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June Friday 1
7 10/60
11 55/60
Did two little short bits next to nothing Does not seem as if my bowels were likely to be better – had just done
my hair when Mrs. Barlow came at 9 1/4 – Breakfast and read the paper of Wednesday (Lord Goodrich’s capital speech on the corn-bill), and
partly of this morning from 9 1/4 to 10 1/2 Mrs. Barlow reading aloud to me part of the time – just saw my aunt – she very well this morning
and was very well all yesterday after her drive – Mrs. Barlow and I off at 10 55/60 to the Jardin des Plantes – through the gardens, crossed
the pont royal along the quays, and got to the cabinet d’anatomie at 12 1/4 – Mrs. Barlow shewed the letter Jane’s music master
had given to his friend a little man whom we found busy making anatomical preparations in wax or plaster – very civil
went and got us several admission tickets, and then let us into the cabinet d’anatomie by a private door, and left us to ourselves –
in the cabinet from 12 50/60 to 2 20/60 all the while, except 1/4 hour we sat down to rest, looking at the different objects
for Mrs. Barlow had never seen this cabinet before – went to thank Monsieur . . . for his civility, but he was busy elsewhere
than where we had first found him – sauntered about looking at the wild beasts, the elephant (much grown since M- [Mariana] and I
saw him) etc. – resolved to return by the boulevards – off at 3 and got home at 5 1/4 – but allowing for stoppages viewing the basin
of the canal de l’Ourcq, the Jardin Turc on the boulevard, buying beef at Rolland’s, and 4 little cream or ground rice gateaux for
dinner, at Michel’s, I think we we were about 1 1/2 hour in returning, so that one may say it is about 10 minutes
farther to the jardin des plantes by the boulevards than by the quais – or perhaps it may not be so much – Mrs. Barlow
after going the whole round with me, left me opposite our own house – Dinner at 5 23/60 – Came to my room at 7 – lay on
my sofa till 8 1/2 (tired and asleep), prepared my bedroom and went into the drawing room at 8 40/60 – wrote the whole of yesterday
settled with George for today and yesterday and came to my room at 10 – Just before going out this morning letter from Mrs. Lynn,
‘Hotel de l’Europe Dieppe May 30’ – 3 ppages very small and short – To embark for England either Monday or Wednesday – will
be happy to take ‘anything small that you wish to send’ – in perhaps rather better spirits – ‘the Southwick estate
‘now devolves upon young Walter Johnson who has just obtained a commission in the 6th regiment of foot, and
‘sailed in January last for India’ – Between 1 and 2 my aunt had Dr. Tupper today – the 1st time she has consulted
him – ordered no medicine – but as an alterative, not as a purgative, she saying her bowels were pretty well,
1 oz. Epsom salts dissolved in 1 pint mint water, to take 2 tablespoonfuls the 1st thing every morning – wrote the
whole of today which took me till 10 3/4 – o... –

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 65 1/2° at 10 55/60 a.m.
63° at 10 3/4 p.m.
very fine day – not much sun
very pleasant returning from the Jardin des plantes.

Saturday 2
9 5/60
11 50/60
up at 7 20/60 for 10 minutes then lay down on the bed and dozed languid and giddy – Had a little motion and another ditto
on getting up again both together being about equal to one small but perhaps in my present state sufficie
nt there being two little thin rolls ~ Dawdling over 1 thing or other – giddyish – Galignani sent at 10 a receipt for 46 francs
for the next 6 months newspaper till 1 November – so paid him – wrote the above of this morning – sat down to breakfast at 10 25/60 – from then
to 11 25/60 breakfast and read the paper – then finished dressing and went out at 11 50/60 – talking to my aunt 2 or 3 minutes Gave her
a hundred francs ~ got to the lecture room at 12 1/4 – nobody there – 7th lecture began at 12 22/60 (12 1/4 by the Tuileries clock) and ended
at 1 55/60 – went direct to Perrelet for my watch – would not charge anything for regulating it – said it was si peu
de chose – Gave me a prospectus of ‘L’art de l’horlogerie’ – think I shall purchase the work – Shewed me
Francœur’s treatise on mechanics 1 volume 8vo. [octavo] and mentioned Dupin as a newer author on the same subject –
referring me to Bachelier’s catalogue for prices – asked if he knew Monsieur Tremery – no not more than that he
had de la reputation – Shewed me ‘L’Essai de Berthoud’ on horlogery in 2 small 4to. [quarto] volumes – a valuable
work – the best on the subject in the French language – walked slowly along, feeling a little light headed, and got home at 3 5/60 –
not quite so sleepy at the lecture today, as on Tuesday, yet dozed a little during the long business about the law of falling bodies
vize that the distances described are as the squares of the times – this being the main thing insisted on today – wrote the last 9 lines, and had
just done them at 3 35/60 – then began writing out heads of last Tuesday’s lecture – Mrs. Barlow came about 4 and sat with me
till Dr. Tupper came at 4 20/60 – does not think my aunt dropsical – cannot pretend to cure her at her age – but thinks
she has good stamina, and may live many years – no reason why I should not go to Switzerland or anywhere else – said my

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 64° at 9 1/4 a.m.
66° at 11 50/60 ––
69° at 10 1/2 p.m.

fine but dullish
morning smartish
rain at 8 1/2 – and very
rainy evening and night

giddiness etc. allowing to my stomach being out of order – gave me a tonic prescription – said what he had ordered my aunt (vide last
line but one of yesterday) mentioned the great things he had known by Epsom salts taken in this way, in cutaneous complaints – he
staid with me till 4 55/60 then went to see my aunt – Mrs. Barlow came to me, and staid till after we sat down to dinner at 5 20/60 –
Left the dining room at 6 50/60 – wrote the last 6 lines, and went out at 7 5/60 – direct to Mrs. Barlow waited a little while and then off
with Mrs. Barlow to the Champs Elysées – walked to the barrière – left Mrs. Barlow at her own door – meant to have spent the evening with her but prevented
by the rain – rained pretty smartly before I got home – came in at 8 1/2 – our going to Switzerland for 2 months seems now fixed since Dr. Tupper’s
good report of my aunt – prepared my bedroom – came into the drawing room at 8 40/60 – my 2 draughts come from Béral’s – the young man
who brought asked MacDonald (who says, he was a very nice young gentleman) if we were cousin to Dr. Lister of London – It strikes
me, this young man may be John Lister’s son of Swansea – he told George the 1st time he I sent him there, that he was from Swansea –
then wrote out the latter 1/2 the lecture (the heads of) of last Tuesday and the whole of the heads of the lecture of this morning which took me till
10 1/4 – came to my room at 10 20/60 – settled with George o.. –

Sunday 3
9 10/60
12 1/2
.. up at 7 20/60 for 1/4 hour but lay down on the bed and dozed till 9 10/60 Had a little motion etc. etc. exactly as yes
terday got into bed nearly half hour before getting up and incurred a cross chieifly thinking of π [Mariana] at all ra
tes not of Mrs Barlow – At 9 50/60 took 1 of the draughts ordered yesterday by Dr. Tupper – prepared my clothes for the wash, and wrote the skeleton
washing bills – and wrote the above of this morning – Then did my hair and – breakfast from 10 35/60 to 10 50/60 read the part of Friday’s paper not read
before – from 10 50/60 to 11 1/2 breakfast – then wrote out the last week’s account in my travelling Daybook finished dressing and went
in to read prayers at 12 1/4 Just as finishing dressing had a very little motion and my cousin came very gently
from 12 20/60 to 12 55/60 read the morning prayers leaving out the liturgy – sat talking to my aunt, and came to my room at
1 20/60 – Letter just there from Miss Fletcher, Betley Court Newcastle Staffordshire, dated 29 May, 3 ppages and the ends –
delighted at the good accounts of my aunt – gratified by our condolence on the loss of the little boy – glad to have
still a place in our remembrance – thinks the present ministry of shreds and patches cannot last –
and that integrity has been sacrificed to brilliance of talent – took the letter to my aunt to read, and sat down at my
desk at 1 40/60 – from then to 4 20/60 made out and wrote last month’s summary of my private account – settled all the accounts of
last week, and made out and wrote out the summary, and counted over my money – right except having 2 sols too much –
Mrs. Barlow came at 4 20/60 – took my draught then – sat talking till 5 20/60 when Mrs. Barlow (Jane had been with my aunt)
went – all in trouble about her sister Mrs. Carter’s going to India – Dinner at 5 25/60 – Came to my room at 6 40/60 –
settled with George and my accounts of today – wrote the last 4 1/2 lines which took me till 7 – went out at 7 1/4 – direct
to Mrs. Barlow she and Jane walked with me, through the barrière de l’Êtoile as far as the Étoile on the new Bois de Boulogne
road – got back to Mrs. Barlow’s at 9 1/2 – then sat talking to her in her own room about her sister Mrs. Carter’s going to India, etc.
whether we are to go to Switzerland or not – it seems they do not expect her in Guernsey and for many reasons she had best
not go – see no no good she could do by remaining here – yes! she would be within reach, and her sister could write as often
as she pleased – wished me to decide for her – no! but if I threw any influence into the scale, it would be for her to
remain quietly here, as this plan might after all be most satisfactory to her – tossed up twice a 5 franc piece – heads to be
going to Switzerland, tails remaining here – heads came up twice both times – perhaps, after all, we shall go – If I was
to go with her to Guernsey, she said, ‘it would create a sensation’ – Mr. Bell would begin to think how it was – she was thought
cold – not given to sudden attachments – the people would speculate – then I am better away – Mrs. Barlow has friends at Meaux –
could get me into some French family there for a little while to learn to speak French – we have before talked of this – said if she remained
here, I would go there now for a month or 6 weeks – perhaps this change of air would do for me – when it comes to the point,
she would like going to Switzerland – It seems more than 1/2 decided to go – Got home at 11 – my aunt had learnt from MacDonald this
morning that the young man at Bérals (from Swansey [Swansea]) has been there since ætatis 8, for the last 9 years ⸫ [therefore] it cannot be John Lister’s son –

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 58° at 9 1/4 a.m.
63° at 12 1/4 p.m.
55° at 11 10/60 ––

finish dullish morning
fine day – cool. no sun –
DateJun 1827
Extent1 page


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