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A Lister
Shibden Hall
Tuesday 5th November 1816

From Thursday 5 November 1816, to the 21 March 1817.
Tuesday 5 - Dates of the different battles in the Peninsula – population of Ditto
L Thursday 7 - Dr Alexander breakfasted here – Anne Belcombe arrived
L Letter from M [Mariana] s/v [sent via] Mrs H.S.B [Henry Stephen Belcombe] 1st snow this winter
L Friday 8 - Letter from Miss M [Mariana] Elizabeth B-‘s [Belcombe] arrival - Letter from Fisher
and the rosary from IN [Isabella Norcliffe] Anne and I called at Pye nest and
Mrs Veitchi – conversation at night From not
poisond at Jaffa by order of Buonaparte assassination of the
Duke of D’Enghien _ character of Josephine –
Saturday 9 - said I was engaged Wrote to Mrs H S B [Henry Stephen Belcombe] 1st girl
To be M. P. B [Mariana Percy Belcombe]
Sunday 10 - First kiss of Anne last night
Monday 11 - wrote to M- [Mariana]
Tuesday 12 - Anne and I caled at Northgate – Minutes from I.N.[Isabella Norcliffe] by Mrs Copley
Wednesday 13 - kiss more pain than pleasure Anne asks if I be
wrong said Mariana desired men Otto be foolish with Anne
Note from Mrs Edwards showed Anne C-‘s note of the 19th March
Thursday 14 - Anne owns she had pleasure with me
Friday 15 - Anne and I dined at Pyenest – I unwell coming home –
Saturday 16 - Still unwell – letter from M [Mariana] stamped Cald. and his father
Knew of no such thing as taxing an attorney’s bill –
Sunday 17 - Still unwell Mrs V [Veitch] came to dinner and stay a day or 2
Tuesday 19 - Elisa expeditions to Mont Blanc. Dr Odier takes pension-
naires - terms –
Wednesday 20 - Story of Anne’s accident at Lawton – Mrs V [Veitch] left us -
Anne called on Mrs Tenant – Dates of battles in Germany in 1813
And 1814 – anecdotes of Blucher –
Friday 22 - Anne and I walked to Elland etc -
Saturday 23 - letter from M- [Mariana] In a fright about my conduct to Anne
tell Anne of Sarah Binns Anne will always kiss me
does not suspect π [Mariana] says she would not suit me
Monday 25 - Wrote to M [Mariana] deny the affair with Anne no number of pictures
in the Louvre after being cleared of the property of other nations
Tuesday 26 - A rummage Anne sees the clothes that were poor Sams
Wednesday 27 - Anne took off her night shift story of Caermarthen
Libertine conversation Heights of mountains [coxe]
on the soitres of Switzerland population _ per sqare mile -
Dimensions of the Heidelberg Ton [Heidelberg Tun] -
Thusday 28 - conversation with my aunt about paying bills
Her anxiety to get quit of Nantz etc etc

Promised A- [Anne] my shade if she loved me as well 2 or 3 years
Hence as now --- this last sent belongs to Friday 29

November 29 - Nantz would forsake her country for me
Friday 29 - Would be like priors emma the nut brown maid
Anne left us – wrote to Miss M- and Mrs B [Belcombe]
Island of Fayal – population of some continent cities –
Anecdotes to of Frederick of Prussia – had had altogether
20 kisses two the first night and three other
nights two each
Saturday 30 - Letter for M [Mariana] satisfied with what I said about
Anne wrote to Marian – called at Northgate
My uncle Lister had an erysipelas

L Tuesday 3 - Wrote to M [Mariana] called at Northgate
Thursday 5 - Letter for R.C [Rouge Croix] sketch of our pedigree called at Northgate -
My uncle Joseph began to be ill again last night called to
inquire after Mrs T Rawson after her confinement
Friday 6 - Note of inquiry to Mrs Edwards called at Northgate
Saturday 7 - Letter from M [Mariana] I am very unwell
Sunday 8 - Mr Sunderland called in to attend me -
Monday 9 - Misses Caroline and Susan Greenwood called
Tuesday 10 - Wrote to M- [Mariana]
Monday 16 - Letter from M [Mariana] and also wrote to M [Mariana]
Saturday 21 - Letter from M [Mariana]
Monday 23 - Wrote to M [Mariana] my father arrived
Tuesday 24 - Wrote to my mother
Wedneday 25 - Curious conversation with my aunt about doing
something for myself Sent a parcel and letter to Anne
Thursday 26 - Began Xenoph’s memorabilia vid. 15 December
Friday 27 - My mother tipsy 25 nights
Saturday 28 - Letter from M- [Mariana] and from my mother went to consult the registers
Sunday 29 - Wrote to M [Mariana] sent her basket
Monday 30 - Called on Mrs Catherine Rawson, Mrs J.R, Mrs Hodgson
and at Northgate -

November 5

August 1
Sir Arthur Wellesley landed on few thousand British troops in the Bay of Mondego

21 Sir Arthur Wellesley won the battle of Vimiera [Battle of Vimeiro] against Junot Duke of Abrantes. p44

On the night between the 16th and 17th Sir John Moore after repulsing Soult,
Duke of Dalmatia, embarked his troops at Corunna

Sir Arthur Wellesley landed in Portugal on 2d time and reviewed his troops at Coimbra May 6.

May 12
Sir Arthur Wellesley entered Oporto and drove Soult out of Portugal which he had
Entered the February before - p.89.

July 28
Sir Arthur Wellesley won the battle of Talavera de la Reyna against King Joseph and Marshal Victor p.91

September 27
Lord Wellesley gloriously maintained his position at Busacoa [Bussaco] / in the night and of Coimbra /
Against Massena Prince of Essling

November 14
Massena retreated from his position before Lord Wellesley’s lines on the heights of Torres Vedras

General Graham won the battle of Barrosa / near Cadiz against Victor troops
The Spanish General Lapena drew of his men without fighting p.167

April 16
General Sir William Beresford won the battle of Albuera / near Badajos / against Soult

May 3 Lord Wellesley beat Massena who attacked him at Fuentes de Onora, near Almcida

April 6
Lord Wellesley took Badajos in spite of the Government Philippon’s fine defence. p252

July 21
Lord Wellesley beat Marmont at Salamanca who being wounded early in
the engagement was succeded by General Clauzel much the better general of the 2 says Sarrazin

August 12
Lord Wellesley entered Madrid - left it, 21. September following -

October 22. In the night began the retreat from Burgos, defended against the ignorance of our
engineers by General Dubreton p.293

June 21
Lord Wellesley won the battle of Vittoria against King Joseph and his Major General Marshall
Jourdan who gained the battle of Fleures in 1794.

July 30
Lord Wellesley won the battle of the Pyrenees against Soult -

The population of the Peninsula / says Sarrazin in his history of the war in Spain and Portugal from which work the
above is taken and to which the pages refer vid. Thursday 31 October and Monday 4 November 1816 / is rated 13 millions
of which the population of the Asturias … 360,000 souls Murcia … 360,000
Galicia … 1,350,000 Estremadura … 400,000
Andalusia … 1,779,000 Portugal … 3,000,000
DateNov 1816
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