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reduced from 120,000 to 40,000 souls; more than 15000 houses were either
burnt or demolished and more than 16000 families were stripped of their bedding,
furniture and cattle turned out in the midst of a severe winter, and in short became
beggars on the high roads –
Austria declaring war against France 12. August 1813
Moreau met the Emperor of Russia and King of Prussia at their Headquarters at Prague
18. August 1813, and was immediately appointed General adjutant to the Emperor of Russia – p.153.
the French lost at Leipsic 13000 killed 30,000 prisoners, all effective men – and 23000
sick and wounded found in Leipsic 250 pieces of cannon, 900 turnbrils and baggage-waggons
and 49000 firelocks. p.264
Blücher overtook the flying French / after the battle of Leipsic / on the 21st November near
Freiburgh when attempting to pass the bridge over the Unstrut - a bloody conflict
ensued the passage over the bridge was actually blocked up by the crowds of fugitives –
‘the bridge broke down, and, horrible to relate, hundreds were precipitated at once
‘into the flood beneath. The no. [number] of men that here found their grave in the Unstrut was
‘So great, that the current was obstructed and the river overflowed its banks for a considerable distance’ p.268.
The delibration of the Congress at Vienna commenced 1 November. 1814.

Friday 22
8 50/60
11 ½
Had no kiss last night Anne being very unwell with a wretched bad cold in her head
and not particularly in a humour for a kiss I let her alone – a remarkably fine day – a very
little frosty – Nantz and I walked to Elland, thence to Brighouse, and round by White Hall just
below Hipperholme home - set out at ½ past 11 got back a few minutes after 3. Walked
good 8 miles – Nantz dismally tired, tho’ owned she was repaid by the very fine view from
what is called Brighouse lane head – just above the town – the road to Hipperholme –
after tea read aloud from p.1. to 170. of ‘Paris Revisited in 1815, by way of Brussels : Including

HCL- [Halifax Circulating Library]
Monday 25 November 1816

‘a walk over the field of battle at Waterloo. By John Scott,
‘Author of a visit to Paris in 1814; and editor of the Champion, a
‘London weekly journal - London Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees,
‘Orme, and Brown, Paternoster Row. 1816.’ 1 vol. 800 pp.405

Saturday 23
Anne gave me a good kiss last night tho I was rather lazy Letter from M- [Mariana] / Lawton / Expressing her
fears about my prudence with Anne alas is too late I read Anne the sentence ‘pray how much
longer does Nantz intend to stay with you I know she is happy and should myself be so if I could be quite
sure you were as prudent as you ought to be’ and again said π [Mariana] would never forgive me if she knew
Anne said how came she to think so much about it I repeated the reasons given on a former day and
Added that π [Mariana] had always dwelt most upon and said What make my sister like Miss Northern
do you call this friendship this honour (Miss Northern is daughter to Northern the dentist who has

lodgings at the pump she would beg lad to take in sewing and from my aunts proposing to
send to her to make me some new night things I have somehow got to joke about her and threat
en Anne to send for her in another capacity so that her name is now become the nickname with
Anne and me for a frail companion or chere ami ) in explaining this exclamation attributed
to π [Mariana] I was led into hinting at Sarah Binns the feigned name of a girl to who π [Mariana]
believes and has believed for the last 2 years me to pay thirty pounds a year I told the name Sarah and mentioned the initial.
B talking as if I still paid her occasional visits Anne asked how π [Mariana] got to know of her
I said by accidentally getting a peep at a letter some unlucky business about money matters
Anne was satisfied but caught at the expression money matters and we had a good deal of
conversation about it I asked her what she thought of me if she excused me etc etc she
said yes I asked her if she repented her conduct she answered no I said I believed
her and repeated that she would never repent anything but that we could not always go on as we
do now she nodded assent I promised to lie thro thick and thin and never let π [Mariana] find out what had
passed as I said I was sure she would think it right to tell Mrs Belcombe I asked Anne if she would
always kiss me she said yes I told her I know she was so fond of me she would still kiss me if
Father mother and all the would were against it she said she believed she should I answered I
cared not what she chose to call her feelings whether she would let me say she was in love or
out of it but that I knew her prejudice in my favour was so strong she would forgive
me anything and kiss me after all she owned she would she has certainly no suspicion
of π [Mariana] and me and says π [Mariana] would not suit me would not do to live with me – after dinner Nantz
and I walked to the library – a fine frosty day – rather damp in the evening -

Sunday 24
12 1/2
had two kisses last night wrote a page to M- [Mariana] in the morning - Nantz and I went to
Church in the afternoon – She had a bad tooth-ache in the Evening After tea read aloud the 21st, 22d and 23d.
of Horsey’s sermons – a very fine frosty day –

Monday 25
9 20/60
12 1/4
had no kiss last night Anne was so unwell with the toothache I let her goo quietly to sleep
Finished and sent off my letter to M- [Mariana] / Lawton / after dinner read aloud from p. 362 to 405 the end
of Scott’s Paris revisited in 1815 this work is interesting and amusing but not written in a style
so much so as the ‘visit to Paris in 1814’ by the same author. Vid Saturday 26 October 1816. I like
his politics and this his views of things just and supported by sound arguments – He
says the Netherlanders speak slightingly and in a grumbling tone of their King but that his
son, the heir apparent Prince William of Orange, who was to have had our Princess Charlotte,
in a great favourite with their Vid p.64
The wounded at Brussels after the battle of Waterloo did remarkably well – the –
author observed the to an Officer who replied ‘the distressed had to thank providence,
and not the medical board’ – p.82

Assuring her of my love and affection that my only wish and study were to deserve and gain her confidence and that I neither had
done nor would do in future anything imprudent to Anne never did I deceive π [Mariana] before would to god I had not obliged myself to do it now
DateNov 1816
Extent1 page


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