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February Tuesday 5
8 25/60
11 3/4
went out with Madame de Rosny at 10 35/60 — turned right along the avenue publique (close to the barrière) into the quondam garden de Beaujon —
walked along the avenues Chateaubriant and Lord Byron — the many new buildings do not seem to be prosecuted with
much haste — many of the proprietors at St. Pelagie (for debt) — returned slowly — no walk for me — Madame de Rosny’s
heel much galled — afraid of the stones along the Elysée Champs — but I must really go to the [illegible] bois de Boulogne tomorrow — bought
a 3 3/8 lb. shoulder mutton at Raphael’s at 0/50. per lb. — they asked 0/55. — got home at 10 3/4 — wrote the above of today —
Mademoiselle Aspasie came for my old evening dress to alter — breakfast at 11 1/2 — dressed — went out with Madame de Rosny at 1 1/4 — shopping — from 2 to 2 3/4 at the model in relief of St. Petersburg
exhibited in the rue de Rivoli — on too large a scale — obliged to be in 6 different pieces in 6 different which completely
breaks the unity of the whole, and gives one little or no idea of the capital intended to be shewn — on this account I was disappointed
and know little more of St. Petersburg now than I did before — the models in one piece of Switzerland and the model in ditto of London at Geneva, are,
for edification’s sake, worth a hundred of this of St. Petersburg thence to Bertrands’ for Madame de Rosny, and to the Gagne petit for me —
then left Madame de Rosny No. [Number] 8 rue Duphot, and went to my aunt — sat with her an hour (had a bad night — not well today) returned for
Madame de Rosny at 5 20/60 and got home in 1/4 hour — Dinner at 5 3/4 — afterwards she writing letters — I settling my accounts and writing the last
7 lines — Just before this ssucked her right breast a minute or perhaps nearly two minutes and gave her several shee
ts of writing paper paid for her at the model this morning all which she takes without difficulty talking to
my aunt about joining with Mrs de Rosny each one contributing five thousand francs my aunt seems inclined to
give up all thought of ever returning to England should like to see and be with my father but being at Shibd
en would not do on account of servants and preventing Marian having her friends — wrote out a little of my
Itinerary in Switzerland — Madame de Rosny in bed at 9 20/60 — From then for an hour at her bedside right middle finger
up well while she was awake told her she was dry explained that the clytoris was rather too low she told me to feel be
hind to see if all was right as to piles could perceive nothing wrong she is certainly less passionate when I
touch her than I should expect her nerves cannot bear much yet she likes me to feel her threatened to fa
ire un petit vol [do a little robbery] she understood what I meant (the hair of queer) asked what I would do with it said I would hav
e a ring made for it she said not a word against it — went to my room at 10 40/60 — fine day —

Wednesday 6
7 25/60
12 35/60
Half hour on the pot tolerable motion at last — went out with Madame de Rosny at 9 1/4 — about 1 1/4 hour in the wood —
walked towards the upper gate along the great avenue to St. Cloud — then turned right along a narrow route and got into the great Etoile
and thence by the avenue royale into the avenue Dauphine, and got home at 11 55/60 — breakfast at 12 1/4 — sat talking — George brought the
paper — my aunt had had a good night and was much better — read the paper — Did my hair twenty minutes on the pot and had
another tolerable motion faint sign of the approach of my cousin put on linen a little before five ~ Monsieur Long
D’Angele and another gentleman called — and afterwards Monsieur Long Duplan, but happening to be in my room did not make my appearance —
Madame de Rosny went out to the Amiots’ at 3 20/60 — from 3 1/2 to 5 20/60 at my accounts — entered continuation of steward’s account of last year in my
cash-book, and wrote out Hammersleys last years account — then Madame de Rosny returned — Mrs Amiot had offered her an opport
unity of sending petits paquets by Prince Polignac she said she had reflected on the subject and did not
mean to send any meant to give it up for if her doing it was known it would have a mauvaise eff
et [bad effect] Mrs Amiot said it was odd that Mrs Barlow had mentioned it to her how could she know Mrs de Rosny declared she ha
d never told her I said Mrs Barlow said that Mrs Amiot had told her of Madame de Rosnys ssmuggling and that she had no religion
I said that it was in fact who prevented Miss Gauntlet taking blond the last time she was here — Dinner at 5 3/4 —
afterwards chiefly Madame de Rosny and partly I read aloud from page 138. to 215. volume 2 de Sade — (Justine) — Mrs de Rosny ill of the piles ex
amined her like a little bleb of blood just protruding from the anus never saw the sort of thing before
she went to bed at ten and twenty minutes half hour with her right middle finger up I knew she had no object
ion so I did it she is quite used to me now and certainly does not dislike it ~ Before reading this evening, shewed my general summary
Madame de Rosny seemed a little surprised at the smallness of our consumption — Paid her before going out to walk she said she had been
afraid she had asked too much but I easily satisfied her on this point ~ Monsieur Linzeler (rue St. Honoré No. [Number] 398)
came this morning — shewed him my emerald ring — the emerald worth 250 to 300 francs — would set it me as pin or small brooch

set round with diamonds for 250/. — the smoked crystal I got at Servoz in Savoy for a seal, would cost 60/. setting —
the engraver told me yesterday it would cost 50/. to engrave my arms on this stone — but he would engrave them on
metal for 25/. — fine morning — no sun, gloomy — rain came on between 3 and 4 p.m. and continued for some time — from
10 50/60 to 11 25/60 —

Thursday 7
8 25/60
12 1/4
Very good motion — Great deal of rain fell during last night — did not attempt to go out — Madame de Rosny not well —
Mademoiselle Aspasie came — breakfast at 10 1/2 — During breakfast talking of the possibility of going to England if staid
here French and English servants might not agree well together she said I was always changing seemed to have no
thing fixed explained why on account of my aunt it could not be otherwise she explained that she knew all this did
not mean to say anything in reproach I said it was not my wish to go away and leave la petite this affected
her she shed tears and we had a little tenderish scene in fact she likes me tis plain enough afterwards
sat talking all the morning [illegible] sucked each breast a few seconds and afterwards between three and four she sat on my knee and I had right middle finger up she evident
ly liking it and feeling some little elle est plus mouillee nest ce pas [she is more wet, isn't she?] yes she was more moist I dozed
a few minutes we now seem to understand each other perfectly — from 3 55/60 to 5 20/60 roasting about 1/2 lb.
coffee — the fire too slow — Dinner at 5 3/4 — She read aloud the last fourteen pages of the Justine of de Sade
longish conversation on religion she believes in God and the immortality of the soul but thinks it blasphemy to
believe that Jesus Xist [Christ] was God half hour at her bedside right middle finger up almost all the time
Rain last night and till after 8 this morning but pretty fair afterwards though damp and disagreeable — chose a piece of cambric this morning for chemises —
‘Justine ou Les Malheurs de la Vertu. O mon ami! la prospérité du crime est
comme la foudre, dont les feux trompeurs n’embellissent un instant l’atmosphère,
que pour précipiter dans les abymes de la mort, le malheureux qu’ils ont ébloui.
[Justine or The Misfortunes of virtue. O thou my friend ! The prosperity of crime is like unto the lightning, whose traitorous brilliancies embellish the atmosphere but for an instant, in order to hurl into death's very depths the luckless one they have dazzled.]Tome premier [drawing copied from the book of Hebraic words] En Hollande, chez les libraires associés 1791.’
2 tomes 12mo. [duodecimo] tome 1 ppages 339. tome 2 ppages 228.

[margin text:] Began January 1828.
Read Thursday 7 February 1828.

Friday 8
7 35/60
11 3/4
went out with Madame de Rosny to the bois de Boulogne rained all the way there — until fair as we returned — 3/4 hour in the wood — got back at
11 35/60 — breakfast at 12 5/60 — sat talking — At two she sat on my knee soon had right middle finger up well before this
I had washed her neck [illegible] and back and her bosom then her thighs made her hold up her chemise and saw her mous
taches she not seeming to care at all felt a little pulsation this morning she evidently likes me and the mann
er I play with her ~ Madame de Rosny’s man of business came at 3 — went to my room — read volume 1. Robertson’s America — then
sat talking to Madame de Rosny till dinner at 5 3/4 — she went to Monsieur de Rigaudier’s at 8 1/4 — from then to 8 55/60 and in
the time before dinner read from page 28. to 77 end of chapter 1. volume 1 Robertson’s America — meant to have been at my accounts —
but opened Robertson too much interested to leave the chapter unfinished — note of invitation to a ball on Saturday the
16th instant at Monsieur de la Tour’s — Dressed Madame de Rosny — wrote the above of today —

Saturday 9
8 1/4
12 35/60
went out with Madame de Rosny at 9 3/4 — got back at 11 40/60 — went by the Elysée Champs — 1/4 hour in the wood — returned by the Neuilly
Entrance gate — Mademoiselle Aspasie came from Madame Huchez — breakfast at 12 30/60 — afterwards read today’s messenger then took up volume 1 St. Pierre’s Harmonies of nature —
too fade to read aloud — put by the volume — wrote out the few last days September and the few 1st October of my Itinerary — The young woman came to
try on my petticoats at four ~ Madame de Rosny not well — cold and sore throat or we should have gone out this evening — Dinner at 5 3/4 —
afterwards as before sat talking — She telling me the story of her acquaintance with the Baron etc. it seems he at first thoug
ht of her as his mistress he was in love with her all along but would not afterwards attempt to or allow himself to
possess her about 9 Note to Madame de Rosny to ask her on Monday and kind note to me for the same purpose — the servant waited —
wrote back that Madame de Rosny was in the act of getting into bed (with a bad cold) and begged me to thank her ladyship for her name as well as
my own, and say we should be happy to join her party — Not once wrote ladyship somehow it struck me my note was not polite e
nough half hour at her bedside right middle finger up finish day — went to my room at 10 1/2 —

[margin text:] read from page 79 to 107. volume 1.
Robertson’s America just
before getting
into bed.
DateFeb 1828
Extent1 page


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