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Bertrand’s went to O’Grady’s rue de la paix, to order some strong drastic medicine for Mrs. Barlow the gentleman (not O’Grady himself) thought
she had passed and perhaps had to pass some gallstones — if she took medicine tonight best in pills calomel and scammony — going to a ball,
so to take a powder (5 grams calomel 10 scammony) in the morning — it ought to operate in 3 or 4 hours — but to take a teaspoon
full of Epsom or Cheltenham salts 2 hours after taking the medicine — from 9 1/4 to 10 3/4 wrote 3 ppages and the ends to M- [Mariana]
anxious about her health and about the sentence in Miss Fletcher’s letter respecting the delicacy of Dr. Henry Belcombe’s health which a
subject of anxiety to his friends — said I should be off to England immediately but waited to see how my aunt went on, that I might better
know what to determine, hoped however to see M- [Mariana] in the spring — then afterwards said hoped to see her in little more than 2 months —
then from 10 3/4 to 11 3/4 wrote 1 1/2 ppages to Miss Fletcher — Madame de Rosny then returned — She went to bed immediately I sat by her beds
ide feeling her breasts she appeared fast asleep gradually got down to the moustaches and at last got the shift
up and my right middle finger a very little up her legs close she still seemed fast asleep a little moisture but cou
ld distinguish no pulsation no great passion amused myself a little then from about 1 to 2 5/60 wrote another page
and 1/2 and finished my letter to Miss Fletcher thanks for her letter — neither forgetfulness nor ingratitude for her kind remembrance and
inquiries had made me so long in thanking her, but after my return home after between 4 and 5 months absence I was occupied shewing
the lions of Paris, and my aunt had not been so well since the great deal of rain we had in November, and I had latterly waited
in the hope of giving a better account of her — hoped however that on the approach of fine weather she would gain the ground she had lost — fine day —

Friday 1
9 5/60
Mademoiselle Aspasie came from Madame Huchez’s to dry on my merinos dress — breakfast at 11 — then George came — sent by him
my letter to M- [Mariana] (Lawton hall) and my letter to ‘Miss Fletcher, Betley-court, Newcastle, Staffordshire,
Angleterre, port payé’ — sat talking to Madame de Rosny no notice taken No notice taken of what I did last
night she not appearing to know it — at 1 1/2 my aunt came in the carriage — went along the bois de Boulogne to Longchamp
and returned — set my aunt down at home — went upstairs while she got out — then called and sat some time with the Comte and Comtesse
de Falloux rue de la Ferme No. [Number] 25 (close to us) then to rue de la Rochefoucauld No. [Number] 1 — the Vavasour’s gone —
the portière sent us to rue Castiglione No. [Number] 9 — not there — so returned and got back to rue de Matignon at 5 — Talked a
t the de Fallouxs of the Jesuits and the abuses of religion everybody expects a revolution a quiet s
etting aside of the bourbons for the Orleans branch perhaps for the people will not suffer the Jes
uit control ~ Dinner at 6 — sat talking all the evening — About what I had formerly heard of her that
Miss Pope had found out that Mrs de Rosny had gained five percent on some conquilles and therefore she cut her
etc. etc. Mrs de Rosny fancies Mrs Kid at the bottom of it all jealous lest Miss Pope who made presents to Miss Be
resford should take a fancy to Mrs de Rosny Mrs de Rosny in speaking of herself said she had sold empty bottles
for a dinner poor little soul she seems sso [illegible] franche I cannot believe ill of her sat by her in bed quar
ter hour with my hand feeling her breast but did no more came away as she was dropping asleep
from 10 to 10 1/2 wrote the last 10 lines of yesterday and the above of today — fine day —

Saturday 2
7 1/2
12 5/60
Bowels wrong merely a bit about two inches long — at 8 3/4 went out with Madame de Rosny in spite of the rain by the Elysée Champs to the
bois de Boulogne — 1 hour in the wood (allées Dauphine and de Longchamps) and got back at 11 1/2 — rained all the while — changed my dress — breakfast at 12 —
sat talking till 3 when Madame de Rosny’s banker and man of business Monsieur de la Sire came — went to my own room — wrote out in about hour the Itinerary of my
Travelling Journal from 7 July to 27 August — then sat talking to Madame de Rosny — dinner at 6 — In the evening Madame de Rosny read aloud till 9 1/2 — From page
sixty eight to a hundred and thirty nine volume two de Sade then washed her feet she put them on my knee rubbed she pre
tending to sleep I got my hand up to the moustaches she went to get into bed at ten and twenty minutes knelt by her till
I that very near eleven getting right middle finger up a little she appearing to be asleep certainly could perceive no sign of
passion her leg quite close could not perceive pulsation yet she can have no objection to my doing this or she wou
ld prevent it ~ Thoroughly rainy day — went to my room at 11 — wrote the above of today before and after Madame de Rosny went to bed —

February Sunday 3
8 35/60
12 1/4
Right again this morning she sewed my one pair of sleeves in sent for her manteau all wrong and ill made she all in a
tiffy about it bade her console herself my fault that Miss Aspasie had taken would give her a new one rath
er than she should fret about and she got reconciled Breakfast at 11 — sat talking — at 12 35/60 — set off to my aunt — a difference
in the clocks only 12 35/60 when I got there by the clocks at home — In an hour read aloud (my aunt as clerk, as usual) the whole of
the morning service and sermon 2, Alison — then sat talking to my aunt — It seems as if she wanted nothing but to talk —
mentioned the possibility of there being an apartment vacant here (rue de Matignon No. [Number] 3) by July — we might take it — or might go
to Shibden — Told a great deal of Madame de Rosny’s history and the manner in which Mrs Barlow speaks of her said it seem
ed to me ill natured began to agree with that I ought sometimes to make allowances for this my aunt well
inclined to agree does and never will like her said I would not go to Italy with her did not like to go
with a person whose health was sso delicate — got back to Madame de Rosny’s at 5 1/2 by her clocks — A good motion just
before leaving my aunt ~ Dinner at 6 — helped her to dress — George came for my dirty linen — got it all ready and off in
10 minutes — Madame de Falloux called for Madame de Rosny at 8 to go to court — then settled my accounts and wrote the above
of today — and added up and proved right the last 5 weeks of the general summary all which including the 6 lines below took me till 9 3/4 —
Letter this morning about 11 from M- [Mariana] (Lawton) — 3 ppages the ends and under the seal — she is better but far, I fear, from well — no chance
of getting Miss Mrs. Milne’s pension increased — L [Charles] getting worse tempered than ever π [Mariana] thinks of going to Scar
borough for two or three weeks it struck me and I named it to my aunt though I shall say nothing to π [Mariana] that I will ask Mrs Norcliffe and the gi
rls for twenty five a year for Charles Milne myself give twenty π [Mariana] the same L [Charles] also if he will and let
π [Mariana] ask her uncle Robert for something — M- [Mariana] has got good calico from Manchester at 8d. per yard can
employ her schoolgirls thus get Duncan’s shirts (made gratis) at 3/. per shirt — fine day —

Monday 4
8 5/60
11 35/60
went out with Madame de Rosny at 9 40/60 — 3/4 hour in the wood — got home at 11 40/60 — breakfast at 12 — Madamoiselle de Serre called
and staid about an hour, till 1 3/4 deformed-spirituelle — then came 2 gents. [gentlemen] on business to Madame de Rosny went to my room — dawdling over 1 thing or other —
They came to her about the eight percent for dix mille francs on a pledge worth twelve mille ditto
at 3 took a fiacre for Madame de Rosny and myself and while she went to Madame de la Bachelerie — got out at Mrs. Barlow’s — the medicine (5 grams calomel and 10 grams scammony in
a powder) taken on Thursday morning had done very well — But she liked not my going in a fiacre because
I suppose it necessarily confined me to time I saw she was hardly satisfied and her triste compl
aining wearies me she and Jane said I was quite a weathercock I was glad to get away got home at 4 1/4 —
Monsieur Long du Plan at the door — came up and sat 3/4 hour — I reading Galignani’s messenger of today — From five to five and twenty
minutes had her on my right knee kissed her got my left hand up to queer she saying felt her a little
then pretending rather much excitement and fear of despres coming went to my own room and washed with
cold water ~ Dinner at 5 3/4 — afterwards played 11 or 12 games at écarté, at one sol each, and lost 4 games —
Madame de Rosny being sleepy went to bed at 8 35/60 Just before sucked her left breast perhaps fiv
e or six minutes too long continued made her sickish but she told me she liked it at first
sat by her bedside three quarters hour she said she was not froide but brulante [cold but burning] if her heart
was interested sure she should have yielded to the baron had he had less virtue her nerves extr
aordinarily delicate some months after her husbands death all round her mouth quite yellow Doctor Rober
ton said it was on account of the great want she had of being married said I had felt her the night be
fore last the clytoris descended rather too low a man an inch long would do for her said I would shew her
some night when she was less sleepy then she seemed asleep right middle finger up for a few minute
s and came away ~ Note of invitation for the 23rd instant a ball, from the Comte and Comtesse de Falloux du Coudray rue neuve de la
Ferme des Mathurins No. [Number] 22 — Madame de Rosny mentioned the difference between si and oui voulez vous des lentilles? oui — est ce que
vous aimez les lentilles? si [Do you want lentils ? Yes – Do you like lentils ? Yes, I do] — fine while we were out before breakfast but rain afterwards though fair from 3 to after 4 — wrote the above of today and went
to my room at 10 1/4 —
DateJan-Feb 1828
Extent1 page


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