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she thought I did not love her she should soon cease to care about me how little she knows the tru
th as far as love goes I feel not one particle her breath is always bad she has ceased to exci
te and interest while spite of age and all Madame Galvani begins to make me feel that I am flirting
she is clever fascinating yet I little dreampt that I should ever feel towards her as I do
what a confession to myself with which to begin the year is it possible she can ever give me
the smallest encouragement can she be inadvertently interested in my society more
than commonly tis time that π [Mariana] was with me if we are ever to get together I wonder how Madame
Galvani thinks me odd surely I shall never absolutely commit myself yet I fear being foolish and half long
to be so how strange in spite of years accounts etc. etc. wrote all but the 3 first lines of today —
Dressed my hair — dinner at 6 5/60 — came to my room at 7 35/60 — from then to 9 20/60 writing and copying a note to Madame Galvani went to my
aunt at 9 20/60 — and sat with her till 10 10/60 — poorly and spasmy tonight — fine day —

Thursday 3
7 5/60
11 3/4
Bowels all wrong again — fair but damp morning went out at 8 1/2 — as usual to the bois de Boulogne walked 18 minutes in the wood — a smartish shower just on getting there
and damp or very small rain all the way and 1/2 the way back — got back to the end of rue Royale at 10 1/2 — then along the arcades and rue Castiglione
to Madame Cor about my velvet cap — then to Gay (rue de la Paix) and bought a pair of escarpins (thin shoes) — bought chesnuts
on the boulevard de la Madeleine as usual, and got home at 11 20/60 — wet of my feet — changed my stockings — breakfast at 11 55/60 and had read
the paper and written the above of today at 1 25/60 — from then to 5 25/60 writing out the heads of the 4 ppages for this years general summary
and writing out private summary of last year ruling paper for rough draft of private summary of this year and doing some other little matters, and dressed my hair —
Letter about 2 from M- [Mariana] (Lawton) — durst not break from what I was about for fear of not being able to resume and
finish it today — M- [Mariana] gives but a bad account of herself — finishes her letter in bed — I have a thousand fears about
her — ‘the anxieties of the last few days’ (bottom of page 3.) have not you may suppose given much relief to my complaints
‘my cough however is better, but I am suffering sadly from pain in my back, my old enemy having returned
‘upon me — this I know is the consequence of being ill at ease, for I have been quite free for more than a year; I begin
‘to believe it is entirely nerves, and that much trouble would soon number me with those that are gone — Saturday morning —
‘I have sent for this to finish in my bed, for it shall go today, and my back requires a little extra rest, nothing
‘more than this’.... could not bear my not writing regularly — ‘the cases are different I shall fancy everything that is disagreeable,
‘and your having proposed a relaxation of punctuality has done me more harm than you think’..... Asks at the end if Ma
dame de Rosny is ‘a young or old woman is she handsome or particularly agreeable’ — vide the last
end — thinks the bread disagrees with me — ‘eat hard biscuit’ vide vide — see line 13 from the bottom page 2. Dr. N-
says, much disease in her system — vide page 3 about the middle what has been done about Mrs. Milne — she has
memorialized the duke of Wellington asking to be allowed to sell Milne’s commissions 4 out of 5 of which he bought —
vide bottom of page 3. Charles has sent Mrs. Belcombe £120 to be repaid ‘at her most convenient time’ — Dinner at 6 1/2 — came to my
room at 8 1/4 — from then to 9 25/60 writing out the sums at the bottom of the ppages of my last years accounts — went to my
aunt at 9 1/2 and sat with her till 10 1/4 — then 20 minutes looking over my cashbook — rainy day — fine moonlight
night now at 10 3/4 — there must have fallen a good deal of rain during the last night —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 50° at 8 1/4 a.m.
41 1/2° at 10 3/4 p.m.

Friday 4
6 3/4
Bowels as bad as ever — it is strange — now the good effect of walking seems lost upon them — Quarter hour on
the pot only two little round bits fine frostyish morning — Fahrenheit 38° at 8 a.m. but staid at home to take 2 teaspoons
of epsom salts — took them at 8 1/4 — At nine and a quarter began to work and from then t twelve seemed to clea
nse my bowls pretty thoroughly ~ Drank 3 large cups of tea from 9 to 11 — the woman came with slippers at 12 — at 12 1/2 my
coffee as usual but ate biscuits instead of bread — no time to read the paper — all the day till 5 55/60 at my Estate Ledger — begin it and wrote out the
whole of it for last year and so far of this having nothing to add but what may be in Mr. Briggs’s next account — dressed my hair,
dinner at 6 1/4 — came to my room at 7 40/60 — Feel as if I have sat too much and applied too closely today — the blood in my head —

I must really give myself a holiday by and by — my aunt, too, complains of great pain (pricking weight and swelling — can scarce
move) in her legs and feet — says the knee and anklejoints are enlarging and getting like the joints of her wrists and fingers —
I fear she is becoming dropsical — she has not been near so well for these last few weeks as before — Sent George with
the drawing room pendule this morning to Perrelet to be mended — from 7 1/2 to 9 40/60 (with my aunt from 9 40/60 to 10 10/60) and from 10 10/60 to 11 10/60 at my foreign cash-book — Somehow or other I get puzzled — I sit too long, yet can
neither get the thing right nor leave it — Oh, that I could get done with these accounts! — Very fine day —
beautiful moonlight night —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 38° at 8 a.m.
43° at 11 1/4 p.m.

Saturday 5
7 20/60
11 1/2
bowels quite loose — fine morning Fahrenheit 37 1/2° at 8 25/60 — went out at 8 35/60 — to the bois de Boulogne 17 minutes in the wood — got
back at 10 3/4 — breakfast at 11 1/4 — read this morning’s and yesterday’s papers — again at my foreign cashbook — after a great deal of
trouble in analyzing the whole found that I had inadvertently entered 50/. [francs] too much as paid to my aunt, and not corrected the 1/.
paid to my aunt too much (she had wrongly added up the week’s account) on the end of the year — then made out a prospectus
of our annual income — writing out the sums and ruling the bottoms of ppages of Private Daybook and travelling ditto — tidying my writing
desk — dressed my hair — dinner at 6 1/2 — came to my room at 8 10/60 — ruling the bottoms of ppages travelling daybook — sat with my
aunt from 9 5/60 to 11 55/60 finishing ruling the bottoms of the ppages and writing out on my aunts summary sheet the summary of
last week — came to my room at 11 55/60 wrote out the last week’s summary in the general summary book, settled my cashbook,
wrote the last 4 lines — rainy afternoon — fair but rather dampish at 11 1/4 p.m. —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 37° at 8 25/60 a.m.
38° at 11 1/4 p.m.

Sunday 6
7 20/60
1 1/4
Bowels pretty well Looseish good motion ~ Having to prepare to go to Madame de Rosny this afternoon did not go out — Began
to prepare at 8 3/4 — very thick morning — now at 8 3/4 cannot see the Madeleine — Fahrenheit 33° at 8 1/4 a.m. — read aloud with my aunt the
service (leaving out the liturgy) and sermon 17 (I think) bishop Sandford — and sat about an hour talking to my aunt — afternoon all the
rest of the day busy looking over my writing desk etc. etc. — Letter about 10 this morning from Marian Shibden
3 ppages and the ends — good account of herself and all at Shibden — took a fiacre about 5 1/4, and got to Madame de Rosny’s
rue Matignon No. [Number] 3 about 5 1/2 — Had dinner at 6 — sat a couple of hours at table — then adjourned to my room — sat talking till
10 1/2 — she seems a nice little woman — her son 17 — she herself 34 — Confidential as if she had known me for
years ssis months after marriage no communication congugal with her husband he was a libertine he had
des maitresses and she would not therefore sleep with him he died a month after Louis 18 made him receveur
de requetes quite worn out by the life he had led she nursed him duly and truly she seems to have a good he
art I told her she was not as she said coquette she was not intriguante point du tout Francaise ~
After Madame de Rosny left me set to work and arranged all my things so that I was quite at home before getting into bed —
Tolerably fine day not withstanding the thickness of the morning —

Monday 7
12 3/4
Bowels tolerable comfortable bed — detained 10 minutes about my things from the wash — went out at 8 25/60 — at the barrière in 20 minutes — as
usual to the bois de Boulogne walked 50 minutes in the wood — turned left from the allée Dauphine into the allée Royale —
got back at 10 1/2 — a nice little back stair case close to my room, very convenient — found Mrs. Barlow with Madame de Rosny — said
her visit was not at all to me — In fact, as Madame de Rosny told me, she had expected me yesterday and was fachée contre
moi — Breakfast at 11 — George brought me a letter from IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] (Langton) — she arrived at Langton on the 5th ultimo — ashamed
of not having written sooner — all distressed at the death of Colonel Milne — after 5 days’ illness October 5 — Mrs. Milne cannot
be allowed to sell the commissions — all well at Langton But what is most extraordinary IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] finding the mémoire
acquitté of Madame Huchez for M-’s [Mariana] gowns (given to be shewn if necessary at the custom house) strangely fancies she
herself must have paid the bill, though she had not money enough to pay for all her own things! Letter also from Mr. Parker
solicitor (H-x [Halifax]) about ground at Northgate for a new church — a handsome proper letter — He thought it his duty to give me some information
respecting the value of the ground — asked Mr. Oates, and without wishing to compromise him says ‘he conceives 6/. a yard a
DateJan 1828
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