she, too, is or has been facile pour les Anglaises [promiscuous with Englishmen] and has been un
peu trompée [deceived] — On the eve of a regular separation from her husband who spends all he can lay hold of ~
Got Monsieur Butés (the Consul de Malte) at 10 — Madame la Contesse de Falloux, Madame de la Tour, and the d’Angèles, there
etc, but a small undress soirée — Sat with Madame de Rosny at the écarté table betting 0/50. won and lost
but came off with 1/50 — Which gave to Madame de Rosny ~ Got home at 12 1/4 — Undressed her and put to bed as usual
and curled in her room ~ Cold disagreeable day — Damp and a little snow and also hail at night —

Thursday 6
10 10/60
12 35/60
George came a little before# 11 to say the dentist was with my aunt — She to go to him at 11 tomorrow — #Madame de Rosny has
just cleared these two words and bids me leave them so for her sake ~ Letter from Mr. Parker (H-x [Halifax]) — Mr.
Scatcherd will give £80 per annum for Northgate house, etc. The pew no objection — has perfect confidence but would
like to have a lease for 10 years instead of — to enter upon the land from 2 February but would like to have the
house from 1 July instead of 1 May — Shall merely say I shall be at home by and by, and will settle all this —
Does not like Mr. Briggs to overlook the repairs — Breakfast at 11 1/4 — sat talking — Went out at 1 1/4
walked with Madame de Rosny by the barriere — to look at the new marché Faubourg du Roule, not yet quite finished but
a few shops occupied — got back at 2 1/4 — highish wind, and a few hailstones — cold darkish clouds as if
for snow, so came in — wrote the last 8 lines of yesterday and the above of today — Then wrote the copy of a letter to
Mr. Parker and ditto Mr. Briggs ~ Madame de Rosny burns coke — The smell so strong, could not bear it — went to my room —
wrote (large sheet) 2 ppages to Marian to say I hoped to be over the water before the end of the month — meant to take Lawton
in my way — would write from there or London — probably the former as I should be in a bustle all the time before — My aunt
so well again can leave her without anxiety — she mention her now ‘being Horrerized by a Spanish dentist
here who is very likely to succeed — On page 3 wrote a few lines to be sent to Mr. Briggs to say I considered
Northgate house and land almost as good as taken by Mr. Scatcherd — Dinner at 5 1/2 — afterwards played ecarté with
Madame de Rosny Dr. Tanchon came between 8 and 9 for 3/4 hour — Said I had spoken to a friend (Mrs. Barlow) to speak to Dr. Tupper who said
he should at any time be happy to be introduced to Dr. Tanchon Put her to bed and curled in her room and From 10 1/2 to 12
wrote a note to Mrs. William Priestley on the latter 1/2 page 3 of my sheet to Marian to say I hoped to be over the water
before the end of the month and should not be long in telling her of my arrival at Shibden, or that I that I should be be
satisfied even for the moment to thank her for her kind and interesting ppages which I would not now look at for
fear of mortifying myself by the sight of a date so far back etc, etc Kindly written — to be sent by Marian — then
wrote to Mr. Parker to say I should so soon be in England would leave all to be settled with Mr. Scatcherd by word
of mouth, and wrote the last 13 1/2 lines of today —

Friday 7
8 50/60
Breakfast at 10 1/4 — George came with the remise off at 11 — set down Madame de Rosny at my own door — put into the post
my letter written on Tuesday to ‘Miss MacLean of Coll, 5 North St. David Street Edinburgh, Ecosse’) and my letters written yesterday to my sister
(Shibden) containing letter to 'Mr. James Briggs etc. etc.’ and to ‘Mrs. William Priestley, Lightcliffe‘, and my letter to Robert Parker Esquire Solicitor
H-x [Halifax] Yorkshire, Angleterre’ all written ‘post payé’ — Then went with my aunt to the dentist, place de la Bourse, got there at
11 1/2 — Staid till 1 1/2 reading Wednesday’s and yesterday’s Messenger, then left my aunt there — went to Madame de Nef’s (rue Villedot No. [Number] 12)
to take up Madame de Rosny Staid about 10 minutes — Then we went to call on Lady Vavasour and Miss de Capel Brooke ( rue

Castiglione No. [Number] 9) left our cards — gone to Fontainebleau to return tomorrow — Then went to Lafitte’s — Exchange 25/15.
then stopt at my own door — Sent George to get his dinner and desiring the coachman to be back there in 1/2 hour at 4, went with Madame de Rosny
to call on Mrs. Barlow all in trouble — Colonel Carter (her brother in law) dead in India — Went with Mrs. Barlow into
her own room (leaving Madame de Rosny with Jane) to talk it over — She soon turned to reproaches as usual
on my neglecting her for Madame de Rosny she wearies me to death told her she made me wretched but at last
seemed as if in a sort of stupor saying little or nothing and she promised she would behave better
loved me as a wife deserved my pity etc. etc. — On coming away Madame de Rosny and I went to look at the
little 1me [premiere] of the far end house (opposite the Madeleine) of the rue de Suize — 2500/. per annum — The 3me
the same as the great
1me 3500/. without a remise — Then left Madame de Rosny to go to the Dams de Graves — and went for my aunt at 4 35/60 — Then called
sat 10 minutes at the de Graves, took up Madame de Rosny and got back at 5 25/60 — Dinner at 5 3/4 — afterwards wrote the above of today —
Touched her a little she says she will sleep with me too cold to be alone ~ Very fine, cold, frostyish day —

Saturday 8
9 55/60
10 5/60
She really did sleep with me last night but was fast asleep before I got into bed having curled be
fore was only half hour after her had my drawers on I have slept in them all the winter sleepyish
morning but played with her near three quarters hour very gently she can’t bear squeezing or
scarcely touching except her moustaches ~ At breakfast in 3/4 hour at 10 40/60 and George and the remise coming at 11 5/60
off for my aunt at 11 1/4 — just stopt at Mrs. Barlow’s to say I would call for her by and by — Got to the dentist at 11 3/4 — Staid with my aunt there till 12 3/4 reading this morning’s Messenger — Then
went to rue Cadet about my pocket handkerchiefs then to Mrs. Barlow took her up, and went ordered gayters, new hat, then
to Madame Contant — Then over the water for little pocket books for M- [Mariana] then to Bachelier’s for annuaire, then to
marché St. Honoré for some artificial flowers for Mariana then to Irlande’s and Berthellemot’s palace royal for a
lock up citron wood oramed with steel portfolio for Miss MacLean then got back to the dentist’s at 4 10/60 —
Waited sometime for my aunt — Set her down at home, and Mrs. Barlow at her home, and got back myself at 5 — Dinner
at 5 1/2 — afterwards sat talking — Monsieur Long du Plan called and sat 1/2 hour — his regiment going to the Morea — thinks this
Greek war will eventually cause a war between the allies respecting the partage of the territories — he will
be glad enough to with and against the English — They are the noblest enemies — The French like not one nation — he said, we
were naturally rivals — Ma foi! What noodles we are to live away from home! ‘Tis well to travel, to
improve ourselves and gain what we can — but why settle ourselves away from our own country? Why spend
our money abroad but for a while to our make ourselves better and more useful members of society at home? — Wrote the above of today —
Damp, drizzly, disagreeable day — Mrs Barlow quite contented to have seen me two days together ~

Sunday 9
10 20/60
Did sleep with me last night the second time handled her good deal night and morning for she was not quite asleep when I go
t into bed she got up at nine and dressed but came again got in and staid till I got up ~ Breakfast at 11 1/2 — Mrs.
Barlow soon came about taking back the artificial flowers we bought yesterday — staid during breakfast, and went with me to my aunt — got there at
12 55/60 — from 1 to 2 read the morning prayers and sermon 5 Alison — we sat talking to my aunt till about 3 1/4 — then went to inquire about an apartment opposite to Mrs. Barlow’s and then went to
Madame Galvani — no one with her — sat talking — Mrs. Barlow walked back with (by the Champs Elysées) to Madame de Rosny’s —
left me at the door, and got in at 5 50/60 — dinner immediately — afterwards wrote the above of today — Very fine afternoon totally
fine morning after I got up, but had been rain before —

Monday 10
9 1/4
9 3/4
Breakfast at 10 20/60 — Went out with Madame de Rosny at 12 20/60 — spoke to her tailor about making for George — Went to pot shop, ordered
remise for tomorrow — looked at the apartment opposite to Mrs. Barlow’s, all brick floors, do not like it — Then spoke to Martin — Then sometime at
Madame Contant’s — her work not better than Madame Dugy’s — her things dear — The caps not at all pretty — Then to Bertrand’s — Then bought flowers
for M- [Mariana] at Nattier’s, then ate pastries Felix passage des pan Armas then paid Madame Dugy for the pair handkerchiefs — Then went to the palace royal to look for a sene-papiers à soufflet, then
called at home to tell George to take in the flowers from Nattiers The man there — paid for them myself) then returned, bought a fine fowl to give Madame de Rosny
at the shop near and came in at 6 1/2 — Madame Cor just come with my new hat — dinner at 6 40/60 — wrote the above of today — She talks of going wi
th me as far as Dover very at my leaving her ~ fine day, but the air dampish — made haste to bed —
DateMar 1828
Extent1 page


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