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January Sunday 27
8 3/4
12 1/2
Mrs de Rosny sewed my sleeves in thinking of her just before getting up incurred a cross — Read the paper — breakfast
at 10 1/2 — went out at 12 1/4 walked with Madame de Rosny by the Champs Elysées and rue neuve de Luxembourg, left her in the rue St. Honoré, and
got to my aunt at 12 3/4 — Being late told Madame de Rosny I had not slept she said she had not she was trop agitee that is
too much excited after our love making — from 12 50/60 to 1 50/60 read aloud (with my aunt as clerk, as usual) the prayers and then in
about 10 minutes the 1st (leaving out a little here and there) of Alison’s sermons — then sat talking to my aunt — read her Mr. Parker’s
letter and my answer — very well satisfied — she complains of pain and swelling in her legs and all over — her face always swelled —
I fear she is decidedly dropsically inclined, though this seems not to strike and she talks of being better in the summer — at 3 3/4 went to
Mrs. Barlow and sat with her till 5 40/60 — she has been very unwell, but is better — All the time alone with her her in room more re
asonable but told me Mrs Amiot said Madame de Rosny had no religion believed in a god and that was all that not only the
porter but the shopkeepers sspoke very slightingly of her Madame Core had broken with her because a lady
in her house had declared she would not stay if she received Madame de Rosny and all this Madame Cores sservants
told to Madame de Rosny ditto Miss Pope herself told Mrs Barlow that she had cut Madame de Rosny because she had made a pro
fit on some cameos that came from Rome she would not go with her to London I said perhaps Miss Gau
ntlet would receive Madame de Rosny oh no said Miss Barlow that she will not I must not believe a word she said both Miss Gauntlet and
Mrs Amiot hat told her so thought I to myself if this be true what two friends to have on coming
away made water Mrs Barlow would kiss my moustaches and so she did saying I used to be all passion all day and nigh
t now I was cooler and she was warmer she should have been miserable if she had married Mr William Bell for
she was all mine praised π [Mariana] saying she was a good and respectable friend Miss Norcliffe had told her that
she followed me everywhere and changed me in many things she reminded of telling her that π [Mariana] had thrown me
and my letter from Miss Maclean to the other end of the room I laughed and yes but she never teazed never yie
lded to me this Mrs Barlow fancies happened before π’s [Mariana] marriage ~ Got back to Madame de Rosny’s at 5 50/60 — Dinner
immediately — sat talking — were to have gone to the Amiots’, but a note came to say Madame Amiot could not receive us, but
if Madame de Rosny would go alone, would be glad to see her — some distress or other — the general fou-fait des scènes
extraordinaires quelquefois — at 7 50/60 George came — sent him with Madame de Rosny to the Amiots’ — wrote the above of today —
Madame de Rosny got back at 9 — the Amiots in great trouble about their son Monsieur Joigny Amiot who has got into 20,000 francs of debt —
Sat talking love making she went to bed at ten sat a few minutes on her bedside argued a little about right
and wrong she well enough inclined to excuse by argument all that I might chose to do how will it end
very fine day — Sat up writing out the 3 last weeks in my general summary and went to my room at 11 1/2 —

Monday 28
8 20/60
1 1/4
Mrs. Barlow awoke me by rapping at my back staircase door — let her in — dressed — Sat talking on the pot on find
ing Madame de Rosny going to walk with me all wrong did not hide her jealousy we talked about it Mrs de Rosny quest
ions me if she can know anything of my taste for the ladies I always fight off and give her no reason to
suspect the truth — at 9 3/4 all went out together — Mrs. Barlow home Madame de Rosny and I to the bois de Boulogne — 55 minutes in the
wood (walked as far as Passy) and got home at 12 10/60 — breakfast at 12 1/4 — changed my dress — went out with Madame de Rosny
at 2 — to Pradell’s rue de l’Echelle to the palais royal — to Bertrand’s and Madame Huchez’s to order ball dress for myself —
left Madame de Rosny rue duphot No. [Number] 8 chez Madame la Comtesse de Grave and went to my aunt for near 3/4 hour — she had been very
unwell last night — Mrs. Barlow and Jane came in just as I was going away — Mrs. Barlow had consulted the apothecary O’Grady
threatened with an attack of jaundice — to go home take a warm bath, and some strong opening medicine — called en passant
for Madame de Rosny got home at 5 3/4 — Dinner almost immediately — sat talking — then played for nothing 4 games at ecarté won 2 and lost 2 —
The man from Pradells brought the velvet I told her this morning to take the one at thirty four inste
ad of twenty [illegible] seven francs and I would pay the difference upon the four ells for her court manteau or train
she said that would be folly but not make much to do against it so I shall give her the twenty eight francs

tomorrow after the man was gone she sat on my knee kissed her lips rather open she languishing I talk
ed of virtue ashamed of my feelings she as usual asked what I felt what I wished what I wished to do said she had not an
idea then said I I am glad of it I will never tell you but I saw well she would argue me out of the thought of si
nning against virtue however she had a headache and a little after nine rang to go to bed and nothing further passed sat by her bedside put my
hand on her breast she pretended to sleep soundly while I felt her nipples and put my hand a little lower
but not quite to the navel how far she really likes me is difficult perhaps to make out but I think the only
difficulty I have to conquer is in my own mind — came to my room at 9 50/60 — wrote the above of today which
took me till 10 20/60. Fine day — Sat up reading from page two hundred and sixty fove to the end of volume first de
Sade and incurred a cross as ssoon as got into bed ~

Tuesday 29
8 1/2
Mademoiselle Aspasie from Madame Huchez came at 10 — breakfast at 11 — George brought the paper — my aunt better — sat talking till 3 1/2 when Monsieur de la Sire called — went to my room
at 3 3/4 and from then to 4 1/4 stood reading the preface and the 1st 16 ppages volume 1. Robertsons history of America in French — at 4 35/60 went out
with Madame de Rosny to buy lining for her court-train — then sat 1/4 hour with my aunt — shewed Madame de Rosny my sitting room etc. and the kitchen
and got back again at 5 3/4 — Dinner immediately — afterwards I read aloud the first 68 ppages of volume 2 de Sade — wrote the above of today at 10 —
very fine day — Near hal Quarter hour or more at her bedside lying on it put my hand to her breast and then
down along her stomach very near to but not quite as far as her moustaches she merely laughed pretty he
artily and said I tickled her her stomach a good deal creased all this happened after her last child she was not ba
ndaged the accoucheurs in France did not like to do it I might have done what I liked while reading to her
I said the book was too bad it made me cold one word from her made me warmer than all de Sade had written
she asked me afterwards if the book had any effect on me none said I but that of tranquillizing — wrote the last 6 lines
and went to my room at 10 50/60 — very fine soft day —

Wednesday 30
8 10/60
12 1/2
An indifferent motion as yesterday — went out with Madame de Rosny at 9 1/2 — 1/2 hour in the wood (bois de Boulogne)
got back at 11 1/2 — breakfast at 11 3/4 — George brought the news-paper as usual — my aunt better — sat talking till after 3 when Madame
de Falloux called for Madame de Rosny to go to the duchess de Raguse — read a page or 2 volume 1. Robertson’s America (in French) from page
16 to 28 — Had a tolerable motion — at 4 3/4 went to Mrs. Barlow better — sat with her till the last moment that I could, and got back in 4 or 5 minutes (ran almost
all the way) at 6 — at 7 1/4 Mademoiselle Aspasie came to try on my dress — the baron de Montauban came for near an hour —
afterwards sat talking to Madame de Rosny — she went to bed at 10 1/2 — Gave her a good teaspoonfull [illegible] magnesia in
rather more than the juice of half a lemon and knelt at her bedside feeling her breast joked and said I shoul
d inquire the health of her moustaches she only laughed asked her in a round about way what she had
bought for Miss Pope and if she had ever taken five percent profit no never could not be certa
in whether whether Miss Pope had bought conchilles or no she told me of Miss Gauntlets being in love with Capt
ain Dupuis at Madame Frederics wrote the above of today — very fine day — went to my room at 11 40/60 —

Thursday 31
8 20/60
Bowels right — Went out with Madame de Rosny at 9 55/60 — to the bois de Boulogne — an hour in the wood — walked as far as Passy — and got
home at 11 1/2 — breakfast at 12 — George brought a letter from Mrs. James Dalton (Croft Rectory, 24th instant) 3 ppages the ends, under the seal
and 2 first ppages crossed — Kind letter — all well — gave a ball and supper at the Inn, on the 10th instant, to about 70 — Letter also from Miss
Fletcher (Betley Court, 26th instant) 3 ppages and the ends — very kind letter — inquiries after my aunt; but it seems as if Miss Fletcher
really wished for my correspondence quite as much as to hear of my aunt? — went out about 3 1/2 — left Madame de Rosny at the
Amiot’s door, and went to Mrs. Barlow sat with her till 5 — then went to Bertrand’s — bought and ordered to be sent some cheese for my aunt
and got back at 5 1/2 — Dinner at 6 — Mr. Long du Plan came at a little before 8 and soon after Monsieur de la Bachelerie (ætatis [age of] 14) — Madame de Rosny
dressed, and went with them at 8 1/4 to Madame de Caze’s ball, Faubourg St. Germain — I sat musing 1/4 hour, then wrote the above of today — Before going to
DateJan 1828
Extent1 page


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