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can possibly take in the house — I will go on with this plan — yet could anyone suddenly and unperceived peep in, and see me jump
up to dance, they would perhaps think me at least 1/2 cracked — as the people thought Democritus of old! — How little
we can sometimes judge of others! My bowels have not been quite right since π [Mariana] went can do very little on getting
up that all in little lumps and quarter hour about yesterday and this morning did a little about twelve or after
I will not take medicine surely nature will do in time ~ wrote the last 10 lines — from 2 to 2 50/60 reading la Grammaire
des Grammaires at which hour Madame Galvani came (1st lesson) and staid till 4 35/60 when (George having got her a fiacre) she went home —
her ancles much swelled from the fatigue of walking — read aloud a couple of ppages of Montlosier, and spent the rest of the time in
conversation — from 4 40/60 to 6, adding up twice, and correcting, the last 4 months of 1824. Dinner at 6 1/4 — came into
the salon at 7 1/2 — Madame Galvani mentioned the chance there was of her recovering 1/3 of her fortune, but she says she does not think of it —
does not dwell upon it — is not sanguine — Mentioning Mrs Barlow she said she loved me very much ah said [I] le croyez vous [do you believe it] yes she had seen her cry
when my friend was here because she said I was quite taken up with her and did not care for her Mrs Barlow Madame
Galvani said she herself loved me very much but not as [illegible] Mrs Barlow did who did not like me to love anyone else she did
not understand this I almost wonder Mrs Barlow should shew this ssort of feeling before Madame Galvani ~ the porter’s wife
has not come this evening — can it be because it is All Saints day? read (partly translating it to my aunt) from page 169. to
210. Montlosier’s Mémoire — Came to my salon at 10 1/4 — o..~

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 59° at 8 am.
60° at 12 at noon
59° — 2 p.m.
60° — 6 —
59° — 10 1/4 —

Thursday 2
6 3/4
11 40/60
Went out at 8 1/2 — bought groceries, beef killed yesterday, etc. — bought papier de l’écolier (foolscap common laid 25 sheets)
for 12 sols — then passed the Assumption church to a grocer’s Beaurens (rue St. Honoré No. [Number] 371) I noticed the other day — his raisins
(frais) 1/40 per lb. the same price as Gilberts, but got 1/2 lb. same kind but de l’année passée [of last year], the very thing for puddings at 0/80 per lb. — his currants
6 sols a lb. cheaper than Gilbert’s (26 instead of 32 sols a lb.) and, on comparing them at home, my aunt thought them better
better cleaned than Gilbert’s — bought ecorce de citron of him (for the plum pudding) 3 1/2 francs a lb. when bought by the lb. but
4/. if bought in less quantity — he shewed me a sample of loaf sugar considerably better than at 26 sols. a lb.
than Gilbert’s at 28 sols, but which he sells to me, par faveur, at 27 sols — On asking Madame Rolland (this morning)
the price of veal, she said it was (per lb.) 16, 17, 18 sols, selon la personne i.e. according to who it was that
bought it — I would have had it at 16 sols parce que je lui donne la pratique [because I give her practice] — I shall know what I am
about by and by — Got home at 9 1/2 — Settled my accounts — bought 1 1/2 lb. butter at 30 sols, as last week, of the butter woman — I find 1 1/2
lb. will be enough per week — vegetables rather dearer rue Luxembourg No. [Number] 7 — turnips 3 sols, instead of 2, per botte or bunch —
carrots 5 sols. as before — asked the price of Cresane pears — very dear — 5 sols a piece — cost the woman 5/. a
panier at the halle — at this rate all the pears above 20 the woman gets for her profit; and, I’ll answer for it,
there are 30 pears in a panier — this kind of pear will keep all the winter — breakfast at 10 1/2 — Letter from
M- [Mariana] 3 ppages and the ends closely written — 1st date London Wednesday 18th ultimo — last Thursday 26th ultimo at Mr. Ackers’s Ramsbury
Manor Ramsbury Wiltshire — Staid in London till the 24th ultimo to see Liston in Paul Pry — got to Ramsbury
the following day where M- [Mariana] found my letter — London ‘was close and damp’, and did not agree with her — she is better at Ramsbury
L [Charles Lawton] behaves well takes no notice of her bad spirits she dreads going to Lawton thinks she cannot be even ‘content
ed’ there all about this Mrs Grantham business Miss Hall asked all about me what fortune I had and should have etc. etc. all which
M- [Mariana] properly answered by she had not thought it right to inquire but believed I was comfortably off — had as our ‘apartments in Paris
‘were very nice ones, and expensive ones, being in the best part of the town’ — ‘I have been weighed, and scarcely
‘reach 8 stones 5 lbs. with a shawl and bonnet on’ — …. my hair still comes off as usual — Trufitt has cut a good
‘off — as much as he thinks necessary, unless I would have it shaved — this would be so inconvenient, that I must try to nurse

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 57 1/2° at 8 a.m.
57° — 10 50/60 p.m.

‘it on my head — he recommended some wash which he has sent with bear’s grease, combs, and brushes, and the
‘2 tufts of hair, accompanied by a bill amounting to £7 — it half frightened me to see the enormity of his
‘charges — however I shall finish with him’!!! One should have no bills even for an hour or 2 with such people
as these — Get what you choose, but pay for it at the moment, and then you cannot be taken by surprise —
the days at the Foreign Post Office in London are (for M- [Mariana] called and inquired) Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday — anxious to hear
‘that Mrs. Barlow gives you no part of the uneasiness which I have anticipated for you — whatever you tell me on this subject,
‘let it be the truth, for I cannot help drawing inferences from what I have seen of her that make me feel pretty
‘secure of how she will act, if your account contradicts my opinion it must be backed by your assurance of its
‘truth to make me believe it — I think of her perpetually but the thought brings me no comfort’ (top of page 2) — Her French
dresses much admired — has bought an India shawl price £25 of which Mr Charles Lawton gave her £10 — has given Sowerby
the music (God save the King, Rule Britannia, and Cherry ripe) to send to me — fancies Mrs. Acton ‘a fine lady’ —
asks if I went to Talma’s funeral ‘How much I should like to have seen it’ — I, being here, thought not — cared
not about seeing it — Poor π [Mariana] I wish she was well settled at home she will be back to me before very long all schemes
of staying for what she can get will be as nothing well whatever is is right I am attached to her and as
far as I can foresee we should on my own account be best together as ssoon as we well can be ~
Letter also dated Thursday 26 October from Marian (Shibden) 2 widely written ppages giving me a list of the books sent — saying they are all well, and that my
father knows nothing the expenses incurred at Northgate — saying also that Mr. Watson ‘requests to know what the sum
¦‘was my uncle advanced for Hipperholme School — my father could not tell him that perhaps when you write you
¦‘will mention it’ sent the account to Mr. Watson before I left Shibden — but the 1st few lines (10 — all but 2 of the 1st page) are the pith — ‘my father saw Mr. Briggs
¦‘this morning who it seems has anxiously wished to hear from you for some time, and he likewise told my father Mr.
¦‘Patchet had told him the bank had received no instructions from you with regard to transmitting your money to
¦‘your agent in London, and, until they did, they must keep what money they received on your account — Fancying there
¦‘must be some mistake in all this, we think it is better to lose no time in letting you know’ —
I meant to have gone to Père Lachaise (it being all souls day) to see the people visit the graves of their
relatives and friends but all this sort of thing must give way to business I will write to Mr. Briggs writing all
the above of today took me till 1 20/60 By the way I was interrupted a little while ago by a person saying he
had been with Mrs. Acton who had sent him to me — he has all sorts of silk goods stockings etc. etc. and
small gold watches — is going to Leipzig fair — will take anything I wish to dispose of — old dresses, shawls,
etc. etc. he does all this sort of business for the ladies — said I wanted nothing at present, and seldom changed
my dresses — always wore them out (the man spoke tolerably good English) — but that I would mention him, and think of him if I should
want anything in his way — keeping his address which I wrote down ‘Mr. Jackson, rue des Marais Boulevard’
(or rather I should think Faubourg) ‘du Temple No. [Number] 14.’ — from 1 1/2 to 3 writing the copy of a letter to Mr. James Briggs
and reading Gifford’s English Lawyer — this colliery-business is awkward — but I have promised to wait patiently till xmas [Christmas], and then,
if necessary to take strong measures, will do so — was preparing to go out when Mrs. and Miss Barlow called at 3 10/60 —
went out with her at 3 40/60 — went to look after the shoes I ordered some time ago in the rue des Capucines — could not find the shop —
went to another and ordered a pair — then went with Mrs. Barlow to Mellino’s and afterwards to the shop for gilt trinkets — then through the gardens
to Quai Voltaire — got there at 5 5/60 — staid till 5 50/60 — Jane with us almost all the time — Behaved very well my knee once touched hers
DateNov 1826
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