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went away — in the mean while dressed — had just done when Dr. Tupper came to me at 1 1/2 — and sat with me till 2 10/60 —
would have me take draughts with me — Said I hoped I should not want them — had not room — he wrote a prescription for XXX pills to take with
me — and wrote a prescription also for some calomel pills for MacDonald for which I gave him 2 fees, or 40 francs, and which he took very
composedly writing out afterwards in English the quantity of Cascarilla or Columbo root necessary to make a tonic — ‘2 drachms’ of
either ‘infused in about a pint of water for about 2 hours — to this dose may or may not be added from 20 to 25 drops of sal
‘volatile — the same dose of sal volatile in 3 or 4 tablespoons full of mint (distilled) water is very useful
‘when any little flatulency occurs’ — Distilled mint water and that made from the essence of mint, very different things —
would have me take a 4 oz. bottle of Epsom salts — very cheap — a few sols per oz. — or the dry Epsom salts, deprived of their water
of chrystalization of which about 1/2 the quantity for a dose — hoped I should want none of these things — he is going to Spain — would
mention Dr. Lathom to my aunt — Said perhaps he had better — she might — would not want any physician — and if she did, and he was gone,
would send for Dr. Lathom — I do not think Dr. Tupper wishes to lose his patient — going to Madrid — but thinks to be back
before Mrs. and Miss Barlow and me — not quite certain whether he goes or not — Got to talking on medical subjects — he will
lend me his thesis (published on becoming a fellow (a member) of the Linnean Society etc. on my return — tis
on sensation in vegetables? and against Drs. Gall and Spurzheim? — On Dr. Tupper’s going away at 2 10/60, paid George his
last 1/2 years wages due on the 19th instant (next Tuesday) — and wrote the last 18 lines which took me till 2 40/60 — George had
got our passports from the Sardinian Ambassador and been to the Swiss Chargé d’affaires where he had paid 2/. for our
2 passports — nothing paid to the British Austrian or Sardinian ambassadors, or at the prefecture but 10/. per passport at the
office of the French foreign minister — Sent to inquire after Madame Droz — better — would endeavour to see me before I went — I hope she
will not come tomorrow — from 2 3/4 to 5 1/2 looking out all I mean to take with me — several little jobs wanted doing — dawdling over
1 thing or other — Dinner at 5 40/60 — came to my room at 7 20/60 — wrote a little Note to Mrs. Barlow to say I could not go this evening — and sent
her 10 - 1 (which I paid for her this morning to the Swiss chargè d’affaires) = 9/. for my passport signing the other day at the ministere des affairs etrangers — this evening longed to write to M- [Mariana] but removing
all my books out of my book cupboards that they may be painted during my absence — and doing etc. etc. — backwards and forwards to
my aunt — wrote the last 7 lines, and began to undress at 10 1/2 — 1/2 hour writing the 3rd quarter of page 2 my letter begun on
Monday to M- [Mariana]

Thursday 14
5 50/60
2 1/4
Getting 1 thing or other mended — out at 8 40/60 — shopping — went and took my travelling cap to be altered again — the visière
(brim) now much too broad in front — thence through the palais royal (bought a small drinking mug there) to Laffittte’s — got
them to add an address to bankers at Basil and Venice — then went to the Chantier (rue basse du Rempart) —
long while about buying wood — would not believe I had only given 36/., and 0/75 per voie voiture — came home —
talking to my aunt — waited for George — then took him to the Chantier — left him to see all right — paid and
came away — breakfast at 11 40/60 — called off about 1 thing or other — the tapissier brought back the baldaquin of my aunt’s bed
well cleaned and brushed — busy over 1 thing or other — balancing my accounts — seem to have somehow lost 1 franc while
out this morning — about 3 went out again — shopping — then to Mrs. Barlow about a fiacre in the morning — she went out
with about my travelling cap etc. — returned with me — would have me seal up her letters — much pro and contra — gave them
to her sealed to put with her own — took out the copies of my own letters (16, not all complete copies), openly before
her — pro and contra about keeping these copies — at last, sealed them up (directed to her in case of my death) and
put them back into my carriage boot-box — She staid till 6 40/60 — then immediately at which hour dinner — Came to my
room at 7 40/60 — settling my accounts till 9 3/4 — then came to the drawing room wrote to Messrs. Rawson, and Hammersley,
and 3 ppages (small sheets) to Marian in answer to her letter received this morning — She has been unwell — my father not
quite well — some mistake about stopping felling and planting — Marian surprised for Mr. Briggs always shews them my letters — my father
never means to interfere with or oppose my orders in any way — all the house new roofing and roofed — likely to let Northgate
but only for £90 a year — times good again — Marian has brought one of the little Inmans from Market Weighton to stay a few months
wrote in answer to all this — said it was mistake about the stopping felling and planting could only say I was very sorry for it, and very much

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 71° at 7 1/4 a.m.
78° at 12 1/2 p.m.
very fine day
very hot —

obliged to my father for roofing the house — directed and wafered all these 3 letters and that written to Miss MacLean (5 North
St. David Street Edinburgh) on Monday? — Doing all this and writing the whole of this of today took me till 11 20/60 — the 4 letters to
go tomorrow — quite impossible to write anything to M- [Mariana] will keep the letter to send off from Strasbourg — went to my room at
11 1/2 — the Drozs left cards while I was out —
DateJun 1827
Extent1 page


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