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at 5 1/2 off to Mrs. Barlow to dinner — Dinner at 6 — potage à la reine, beef (good) garnished with carrots and onions chapon à la financière (the chaponists itself good though
too much as if it had helped to make the soup, which it had not) cardôns au jus, and a Charlotte Russe, the
crêma scented with orange flower water, Préau thinking vanille too dear — between 8 and 9 coffee — Mrs. Barlow
thought it much better than mine — du Levant 3/60 per lb. — could not expect fine coffee at 2/75 the price of mine — she had
bought hers being taken with the berry — could not say I thought it good — said she had been cheated — did not believe
it Levant coffee, or it might be spoilt in the roasting or somehow — only worth 1/60 per lb. — this led to much
talking about it — Mrs. Barlow had only wished to have good coffee — did not think mine good — Nota Bene never
tell anyone anything they give you is not good — agreed to call on Mrs. Barlow to go to Madame de
Rosny tomorrow — read 2 of Mrs. Thistlethwaite’s letters to Jane and 1 to ditto from her aunt Sophia Barlow —
Quite common place gentlewomens letters certainly not literay but kind and speaking of
Janes dear mamma Mrs Barlow rather vexed about the coffee and at last lowish said I would teaze
her would pet Madame de Rosny thought of Madame Galvanis ssaying on [illegible] Monday Mrs Barlow would [illegible]
ennuyer her a crever wondered how I could get my time on with her I merely laughed but in fact
she is sstupid enough at times — came away by myself Ferdinande merely coming down to get the door opened
got home at 10 1/4 — sat with my aunt 1/4 hour — she was spasmy this morning — better tonight — George in bed
all the day with the blister on his chest — fine but dullish morning — damp and small rain came on
soon after noon, and continued more or less the rest of the day — rained smartishly when I went to Mrs. Barlow
and a little as I returned — reading Beauvilliers — what to have for dinner tomorrow —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 45° at 8 a.m.
47 1/2° at 10 1/2 p.m.

Wednesday 19
7 1/4
11 1/2
Bowels better more natural than yesterday — Got rid at once of a great long piece as in days of yore — ‘tis all
the walking for the 1 quassia draught I have taken a day would not produce the effect — went out at 7 35/60 — direct
to Mrs. Barlow’s to tell Préaut to come and cook today — he in bed — staid 20 minutes talking to Mrs. Barlow and Jane at breakfast
in Mrs. Barlow’s room she in bed Jane in her dressing gown — then along the route royale by the nearest gates i.e. by the
Avenue Dauphine in 3/4 hour from Mrs. Barlow’s — walked 22 minutes in the wood — got home at 10 55/60 — breakfast at 11 1/4
ordered dinner — dressed — found I had been thoroughly wet from perspiration — changed more than I intended — not ready till 1 —
Dr. Tupper to have come at 12 — tis now 1 10/60 — no tidings of him — George up this morning when I returned — the blister has relieved
the pain in his chest — went out at 1 1/2 to Mrs. Barlow off to Madame de Rosny’s (rue Matignon, No. [Number] 3.), 10 minutes
walk from Mrs. Barlow’s — like Madame de Rosny well enough like a gentlewoman — mentioned a family d’Angely rue St
Lazare who would take me — Monsieur and Madame and 2 daughters — prefered going to Madame de Rosny — Staid just about an hour with her from 2 55/60 to
3 57/60 — then sat tête à tête with Mrs. Barlow till about 4 1/2 (she is to meet Madame de Rosny at general Amyot’s tonight and will settle
all about terms) and got home at 4 40/60 — from then for an hour (as well as some time before going out this morning the 2nd time) watching
Préau cook, make crême au chocolat — the chocolat that I got at Lyons not good, has rather an amertume as
if there was chicorée in it — just went in to my aunt for a few minutes — then wrote the last 7 lines — Had told George
to stay at home till 3 — Dr. Tupper came about 10 minutes after [illegible] consequently saw neither myself nor George and got no
fee — Dinner at 6 1/2 — potage à la Condé (a regular, good pease-soup) bœuf bouillé, petites noix de veau en
grenadine, and crême au chocolat — left the dining room and came to my own room at 8 — from then to 9 1/2 made out and
wrote out the general summaries of the 2 last weeks — went into the drawing room to my aunt at 9 35/60 —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 47 1/2° at 8 1/4 a.m.

Thursday 20
7 40/60
12 50/60
Bowels pretty well — fine morning Fahrenheit 46° at 8 3/4 — went out at 9 — by the route royale and avenue Dauphine to the
Bois de Boulogne in an hour determined not to heat myself as yesterday walked 5 minutes in the wood — returned in an hour and came in at
11 5/60 — warm but not as yesterday — yet walking slowly always tires me — In coming in the porter’s wife gave me a
letter from M- [Mariana] (Lawton) — Breakfast at 11 1/2 — from coming in to 1, breakfast read the paper — did my hair, and wrote the above 4 lines
of today — then read my letter 3 ppages the ends and under the seal — at 1 20/60 began to write called off about the cooking (Préau came in
the morning — this is his 3rd day) Mrs. Barlow sat with me 1 1/2 hour till near 4 — Dinner at 6 10/60 — came to my room at 7 50/60 — then
long settling with Préau then talked near 1/2 hour to my aunt — then in the time I had before dinner and afterwards till 11 55/60 wrote

Friday 21
7 1/2
11 10/60
wrote 3 ppages and 1 long end, very small and close, large paper, to M- [Mariana] fine, windy morning — fine day —
Bowels pretty well — out at 8 40/60 — very fine morning — to the bois de Boulogne as yesterday walked in the wood 20 minutes —
Got home at 10 3/4 — breakfast at 11 10/60 — in about an hour filled the other end and under the seal to M- [Mariana] (Lawton-hall) and sealed and sent off my
letter to the great post before 1 — on the subject of receiving Mrs. John Lawton said if she had the common sense of some women she might
be the means of smoothing many difficulties — but who could calculate upon that? much force in what M- [Mariana] says — it is a matter
requiring much patient observation and much serious consideration — M- [Mariana] must not decide in a hurry — Charles must pay dear for insuring
a small sum, and then this sum would not serve her ‘at the 1st moment of desolation’ always sometime lost in transactions with
insurance offices — better give a certain sum to his banker to be paid to her immediately on his decease — made a will — mention
this said sum, and give her all he wished her to have — knew his brother John well enough — would do all to make her as comfortable
as possible — she would not even have right of shelter, and should not calculate too much on their hospitality — would not for worlds
have her seem mercenary, but there ought to be no risk of being left pennyless for a moment — do not think the account of
him good — has the worst life of the 3 — will want good nursing — he ought to care about the girls — their marrying
well might be of great use to your brother — hard upon the poor to have to be ashamed of all and not have even a brother
or sister presentable — If I had to plan for Charles and he would stick to my plans, he might yet do more than he imagines —
his life of importance to his family — tell M- [Mariana] of my going to Madame de Rosny for a few weeks but beg her not to mention it to anyone —
no fears now for my sister — my aunt has been fidgeted about her, and had spasms but is better again — 1/4 hour talking to my aunt — did not
sleep well — very spasmy this morning — wrote the above of today — From 2 5/60 to about 3 3/4 wrote the latter 1/2 page 2, and very
nearly page 3 of my letter to Miss MacLean began Thursday the 6th instant — Mrs. Barlow came about 3 3/4, and sat with me till 5 50/60 — she had
been at Madame de Rosny’s — liked Madame de Rosny this morning — thinks I shall be comfortable with her — to pay 250/. per month
and to find my own wine, but she will make no extra charge for wood — well satisf ied — think of going to her on the 2nd January —
Dinner at 6 1/4 — came to my room at 8 — from 8 10/60 to 9 1/4 wrote the remainder of page 3, the ends, and under the seal (all written today
small and close) and finished my letter to Miss MacLean very kind and affectionate — sat with my aunt from 9 25/60 to 10 10/60 then came
to my room — very fine morning — fine day till between 3 and 4 p.m. then dullish — rain between 5 and 6 and raining at 10 1/4 — windy both
today and yesterday —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 46° at 7 3/4 a.m.
Fahrenheit 53° at 10 1/4 p.m.

Saturday 22
6 1/2
11 35/60
Bowels as yesterday — went out at 8 — fine morning Fahrenheit 56° at 7 1/2 a.m. a slight spitting of rain in the Champs Elysées
but it blew off — to the bois de Boulogne by the allée Dauphine as is now my custom — walked 35 minutes in the bois
went to the very end of the allée Dauphine 17 or 18 minutes long from the entrance gates — Got back at 10 20/60 — In returning reading Satire 3 Boileau — breakfast at
10 40/60 — read over and sent off my letter (at 11 1/2) finished last night to ‘Miss MacLean of Coll, 5 North St David Street Edinburgh Ecosse’ port payé
very kind letter — well written — mentioned that Mrs. Falconet had spoken of Miss MacLean and I could have listened to her
for ever — ‘my clay is older — I feel it so, but the spirit that dwells within it seems little if at all changed’ —
should always be the same in heart to her — remembered our visit at Esholt as though it were but yesterday — could still
fancy myself lingering on the way from Otley — have still the sovereign she repaid me ‘having marked scratched on it Sibella MacLean
26 May’ — ... ‘I feel as if I had not seen you for the last time, and long to see that time and circumstance have done as
little in injury to your regard as to mine’ — said my letter had lain too long by me unfinished but I had been though not
absolutely ill, yet languid, and disinclined to do more than absolutely necessary — had taken medicine, tonic draughts, and tried warm
bathing — had now taken to warm bathing which did me more good than anything — something here must disagree with me —
no sooner returned than my [illegible] tiresome symptoms of indigestion came on again — must go about — make little excursions of a day or 2 —
should have been off before now, but for my aunt — the apartment suits her so well, do not like to let her leave it,
and we are settled here for another year — from the moment of returning from my walk to now 4 1/4 I have done
DateDec 1827
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