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November Saturday 10
8 50/60
12 55/60
Bowels very so so — Breakfast and read the paper from about 10 1/2 to 11 1/2 — Dawdling over 1 thing or other — Mademoiselle Aspasie came to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] — Mrs.
Barlow called (sent for to see IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe]’s drapes etc.) about 12 3/4 just as I was beginning a letter to Mrs. Norcliffe finished dressing —
Tib came to my room to me and Mrs Barlow the latter annoys me by her long harangue to Tib on dress sent them off while I
dressed and then slank off by myself they thinking me annoyed and went at 1 3/4 to Mellerio’s to get M-’s [Mariana] Swiss bracelet a little
mended — then to Madame Contant for some work-patterns for M- [Mariana], then sauntered along the boulevards, looking at
printed fashions and work-patterns for M- [Mariana] did not buy any — got back about 2 1/4 — Mrs. Barlow gone — sat talking
to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] Gave her the gondola pin — the emballeur came — from about 5 to 7 wrote a sheet and one page (5 ppages) to Mrs. Norcliffe a regular
answer to her letter received 25 August at Geneva, that we had seen all she pointed out — Dinner at 7 —
came to my room from the dinner table at 9 40/60 — till 10 talking to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] then wished my aunt good night and wrote
3 ppages to Mrs. James Dalton, chit chat answer to her letter received at Geneva 25 August — very little about the journey —
mention the cheeses from 150 to 300 and 400 years old — and would advise people not to loiter longer than necessary
on or near the Rhigi — full of cracks — likely to fall like the Rossberg over Goldau — wrote the above of
today (fine day) which and my letter took me till 12 10/60 —

[margin text:] Began this morning to take twice a day infusion
of 2 drachms cascarilla in about a pint of boiling water

Sunday 11
7 20/60
11 50/60
From 8 40/60 to 10 wrote 2 ppages to Bell Dalton — breakfast from 10 to 10 40/60 — Just before I had done a little loose motion the c
arrot and turnip I had eaten with the boiled beef yesterday in little undigested lumps my bowels not right on getting
up did very little and that darkish ~ tis plain that I suffer from indigestion — from 10 40/60 to 5 25/60 finished
dressing — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] came to me — she left me about 12 1/2 to read prayers to my aunt and the servants — the emballeur (Martin
rue des Capucines No. [Number] 8), came to finish IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] things, and pack M-’s [Mariana] 2 gowns — in a perpetual bustle —
perpetually interrupted, but have written the 3rd page of my letter to Bell, and the ends to Marianne, 3 ppages widish
to Mrs. Best expressing my wish but utter inability to be of any use to her in further her heraldic
inquiry here respecting the arms of her husband’s family, and wrote 3 ppages and the ends to Mr. and Mrs. Duffin,
and filled the ends of my envelope 1/2 sheet to Mrs. Norcliffe fearing Charlotte is not quite well and wishing her
better (Mrs. Norcliffe’s letter to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] came this morning), and adding ‘I trust Isabella has not made me appear to abuse
‘the Swiss en masse — It was in the vallais, and near Lauterbrunnen, that we had reason, from report,
‘and experience, to doubt the honesty of the people — I heartily agree in all your praises of Berne, surely one
‘of the most beautiful towns in Europe — no one there attempted to take advantage of us, but our washer woman — At
‘present, nothing would induce me to live in Switzerland; nor are the Swiss, among all the nations peoples of Europe, those
‘I fancy most — but they have struggled nobly for the freedom of their choice (not always such freedom as you
‘and I would choose); and a Swiss, though not always the most pleasing, is generally perhaps, one of the most respectable
‘of men — we are in all the bustle of packing — It is melancholy — Isabel has kept us all alive; and
‘we shall miss her exceedingly’ — I have as well as I could in common honesty expressed the mo
st regret at her going to Bell Dalton but I have not overdone it in fact the whole house
will be glad myself amongst the rest a night or two after my arrival she began making
a fetch to be amatory but I would not said it would be labour in vain I was altered in that respect though it was all
her fault were she same I should but it was all gone by now ~ she took it tolerably that is soon fell
asleep a night or two after that I found her complaining in of the complaint said she had it now
and then had not brought the syringe but I have heard no more of it since on Saturday aft
ernoon she was in my room talking said I did not love her now wished I did — if I was the same she should be so
if not she could not why was I changed said it was constitutional there was a great difference in us both betw
een now and sixteen years ago if we had been married and had a dozen children we should have been diff


erent now thought her uncle and aunt James had done with all that now no she did not believe it
why would I come to her that night yes I should do it I fought off gently never meaning to
comply got the subject turned and apparently forgotten before night went to bed late and slep
t quietly she herself being almost asleep ~ Madame Contant came this morning soon after my breakfast
bringing something for IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] and 5 little work-patterns to be sent to M- [Mariana] and the 2 volumes of Montlosier’s works
2nd hand (published at 12/.) and therefore sold to me for 5/. — she is a civil little chattering woman — had just written
all but the 3 first lines of today, and went in to dinner at 5 55/60 — afterwards (did not leave the dining room till 8 3/4) read
over all my 5 letters and gave them in charge to IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] prepared my thing for the wash — then sat talking to my aunt and IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] in the
drawing from 10 to 11 at which hour came to my room — fine day —

Monday 12
11 35/60
took a hasty very slight breakfast with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] at 7 — off with her to the diligence (rue Bouloi No. [Number] 33) at 7 1/2 — a complete
bustle — the fiacre ordered to be here at 6 (would not come under 4/.) not having come at all, the luggage too late, could not go with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe],
except 3 out of the 7 boxes — obliged to leave 4 — these, and a parcel to be made up today of books brooch and shawl, to go
by the diligence of tomorrow morning — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] only just in time — saw her off about 8 10/60 — Not a very affectionate leave ta
king no time for it this morning and she was merely a little gravish for a short while last night my aunt almost in tears at wi
shing goodbye but that was nothing she was on the whole heartily glad to get rid of her I quietly kept up appear
ances rejoiced this morning when she was well off ~ Not very well satisfied with the civility of the people — almost determine
to go by their coach no more, but always by that rue notre dames des Victoires — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] left me plenty to do — took forward George and crossed
the pont neuf to Bachelier’s — bought IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] Bonsmard’s essay sur la fortification (got the 10 percent allowance) for young Charles Dalton of Croft — looked
at Laplace’s mecanique céleste, 4 or 6 volumes 4to. [quarto] — epuisé — Bachelier has only 3 copies — 2 large paper at
180/. and one small at 140/ au juste — returned through the gardens, and place Vendôme — called about IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] shawl, rue des
Capucines, at Amyot’s to try to get the trial of the priest Molitor (épuisé for the moment — Amyot not able to get a copy in time) —
and at Mellerio’s about the brooch and 2 fer de Berlin buckles — then got to the bank at 9 1/2 — settled the matter with Mr. Phillips —
very civil — mentioned Paris disagreeing with me — It might be the wine — great deal of bad here — no! we had very good —
might be the water — strongly advised my never taking any in any way, mixed or not, that had not previously been boiled —
sent George home desiring him to set my room in order as it was before IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] coming — [illegible] En passant, saw Bennet
(rue Duphot No. [Number] 16.) mentioned what Mrs. Johnstone said about being obliged to pay the 1st postboy 11/. for the pole straps
as they could not go along without them, and Bennet had promised them the carriage completely fit for travelling — he said, it
was customary for each postboy to find his own pole-straps, these being considered part of the harness, and therefore, though
these straps did really belong to the postboy, it was an imposition to have made my friends buy them — then feeling that
I had not had quite breakfast enough, and wishing to try the effect of strongish coffee (feeling indigestion pain) went to Renee’s, rue
de Luxembourg No. [Number] 3, our old restaurateur while in rue Mondovi, and ordered breakfast — took my coffee with boiled milk very nearly 1/2 and 1/2 —
thought I, I want tonics — the cascarilla does me a great deal of good — I had better breakfast always on coffee — I was not
wrong — the coffee quite relieved me — off from the restaurant in 1/4 hour, went to Mrs. Barlow’s, and got there about 10 10/60 — sat talking
with her and lastly with her and Jane till 2 20/60 — made IN-s [Isabella Norcliffe] excuses for not calling yesterday Jane does not admire
her at all thinks my manners much better and myself much more distinguee ~ On leaving Mrs. Barlow went along the rue St. Honoré
and marché to Bertrand’s rue neuve des petits champs — chose cheese and sugar — thence to rue des Augustins No. [Number] 5 about buches de
coke — then called to see about wood (can have it at the same price as the last) and came in between 3 and 4 — the brooch come for IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] from
Mellerio’s — She had given me 6 napoléons to pay the bill which I found to amount to 211/. — stood talking to my aunt and Mrs. Barlow who
soon afterwards came to see my aunt — about 5, went to Mellerio’s, paid them the 6 napoléons, asked them to wait for the rest till my friend’s
DateNov 1827
Extent1 page


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