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February Friday 29
1 20/60
V Vc §
Breakfast at 11 — Madame de Rosny went out at 12 then read yesterday’s and today’s Messenger and from 1 10/60 to 5 1/2 (except
interrupted a little when Madame de Rosny returned ) wrote 3 ppages and the ends to Mariana — Containing the copy of a letter from
π [Mariana] to Miss Cunliffe to ask her for Miss Salmon to dedicate two sets of quadrilles to her ~ and wrote 3 ppages
and the ends to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] — condolence on the death of Mrs. Norcliffe Norcliffe saying I heard of it from Miss MacLean — on Saturday
but without any particulars that after the melancholy impulse of the moment I had persuaded myself that if it
were true I should surely have heard it from IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] herself — but now this hope no longer for M-s [Mariana] letter yesterday gave
me the contents of Charlotte’s letter to Lawton — Said nothing more of going to England but that I should have written
as IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] desired a fortnight after receiving her letter but had waited in incertitude and should still, but for the melancholy news, have waited
some days longer, having had letters to hasten my going to England — fancying I had no time to spare had got her the stays
immediately and settled all at Lafittes having received there, on IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] account, all she owed me, 211 francs —
Said to Mariana it was not my intention to take her by surprise — I hoped to see her before the expiration of this month
but wished to avoid disappointing by beginning to fix this day or that before I was pretty certain — hoped to be
able to name the day of leaving here, in the next — Would write from London when I had secured my place in the mail
for Lawton — Dinner at 5 1/2 — Had my hair dressed the man had to wait three minutes Madame de Rosny
would be annoyed at this and at my being long in dressing but she sees it would not do Lady Vavasour
called while Madame de Rosny was out, but I would not be at home — Dressed — Went with Madame de Rosny at 8 3/4 to
Madame de la Rigaudier (rue des petit pères No. [Number] 75 Faubourg St. Germain) — a tolerably large party, but not the best Friday —
Good every other Friday — a danse to piano, and private fiddle — music — Better times one of the old demoiselles played the
harp very well — The rooms very hot — The very pretty elegant Neapolitan Contesse de . . . there —
Got home at 11 1/2 — sat up writing another the above described letter to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] — Copied from that that written in the morning
but leaving out all the particular I had made of the time and circumstances of going to England — Fine day —

Saturday 1 March
8 40/60
1 1/2
Breakfast at 10 1/2 — Madame de Rosny walked with me (off about 12) to the prefecture of police with my
passport then with me to the British ambassador — then left her at Madame de la Bachelières — ordered gloves at
Privat’s, looked out gold chains at Mellerios and ordered the sugar and coffee at Bertrands, and went to Mrs. Barlow’s — She was out — sat with Jane 35 minutes — The
Ouseleys coming — read the letter — on going away met Mrs. Barlow took her to see the chains at Mellerio’s
then to look at ditto in the palace royal — had 3 petite patisseries — Then walked with Mrs. Barlow to the barriere de l’
Etoile, and in returning parted with her at Madame de Rosny’s door and came in at 5 40/60 Lattlerly reproaches as usual ~ dinner immediately — dressed —
at 8 3/4 went with Madame de Rosny to the pavilion de Floreaux Tuileries to leave a note for the Duke de Damas
asking for an invitation to the King’s cercle tomorrow, and then to the dames d’Angèle (Monsieur and his son living)
got there at 9 5 /60 — a tolerably named soirée — 2 écarté tables and 1 whist table — played Écarté in my
turn (my premier essair in public this winter) and betted first times 1/. afterwards 0/50 each game won 0/50. Major and Mrs. White
there — I like not either of them — Madame la Contesse de Falloux came at 11 having been at the Duchess de
Bellunés — The d’Angèles very attentive and civil à tout le monde — Two e Two women servants
waited ~ Madame de Rosny proposed my being with them when she thought she could receive me — I should not have
liked it — Got home at 11 20/60 — Undressed her curled in her room gave her salts Madame de Rosny not well
had complained of violent headache these last 3 or 4 days — wrote the journal of yesterday and this of today — which took me till
1 — fine rather frosty coldish day — Told Mrs. Barlow I hoped to be off on the 10th — If here next winter, and my aunt where she
is, should be with Madame de Rosny again and visit — the summer after knew not what I should do — might excursionize — What! with
Madame de Rosny? said I should like well enough to go with her into Lorraine — If Mrs. Barlow visited next winter here [illegible] she might take advantage of my remise —

[margin text:] at 11 1/2 this morning sent by George my letters written yesterday
to M- [Mariana] Lawton and IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] — Croft Rectory

March Sunday 2
9 20/60
12 1/2
Breakfast at 10 55/60 — at 12 3/4 went to my aunt — in an hour read the prayers and sermon 4 Aleson — took a
fiacre and went to Madame G sat with her from about 3 to 5 10/60 and got back to Madame de Rosny at 5 40/60 — Madame la
Marquessse de St. Aulaire and Madame la Contesse de Fumel there very nearly all the time. a young French girl, brought
up “aux lettres” there all the time — If I wish to have anyone for 2 or 3 hours per day voilà the person
recommended by Madame G promised to see her again before going to England — Took 1 of her cotton stockings as a pattern
for 6 pair to be made in England — Dinner at 5 3/4 — Madame de Rosny on the subject Mrs Henri Vaut Mrs Barlow would ha
ve been impatient and we might have sparred but my coolness prevented though I stoutly though po
litely maintained Mrs Barlow’s ssuperiority she went to bed at nine and half gave her salts
right middle finger up half hour then as last night curled in her room and left her asleep
then read yesterday’s Messenger, — and wrote the above of today — rather windy, occasionaly rainy, uncertain day — Lady Vavasour
and 1 of her daughters and Miss de Capel Brooke called and admitted by Madame de Rosny Lady Vavasour to give a ball on
the 10th — wished to write Madame de Falloux, de Nef, de la Tour, etc Madame de Rosny said Madame de Falloux would
think this so extraordinarly would surely refuse going — Good society not so easily obtained — the French rather careful
now a days — Mrs. Wainewright to give a ball on the 13th — Madame de Rosny said she really did not know
sufficient about her — Lady Vavasour said she could give a very good ball — was very comme il faut etc. Madame
de Rosny does not think Lady Vavasour very bon ton, and I quite agree with her — Elle se jette trop à la tête
des personnes [She is too forward with everyone] — Had just finished the above of today at 11 3/4 — On undressing found my cousin come

Monday 3
12 5/60
Breakfast at 10 35/60 — The remise came at 12 set Madame de Rosny down at our own door, and took up my aunt and went
to the dentist, Monsieur Hernandez — Got there at 12 1/2 — My aunt had the model of her mouth taken — Staid with her all the
time came away at 2 1/4 — Set her down at home and then went for Madame de Rosny at the Contesse de Gravés rue Duphot 8 —
Madame de la Rouvray there — thence to rue nueve St. Eustache on Madame de Rosny’s account to Monsieur de la Sirés — Then for a minute or 2 to Madame Huchéz’s
Then to No. [Number] 5 rue de l’université — Sat with the Comte Contesse de Noé 1/2 hour and came away at 4 10/60 — They were both
very polite — wished, much as I was going to England so soon, that I could have gone with Miss Plasket who is to leave them
by the malle poste on Saturday — They did not ask for my address and I did not give it they must probably think me in rue mondovi
Got back to Madame de Rosny’s at 4 1/2 — Dinner at 5 1/2 — Madame de Bérel came about 7 and went away at 9 — played écarté
alternatively (did not play for money) and read the whole of today’s Messenger — afterwards wrote the above of today — Left right finger up an instant she went to bed at nine and a half with
her near an hour did not touch her curled there gave her salts with a teaspoon full brandy and gave her the bottle or
ange marmalade ~ fine day coldish — went to my aunt at 11 — The servants have helped me off w
ith my brandy and marmalade ~ Note from Mrs. Wainewright per post to Madame de Rosny to invite her to a ball on the 11th — Long
ish talk on the subject Madame de Rosny saw that I fancied she wished to go and that I said she had better go then in a ma
nner which did not shew my approbation ~ yesterday and today have set off to the best Mrs Barlow and her family

Tuesday 4
9 5/60
Breakfast at 10 1/2 — Went to my room about 12 — Mademoiselle Aspasie came to alter some buttons — Madame de Rosny with me looking over her things —
wrote 3 ppages and the ends (the ends small and close) to Miss MacLean bidding her write to me at Lawton where I hoped to be ‘by or about the
20th instante.’ wished much to see her — bade her plan for me remembering that as I was obliged to leave my aunt and establishment here, I should neither
have carriage nor servants — Would she take a small lodging for me in Edinburgh near her, or should we wait, and travel about a little in the highlands?
had been well while but bad as ever a week after my return — found it was owing to the newness of our apartment — had been in our
old house — well ever since and well now — would talk over all this etc. — probably should be here next winter — not determined whether
to vistit or not — if I do visit, must try for an introduction to our Ambassadors — This is necessarily for good French society — and will not make
English acquaintances here without knowing all about them — Madame de Rosny had had the Consul de Matte and his wife — They invited me to go there tomorrow —
Sat and staid with Madame de Rosny (embroidering in the dining room) for above 1/2 hour — Then partially settled my accounts — Dinner at 5 3/4 — She very low in tears thin
king of the Baron Madame de Rosny went to bed at 9 1/2 — Half hour with her just touched her a little not much ~ Read the paper (Galignani) wrote the
above of today — Have not stirred out — apparently a very fine day —
DateFeb-Mar 1828
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