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January Friday 11
12 1/2
Two or three minutes with Madame de Rosny went out at 9 20/60 — to the bois de Boulogne — 1/2 hour in the wood — got back at
11 1/4 — damp hot small rainy morning — changed my dress — breakfast at 11 3/4 — sat, as usual here, about 1 1/2 hour over it — George
brought the paper and a letter from Messrs. Hammersley with my account — sat talking all the day to Madame de Rosny Her servant
went and ordered me the Journal des Debats for the next 3 months beginning from the 1st of the month and brought me all the papers —
Dinner at 5 40/60 — Monsieur de Béral came at 8 and staid till 10 — She has a good memory repeated Berengers
poetry and sang one or two of his chansons had told me before dinner of the work proving Louis 18
to have been the cause of the death of his brother the king Josephine very virtuous after her
marriage with Napoleon sat on her bed from ten and a quarter for very near an hour regular obscure lo
ve making said I would give her her garters in future I left her abruptly then returned
for a moment and just kissed her forehead and hurried off she is certainly not displeased with my
attentions but behaves very well we were walking up and down the room this morning I had hold of her
hand she snatched it away on hearing Henriette coming on religion said I was more roman catholic than
she for she does not believe in Jesus Christ no fire in my room said it was too late cured in
the dining room and then — from 11 40/60 to 12 wrote the above of today — soft damp day — but hardly looked out of the window heavy rain when I got into bed

Saturday 12
7 50/60
12 55/60
went out at 9 10/60 to the bois de Boulogne — 1/2 hour in the wood — got back at 11 10/60 — breakfast at 11 3/4 — sat talking to Madame
de Rosny all the day — dinner at 5 3/4 — in the evening she read aloud to me de Berenger’s chansons. Monsieur le comte
de . . . came for 20 minutes between 8 and 9 — old and infirm — but agreeable — très comme il faut —
Rather but moderately love making this morning told her all about Madame de Boive
begging her not to name it to anyone not even Mrs Barlow — a little wind and small rain this morning and damp disagreeable
day — relaxing warmish sort of day as yesterday but for there being more wind — Sat half hour on her
bed and kissed her forehead on saying good night — Lived today in the salon from 10 3/4 to 11 1/4 wrote
the above of today and settled my accounts —

Sunday 13
11 55/60
Bowels all wrong sat sewing pair sleeves into old gown whole and then Madame de Rosny sewed them into the
new one — Breakfast at 10 — dressed — went out at 12 with Madame de Rosny to the assumption — 20 minutes at mass
in the chapel of St. Hyacinth — then walked with Madame de Rosny to rue Montmartre No. [Number] 32 — then returned and got to my aunt
at about 1 1/2 and sat with her till 4 — not very well — her face seemed swelled — I fear she is becoming dropsical
then to Mrs. Barlow’s — not at home — waited 1/2 hour — then went towards the Tuileries gardens — and by the rue Florentin etc. home about
5 — just missed Madame de Rosny at Mrs. Barlow’s — Comte de la Motte called — during his visit came to my room and prepared my
clothes for the wash — Dinner at 5 3/4 — about 8 the Comte and Comtesse de Falloux called and sat about 1/2 hour — Madame
de Rosny wrote a little letter in 1/2 hour while I read today’s Journal des Debats — otherwise talked all the evening —
She thinks she fell in Lady Vavasours opinion when she found she had not a carriage said I should d
o nothing while my aunt lived but allude to my being introduced at my own court aft
erwards and then going to court here and visiting with Madame de Rosny I joked her upon her
saying ‘une personne qui est bonne pent obtenir tout de moi’ [a good person can get anything from me] — She certainly likes me
Mrs Barlow ennuyes her ~ Fine day — a minute or 2 with Madame de Rosny — came to my room at 10 1/2 —
wrote the above of today —

Monday 14
11 35/60
Bowels right — went out at 9 20/60 — 1/2 hour in the wood, (allée Dauphine and allée de Longchamps as far as the allée de St. Louis as usual)
got back at 11 1/4 — rained all the while — changed my dress — breakfast from 11 3/4 to 12 3/4 — sat talking till 3 — then came Madame de Rosny’s
bankers for an hour during which time read Galignani’s messenger of today and then the Journal des Débats — Lord Goderich’s ministry dissolved —
the duke of Wellington to form another — sat talking a while — Then washed etc. for my cousin came gently this morning at
breakfast — Dinner at 5 3/4 — afterwards Madame de Rosny wrote invitations for a soirée tomorrow week, and I settled my accounts and wrote the above
of today which took me till — Just after dinner she played on the lyre and sang to me I felt a little excited but she is too vi
rtuous for me to think of her but with respect I kissed her hand a little while ago why said she innocently do that

she might have been the mistress of Beauharnois and of the Duke de Berry but would not and would not tell her husband he would
have wished it if she had not loved them and it had been for a night or two and not known mentioned a lady
who was with her husband in a cabriolet stopped by the Cossacks and obliged to receive twenty she
is sstill living but was very ill soon afterwards she had owned to a friend she had had pleasure with
one or two of them — Madame de Rosny knows Ssapphos love for Phaon but nothing more of her thinks that
fine ode was addressed to him she is innocent and virtuous she has told me of her having the
maladie des femmes but with all the innocence possible the idea struck me the other day that she mi
ght be with π [Mariana] and me hereafter — Rainy day — heavy rain after dinner —

Tuesday 15
7 50/60
1 20/60
went out at 9 25/60 — sat 1 1/2 hour with Mrs. Barlow — Jane with us part of the time — Mrs. Barlow not fachée but always affligée
when she does not see me of so long — In fact she is always in the dolefuls about something and with all her
love teazes me shockingly — then 1/2 hour with my aunt — complains of having much pain at pain like hot water running
down her legs, and swelled all over every morning — got home at 11 50/60 — breakfast immediately — sat talking till 1 3/4 when
Madame de Rosny went out — Dawdling over 1 thing or other for about an hour then wrote 2 1/2 ppages to M- [Mariana] mentioned my aunt’s being
less well than usual but merely in general terms — said nothing of the swelling — mentioned my having come here (to Madame de Rosny)
yesterweek, and having been gradually better and better ever since — mentioned Madame de Rosny’s being only 34 though having a son, the Marquis
de Rosny, 17 — as for beauty, so much depends on taste can say nothing — as for her powers of being agreeable cannot
well judge — but think M- [Mariana] ‘would like my little friend’ — not at all en pension, but will take care she does not lose by her
kindness in receiving me — say I have not mentioned my being here to anyone — going to write to Marian — may mention it
to her — not quite certain — all my letters dated Place de la Madeleine — — express great anxiety about M-’s [Mariana] health — Madame de
Rosny returned at 5 25/60 — wrote no more till after she left me at 10 1/2 — then wrote 1/2 page more and thus finished my letter —
Talking about the Baron de Vincent almost all the evening she cried at last and my own eyes were filled with tears
just before and after dinner she played on her lyre and sang told her this morning I should like to be
a good edition of the baron before going out she came and put her face to mine and I kissed her cheek she cer
tainly likes me tonight tonight I just wished at the door but did not go in which though she was ssleepy I fancied
she almost regretted ~ she said this morning she could keep house and a carriage for sixteen thousand francs
a year I must not commit myself I wish to introduce her to π [Mariana] but I think she will like me better than
perhaps she expects by and by — fine day — Did not go to the bois de Boulogne because of wearing
paper which I have changed twice today since morning — after Madame de Rosny went to bed at 10 1/2 read
Galignani’s messenger of this morning finished my letter to M- [Mariana] and wrote the above of today which took me till 11 35/60 —

Wednesday 16
8 5/60
11 25/60

From 9 1/2 to 11 walked to and from the bois de Boulogne breakfast at 11 20/60 — sat talking till 1 3/4 — went out with Madame de Rosny — at
2 10/60 through the palais royal rue Vivienne etc. to the passage des Panoramas — she bought gold and silver riband braid at 4/50 an
aune — got back at 5 10/60 — Dinner at 5 35/60 — In the evening Madame de Rosny read to me some of the ‘Biographie des dames
de la cour at du Faubourg St. Germain par un valet de chambre congédié’ ‘Paris 1826’ 1 volume 18mo [octodecimo] — des satires trės
spirituels — Madame de Rosny not quite well — went to her room at 9 — Just before gave her two spoonfuls of my mag
nesia in the juice of a lemon [illegible] Speaking of memoirs of Madame de Genlis Madame de Rosny said she was most low
in her immoralities — could not give her memoirs to young people — mention of the duke of Northumberland having the morbus pedicularis —
and that all the Percys have it — Sent off my letter to M- [Mariana] (Lawton) at 11 3/4 by George — wrote the above of today and had just done it at
11 25/60 — fine day —
DateJan 1828
Extent1 page


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