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October Wednesday 24
11 1/4
.. arrived at home from my tour with Mrs. and Miss Barlow in Switzerland and Italy (left home Friday June 15)
at 11 3/4 a.m. — my aunt delighted to see me back again — looking and being remarkably well — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe], who had been with
my aunt since the 2 August, waiting my return — looking very well but larger than ever? — tired as I had been in the
diligence (more motion in the rotonde than anywhere else, do not advise it on that account), and meaning to go to bed
directly, sat up talking to my aunt and IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] and shewing them the few things (models of Swiss houses, trinkets etc.) I had brought,
and did not come to my room till 9 40/60 by my watch that I have all along gone by, but which I found 20 minutes too soon by the
clocks here — had a cup of tea about one, and dinner at 6 — Siding my things a little my cousin came gently soon after getting home put nothing on
till night ~ Rain last night and this morning till 10 — afterwards fine — Slept in my drawers as now usual with me on these occasions slept with Tib well enough crammed —

Thursday 25
11 1/2
Dawdling over 1 thing or other — breakfast (with my aunt and IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] in the salle à manger) from 12 to 1 — she talks of going on the
7th or 8th of next month — go out with her in a fiacre from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 to order things for M- [Mariana] 2 fer de Berlin buckles
and ditto earrings at Mellerio’s — 6 pair gloves at Privat’s — 3 pair stays at Madame Romater’s, and morning gown at Madame Huchez’s —
and almost tempted to order an evening ditto — on leaving the fiacre, walk about with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] a little before 6 call on Mrs. Barlow, in bed, but not ill — Jane dining by her
bedside — staid 1/4 hour, IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] waiting in the drawing room — got home at 6 10/60 — Dinner at 6 20/60 — fine day—

[margin text:] vide below

Friday 26
9 1/2
Had Nalin to cut my hair — Mrs. and Miss Barlow called at 11 20/60 — breakfast (in my own room as usual) at 12 1/2 —
out with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] (passage Colbert, Vivienne, by the new bourse to the passage des panoramas to give her a taste of
meringues and petit patés chez Felix) from 2 1/2 to 5 3/4 — walking all the time — dinner at 6 10/60 — Came to my room at
9 40/60 — wrote about 3 ppages to Marian, merely to announce my return, say my aunt was marvelously well, and that,
as there seemed to be nothing in Mr. Briggs’s letter requiring any immediate answer, and I had besides some reason to hope
to hear from him respecting a tenant for Northgate, I should not write to him or Messrs. Rawson till nearer Xmas [Christmas] — very fine day —
my aunt gave me my letters yesterday morning at breakfast 1 from Mr. Briggs 1 from Messrs. Rawson 1 from
Messrs. Hammersleys 1 from Mrs. Firth and 1 from Mrs. William Priestley and one from M- [Mariana] IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] gave me
a pedigree of Mrs. Sitwell, from her mother, a letter from Bell Dalton with a few lines in it from Marianne,
and a letter from Mrs. Best — of the above letters just skimmed the 3 first on business, read those from M- [Mariana]
and Mrs. William Priestley and left the rest for some other time — gave my aunt Mr. Briggs’s letter to read — Northgate not
perhaps nearer being let than before but the tenants had all paid, and though the navigation was a 7 percent 1/2 yearly
dividend again yet all was quite as well as I expected —

9 Letters
vide yesterday

Letter this morning 3 ppages and the ends from M- [Mariana] dated Cheltenham 110 October Fisher`s hotel and lastly Monday 22 October at the Ackers’s Ramsbury manor, Wiltshire.
has suffered much from cold and toothache —

Saturday 27
Lay in bed talking — told IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] the real explanation I had heard from M- [Mariana] at Scarborough of the incivility of the Misses
Morritt and Goodrich — a little astonished that Miss Judith Fountaine should have said so and so, but took it quietly —
Read over and directed what I had written to Marian (Shibden) last night, and sent it to my aunt at 11 1/2 to read over, wafer,
and send [illegible] Breakfast at 12 40/60 — arranging my books etc. etc. From 3 1/2 to 5 3/4 out (walking) with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] took her to the
[illegible] patissier’s palais royal — declares the petit patés much better than those chez Felix, — quite as good as the best
in London — Before coming upstairs gave wine out Tib prefers the servants wine the Macon a good joke
to my aunt fancies the Beaune too clarety thinks it is claret gave out three dozen for her and the servant
s three d s the same quantity taken during my absence and my aunt bought her two dozen she drinks
a bottle a day sometimes rather more my aunt is heartily tired of her and her cat and says the servants are
also — Dinner at 6 1/4 — came to my room at 10 — arranging my books etc. etc. very fine day —
DateOct 1827
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