Catalogue Finding NumberWYL2053
Office record is held atLeeds, West Yorkshire Archive Service
Description[WYAS2201] including General Committee minutes 1861-1878, 1883-1973, 1985-1995, District Committee meeting minutes 1903-1971, Management Committee minutes 1986-1991, Cricket and Selection Committee meeting minutes 1903-1973, 1985-1995, Finance Committee meeting minutes 1900-1973, 1985-1995, 'White Rose' magazine 1984-2001, match programmes and brochures, testimonial, appeal and benefit brochures 1945-2001, Test Matches at Headingley brochures 1983-2000. [WYAS2273] additional records including scrapbooks, 1880-1989 [test matches, 1st XI and 2nd XI], YCC yearbooks, 1893-2003. [WYAS2277] including Players Benefit Cash Books, 1934-1959 [13 Items]; Financial Records, incl. Cash Books, 1905-1976 [7 Items]; YCCC Players Investment Cash Book, 1902-1924 [1 Item]; Large Ledger for Match Expenses, 1903-1973 [1 Item]. [WYAS3073] Includes Scorebook of tour to Windward Islands and St. Lucia, 1987; Scorebook of tour to Barbados (no 1st Class matches), 1990; Scorebook of tours to West indies and South Africa, 1994-1997; Scorebook of tours to West Indies, South Africa and Australia, 1997-2000; Scorebook of Yorkshire Academy and Yorkshire Under 16s matches, 2001-2005; Scoresheets for 1st Class and 2nd XI, 1990-2002 (no 2nd XI for 1991 or 2002); photocopy of scoresheet for Pakistan v Canada match played 9 Jun 1979. [WYAS3098] including committee minutes 1861-1878, 1883-1973, 'White Rose' magazine 1984-2001, match programmes and brochures, testimonial, appeal and benefit brochures 1945-2001, Test Matches at Headingley brochures 1983-2000, Yorkshire clubs' histories and special publications, printed histories of YCCC, district committee minutes 1903-1971, management committee 1986-1991, cricket committee 1903-1973, 1985-1995, finance committee 1900-1973, 1985-1995. [WYAS3584] Press cuttings and scorecards relating to the Yorkshire County Cricket Club 1976-1998. [WYAS3659] comprising thirteen scrapbooks 1946-1995 believed to have been compiled by Alan Cook, relating mainly to Yorkshire County Cricket Club. Contents include score cards, official programmes, match tickets, newspaper clippings, fixture lists, match reports. One of the scrapbooks relates specifically to the 1946-1947 MCC tour to Australia and another scrapbook lists different first class century makers between 1946 and 1995. [WYAS3687] Scorebook 1863-1870. [WYAS372]1 Match balance sheets ledger 1920-1945; benefit book 1927-1950; test match sales ledger 1958-1975; benefit receipts ledger 1904-1907; players investment ledger 1909-1924; members reserved seats ledger 1966-1967; players investment ledger 1913-1968. [WYAS2201] Scrapbooks relating to Yorkshire County Cricket Club [9 volumes]. [WYAS3832] Scoresheets for the 1st XI in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007; scoresheets for the 2nd XI in 2005, 2006 and 2007. [WYAS3864] START OF PLAY: THE FOUNDATION AND PROGRESS OF ILLINGWORTH ST MARY'S CRICKET CLUB c1884-c1920, A SOCIAL HISTORY by Dennis O'Keefe, Cricket Heritage Publications, 2007; THANKS TO THE INGHAMS: STORIES OF MIRFIELD CRICKET CLUB by Patrick Neal with James Norbury, Cricket Heritage Publications, 2007. [WYAS3940] Yearbook 2008. [WYAS3941] 'The Development of Cricket in Kirklees c1700-2000: An Overview' by Peter Davies and Rob Light (Cricket Heritage Project Publications, 2006) [1 item]; R Illingworth's Benefit Appeal Letter from William Worsley, 1965 [1 item]; Doug Padgett's Benefit Appeal Letter from William Worsley, 1969 [1 item]; Yorkshire Cricket Magazine, Jun 2007 [1 item]. WYAS4080 Yorkshire Cricket Magazines, April - Jul 2008 [3 items]; The Willie Watson Benefit Book, 1956 [1 item]. [WYAS4230] Yorkshire Cricket Magazine, Sep 2008 [1 item]; D B Close's Testimonial Fund, letter to YCCC members from William Worsley, Apr 1970 [1 item]; KEN TAYLOR BENEFIT MATCHES, programme of events and scorecard, together with details of teams in Benefit Match at Elland, 2 Jun 1968 [1 item]; Ken Taylor's Benefit programme for Benefit Match between S B Hainsworth's XI and Yorkshire XI at Fenner's Recreation Ground, Marfleet, 7 Jul 1968 [1 item] [WYAS4231] loose scoresheets for the first XI and second XI, 2008 [2 bundles] [WYAS4346] Matthew Hoggard benefit brochure entitled HOGGY BENEFIT YEAR 2008 [OFFICIAL SOUVENIR BROCHURE], reference WYL2053/4/1/4/74 [WYAS4363] policy administration papers, item references WYL2053/1/5/1-15; test match accounts and associated correspondence 1965, 1967-1970, item reference WYL2053/1/2/4/2; general committee minutes 1973-2001, item references WYL2053/1/1/1/10-21; finance committee minutes 1972-2001, item references WYL2053/1/1/2/4-9; cricket committee minutes 1972-2001, item references WYL2053/1/1/3/7-12; grounds and membership committee minutes 1970-1992 and grounds sub-committee minutes 1998-2001, item references WYL2053/1/1/4/3-4; management committee minutes 1986-1991, item reference WYL2053/1/1/6/1; public relations committee minutes 1971-1998, item references WYL2053/1/1/7/1-2; marketing committee minutes 1992-1998, item references WYL2053/1/1/8/1-2; executive committee minutes 1982-1983, item reference WYL2053/1/1/9/1; committee meeting notes 1991-1996, item references WYL2053/1/1/10/1-2; senior staff meeting minutes 1996-1997, item reference WYL2053/1/1/11/1; benefit and testimonial publications including item references WYL2053/4/1/4/2, 18, 32, 36, 37, 39, 62-72; publications produced for club members including Yorkshire Cricket Magazine Dec 2008, item reference WYL2053/4/1/5/83. [WYAS4507] YORKSHIRE CRICKET MAGAZINE, Sep 2008, reference WYL2053/4/1/5/82 [1 item]; DB CLOSE'S TESTIMONIAL FUND, letter to YCCC members from William Worsley, reference WYL2053/4/1/4/59 [1 item]; KEN TAYLOR BENEFIT MATCHES, programme of events and scorecard together with details of teams in Benefit Match at Elland, 2 Jun 1968, reference WYL2053/4/1/4/60 [1 item]; KEN TAYLOR programme for Benefit Matches between S B Hainsworth's XI and Yorkshire XI at Fenner's Recreation Ground, Marfleet, 7 Jul 1968, reference WYL2053/4/1/4/61 [1 item] [WYAS4727] annual report 2009 [1 item]; Collingham and Linton Cricket Club Centenary booklet 1887-1987 [1 item]; Scarborough Cricket Club 150th Anniversary and 113th Annual Festival souvenir programme 1999 [1 item]; Chris Old Benefit, benefit appeal letter from Yorkshire County Cricket Club President, Kenneth Parkinson, 1979 [1 item]; Chris Old Benefit, ticket for raffle for autographed cricket bat 1979 [1 item]; Richard Lumb Benefit, calendar of events, 1983 [1 item]; Scrapbook of Knaresborough, Yorkshire 2nd XI and Leicestershire Cricketer, Frank T Prentice, circa 1930s [1 item]; Yorkshire Cricket Magazine, Apr 2009, Jun 2009, Aug 2009 [3 items] [WYAS4757] Fourth NPower Ashes Test Match, England vs Australia scoresheets, Aug 2009 [1 item]; Second XI scoresheets Jul-Aug 2009 [1 item]; Second XI scoresheets Apr-Jun 2009 [1 item]; Second XI scoresheets Sep 2009 [1 item] [WYAS4822] Ron Yeomans' scrapbooks, 1921-1926, 1946-1947, 1947-1955 [3 items]; scoresheets first XI, 2009 [1 item]; annual report and accounts 2008 [1 item; menu for 25th anniversary dinner of Rotherham Cricket Society at Brecon Hotel, signed by Yardley, Wardle and others, 27 Apr 1984 [1 item]; menu for Yorkshire Players in Ashes Test Matches, 7 Aug 2009 [1 item]; Yorkshire Cricket Centre coaching programme, 2004-2005 [1 item]; photograph of Sheffield Collegiate Boys, 1924 [1 item]; photograph of indoor nets with Yeomans batting n.d. [1 item]; A4 prints from artwork by Glen Hall of Yorkshire Players, the artwork was produced for the Yorkshire Post Benefit Book, 1987 [1 bundle]; menu for tribute dinner, Sheffield, Wombwell and Rotherham Cricket Societies commemorating 118 years (1855-1973) of county cricket at Bramall Lane, Sheffield, 1973 [1 item]; ticket for tribute to Bramall Lane 1855-1973, ticket number 310, 6 Aug 1973 [1 item] [WYAS4842] A TRIBUTE TO FREDDIE TRUEMAN IN SUPPORT OF THE FREDDIE TRUEMAN STATUTE APPEAL published by Cornerstone Marketing Ltd, 2009 [1 item]; annual report and accounts, 2009 [1 item]; yearbook 112th edition, 2010 [1 item]; THE ASHES AT HEADINGLEY: A LECTURE by Christopher Martin-Jenkins MBE, 2009 [1 item]; TWO MEN AND A BLOG: CRICKET DIARY by Tony Hutton and Peter Davies, forward by Joe Sayers YCCC and England Lions, 2009 [1 item]; Yorkshire Cricket Magazine, Mar 2010 [1 item] [WYAS4848] Scoresheets 2007, 1st XI. Added to WYL2053/1/3/82 [1 item]. [WYAS5087] Includes - WYL2053/1/3/93: 2nd XI 2009 Season Scorecards, Sundry Nominated Players Forms (ECB), Sundry Scorer's report forms 2nd XI Championship & Friendly Matches, 2009 and Sundry Scorer's report 2nd XI Trophy, 2009 [ 1 bundle]; WYL2053/1/3/94: 2nd XI 2010 Season Scorecards - Trophy Competition, 27 Apr 2010-23 Aug 2010 [ 1 bundle]; WYL2053/1/3/95: 2nd XI 2010 Season Scorecards - Championship, 28 Apr 2010-26 Aug 2010 [ 1 bundle]; WYL2053/1/3/96: 2nd XI 2010 Season Scorecards - Other, 2 Jun 2010-3 Aug 2010 [ 1 bundle]; WYL2053/1/3/97: 1st XI Scorecards - Yorkshire Carnegie Friends Provident T20 - North Group, 3 Jun 2010-18 Jul 2010 [ 1 bundle]; WYL2053/1/3/98: YCCC Scorecards - L V Championship, 9 Apr 2010-16 Sep 2010 [ 1 bundle]; WYL2053/1/3/99: Yorkshire Carnegie Clydesdale Bank AO - Group B - Season 2010 Scorecards, 25 Apr 2010-11 Sep 2010 [ 1 bundle]; WYL2053/1/3/100: 2010 Season Scorecards - Other, 10 May 2010-12 Sep 2010 [ 1 bundle]. [WYAS5116] CRICKET IN THE DALES: A CELEBRATION OF THE GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY OF THE DALES COUNCIL CRICKET LEAGUE, 1955-2005, by Barry Foster, 2004 [WYAS5296] Yearbook, 2011 [1 item]; RAWDON CRICKET CLUB: 175 YEARS OF CRICKET 1835-2010 commemorative brochure, 2010 [1 item]; annual report and accounts 2001, 2003, 2006 [3 items]; YORKSHIRE CRICKET MATCHDAY MAGAZINE, 2008-2010 [5 items]; THE YORKSHIRE HANDBOOK, 2010 [1 item]; Gerard Brophy benefit brochure, 2011 [1 item] [WYAS5594] Scrapbooks numbers 2-17, 1989-1992 [16 volumes]; Annual Report and Accounts 2010 [1 item]; Mather & Company brochure showing display solutions for Museums, Retail etc, Loose photos taken at Bramall Lane Museum (Sheffield United FC) [7 photos], Envelope of photos taken at Wimbledon Museum and leaflet about the Museum, 2009, Envelope of photos taken at Somerset Cricket Museum and leaflet about the Museum, 2009, Envelope containing Museum pretender documentation, Envelope containing Museum site drawings, Envelope containing Museum Exhibition preparation documentation [1 bundle] [WYAS5595] Yearbook 2011 [1 item]; scrapbooks 1964-1987 [31 items]; scoresheets, 1st XI and 2nd XI, 2011 [2 bundles]; newspaper reports 1988-2001 [27 bundles] Including 15 scrapbooks of the YCCC 2nd XI [1986-2006] and 5 scrapbooks of press cuttings [1995-2001] from the Mollie Staines Collection and also a bundle of papers including W.I.P subcontractors papers and tenders [c2008-2001] from the YCCC Museum [WYAS6156] Scoresheets for the 1st XI and 2nd XI, Apr-Sep 2012; Scoresheets for England v South Africa 2-6 Aug 2012 [WYAS6706] Second eleven scorebooks, 1999-2002, 2008-2011 [11 items]; Len Hutton scrapbook, 1930s-1980s [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, 1934 [2 items]; Len Hutton scrapbook including photographs, 1937 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, 1947 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook of Australia versus England M.C.C. Tour, 1950-1951 [1 item]; B.A. Siddle scrapbook [1 item]; YCCC Mobile Museum plans and quotations, 2012 [1 bundle] [WYAS6729] Len Hutton scrapbook, League Cricket and Colts, 1933 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, Yorkshire Colts, 1933 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, Yorkshire Colts, 1934 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, 1933-1937 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, Pudsey St Lawrence,1934 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, 1936-1937 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, 1937-1938 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, Oval, 1938 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, 1943-1948 [1 item]; Len Hutton scrapbook, season, 1948 [1 item]; Roy Wilkinson scrapbook, 1972 [1 item]; Second Team scoresheets, 2013 [1 bundle] [WYAS6789] 2nd XI scorecards 2013 season [31 bundles] and Len Hutton scrapbook [1934] [WYAS6847] Scorebook for Yorkshire County Cricket Club tour to America, 19 Sep-6 Oct 1964. New York Leagues, Washington, Toronto, Vancouver, Southern California and Bermuda. Tourists:- Sharpe, Hutton, Hampshire, Close, Padgett, Illingworth, Binks, Trueman, Wilson, Boycott, Ryan, Roberts (Tour organise), Sobers (Guest) [1 item]
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