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Noember Sunday 17
No kiss last night Had very bad night – sickness and reaching, roused by my pills –
Mr Veitch came to dinner and to stay 2 or 3 days – very sick and ill all the day – hardly lifted my
head from the pillow till 7 in the Evening when feeling better I got up and sat up in my dressing gown till
About 10. Poor Nantz very kind and attentive, and a very good nurse – the day fine –

Monday 18
9 3/4
1 20/60
No kiss last night Slept better and went down to Breakfast about 1/2 past 10 much fatigued with dressing
and very poorly – but got better during the day and after tea, played, a pool at Quad with Mrs Veitch
and my uncle and aunt not able to write to write to M- [Mariana] today as usual – a finish November day –
Came upstairs soon, but sat by the fire talking to Nantz while she mended her stays

Tuesday 19
9 10/60
12 ¾
A good kiss last night Anne certainly improves in the art owns she likes it better than she did
at first and does not now deny that it gives her pleasure Had a good night – almost well
again to day. Nantz showed me Elizabeth’s last letter from Geneva in which she mentions having seen the N-s
the scurvy appearance of the party, and her own journey to Mont Blanc and the glaciers in
company with a Mrs MaCauley daughter to the authoress of the name of history of England Elizabeth
calculates her share of the expenses / they were absent 6 days / as not possibly exceeding 6.
Louis – I find Dr Odier / with whom she was staying / lost so much during the Revolution that he now
takes Pensionaries – you may have excellent accommodations, board and lodge with the family, visit with them in the best society
Geneva affords / and be treated as one of them for £100 a year – wrote to M- [Mariana] in the evening played
a pool at Quad with Mrs Veitch, my uncle and aunt. A fine November day –

Wednesday 20
12 3/4
Had a very good kiss last night Anne has always an abundance of moisture and never fails
to give me full gratification I had teazed her last night after supper by telling her
story of her falling into the old necessary at Lawton she did not bear it very well I told her
of this as soon as we got upstairs she acknowledged it said she did not know how it was she could
not help to but was very sorry etc etc she cried and was very nervous tis easy to see her much she
values my good opinion and that she would do anything in the world to please me of course it was a sort
of lovers quarrel I could do no less than cheer her with additional kindness and a kiss and a few tender squeezes
soon recovered her spirits I wish her breath was better and that her person was altogether more
agreeable however she gives me pleasure she is very fond of me very genial give all she
can and now that I take it so composedly I ought not to complain superiour charms might
not be so easily come at able on such easy terms Mrs Veitch left us soon after breakfast
Nantz and my aunt waked with her to Halifax - Nantz called on Mrs Tenant – In their absence
Coping out my journal – after tea read aloud from pp. 110 to 266 of the Life of Blücher – quite
better again today – very fine November day –

November Thursday 21
8 3/4
11 1/2
two good kisses last night In the morning copied out my journal down to this day –
after dinner Nantz and I walked to the library a fine day - after tea read aloud from pp. 266 to the end of the Life of Blücher –
This work is very interesting tho’ had it been from the pen of a more spirited and skilful writer, it
might have been made more so – The story is often interrupted by long notes some
of them not particularly valuable for the information they contain – There are
small plans of the following battles – Lützen fought 2. May 1813 Vid p. 76
Bautzen 20 and 21 May 1813. p.110 Blücher’s ambuscade of Hayman 26 May 1813. p.130
Calm 30. August 1813 p.187 – Dresden where Moreau fell, 26 August 1813 p.184
Katzbach on the river, 26. August 1813 p.162. – Gross Beeren (near Teltow in the neighbourhood of
Berlin and Potsdam) 22. August 1813 p.191 – Dennewitz and Wartenburg 6 September and 3. October 1813. pp.199 and 210.
Leipsic 16 and 17. October 1813. p.232. Leipsic 18 and 19. October 1813. p.241
Brienne sur Aube and La Rothiére 31 January .1. Febuary 1814 p.322 no plan of these 2 battles in France
Ligny near Fleurus between Blücher and Napoleon 15. June 1815
Les Quatre Bras between the Duke of W- [Wellington] and Napolean 16 and 17 June 1815
Waterloo the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon. Blücher came up at 1/2 past 7 in the evening, 18 June 1815
Blücher began to pass the Rhine / the 1st time / 1. January 1814 by Kaub, Bacharach and
Coblentz. p.285.
‘Gebhardt Leberecht von Blücher is a desendant of a very ancient and noble family
‘whose barony is situated in the dutchy of Mecklenburg. Schwerin. He was
‘born at Rostock in the dutchy, on the 16th December 1742. Being the youngest of 6. brothers
‘His father was a Captain of Dragoons in the Elector of Hessen-Cassel’ - p.3.
Blücher got the Death’s Head or Von Goltz’s Hussars and was made Major General 1794
Lieutenant General in 1801. General Field Marshall - afterr the stupendous victory of Leipsic and Prince
Blücher of Wahlstatt at Paris 3. June 1814 vid. pp.15, 16, 17. p.17 has the following note
‘The name of Wahlstatt is dereived from the cloister and village of Wahlstatt, near Liegnitz,
‘on the river Katzbach. This Cloister and village are famous for having been built on the spot
‘where a great battle was fought between the Tartars and Hen. 2 Duke of Silesia, in 1241:
‘the Duke lost his life and the battle; and in commemoration of this unfortunate event, the Cloister
‘was built by his mother, and to this day, a description of the battle is annually read from the
‘pulpit, on the 9th of April, being the anniversary of that on which the battle was fought. The
‘word Wahlstatt has, besides, a double significant in the German Language, as it
‘likewise implies, ‘a field of battle’; so that Blücher’s title has the significant
‘meaning - Prince of the Field of Battle’
An official and modest estimate states the total amount of losses caused by D’Avoust
to the City of Hamburgh and its environs at thirteen million stirling. the population was
DateNov 1816
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