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a little before his death Fred asked what o’clock it was – when told ‘well then’
said he, ‘ I am going to sleep’ – He is buried at Potsdam, in a church known by the name
Of the Temple of the court of garrison’ – p.221.
Ritzebuttel about ½ mile from Cuxhaven. P.23 ‘Population I should suppose, between 3 and 4000 . p.24.
‘Cuxhaven is little more than a fortress and harbour on the left bank of the mouth of the Elbe’ p.25.
The Population of Breslau rated at 70,000.
Ditto of Gottenburgh / Sweden / including the suburbs 25,000 souls. p.259.
2 German or 8 English miles. p.44. The Swedish mile is equivalent to about 6 2/3 English miles. p.224.
After tea also after finishing the above named work Semplés Tour from Hamburgh etc , began and read aloud pp.89. of

HCL [Halifax Circulating Library] 19/24
An admirable work – read through
Saturday 14 December – 1816 –

‘Political essay on the Kingdom of New Spain containing Researches relative
‘to the geography of Mexico, the extent of its surface and its political division into
‘intendancies, the physical aspect of the country, the population the state
‘of agriculture and manufacturing and commercial industry, the canals
‘projected between the South Sea and Atlantic ocean the crown revenues, the
‘quantity of the precious metals which have flowed from Mexico into Europe
‘and Asia, since the discovery of the New Continent and the Military defence of
‘New Spain. By Alexander de Humboldt with physical sections
‘and maps, founded on astronomical observations and trigonometrical and
‘barometrical measurements. Translated from the original French by
‘John Black. London printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown;
‘L.H. Colburne : L.W. Blackwood, and Brown and Crombie, Edinburgh. 1811.’
2 Volumes 8vo [octavo] volume 1 containing Translator’s preface and Humboldt’s dedication to his
Cath. Majesty Charles 4th king if Spain and the Indies, pp.17 the authors’
Geographical introduction pp.145 and of the Political Essay pp. 289 2 volume counting pp.531.

During supper / not eating anything I always come upstairs till it is over / and for an hour before
I got into bed, writing my journal – fine mild, spring like day never remember such
weather in November the glass high and likely to continue so – the weather has quite changed and been
remarkably fine since the great eclipse of the sun between the hours of ½ past 8 and ½ past 10 in the morning of last Tuesday week the 19th

Saturday 30
8 20/60
12 3/4
Wrote and sent off a letter to Marian / Market Weighton / in answer to hers received Monday 4th of the month –
Had a letter from M- [Mariana] / Lawton / saying she was made happy by my answer to what she said
about my conduct to Anne and that a certain ‘laconic way of answering her questions about
her and seeming unwilling to say much on the subject’ gave rise to her fears ~ After dinner walked
to the library – met Emma and Maria Ralph as I was going, and in shaking hands with E- [Emma] she contrived
to tear a leaf out of Semplés tour thro’ Hamburgh etc etc which having been reading happened to be

open – Called to tell Mr Sunderland to come tomorrow and bleed my uncle L- [Lister] who has a slight
appearance of Erysipelas in the left side of his face and head – Sat an hour at Northgate – after tea read
aloud from p.90 of the Geographical Introduction of Humboldt’s Travels to p.145 / the end of it / and to p.16 the work
itself the Political Essays on New Spain – Fine day – moderately frosty –

December Sunday 1
1 1/2
The inflammation in my uncles face a good deal subsided but expecting Sunday neither my aunt
nor I went to church Sunderland thought bleeding unnecessary – Did not go to church in the afternoon but went out
about 4 /p.m/ and walked to the Hipperholme turnpike and back – a very fine frosty day – after tea read aloud
2 of Horsley’s sermons 24 and 25. After coming upstairs to bed, wrote a page and ½ of a letter to M- [Mariana]

Monday 2
9 1/2
12 3/4
In the morning finished my letter to M- [Mariana] / Lawton / expressing my delight at the confidence she now places
in me and declaring that so far from meaning to be ‘laconic’, the thing never entered my head and I wrote
in too great a hurry to be diffuse on an subject – sent my letter in the afternoon – My Aunt had
one this morning from Nantz saying she arrived safe at home about 8 on Friday evening - After tea read aloud
from p.16 to 111 of Humboldt’s Political Essays - A remarkably fine day – rather soft in the morning but fine,
and frost towards evening -

Tuesday 3
Writing my journal part of the morning then construed from the 21st sentence to the end of the 30th chapter of Neilsons
Gr. Ex. Great Expeditions? not having done any since Wednesday 6 of last month on account of Nantz arrived here
on Thursday evening 7 of last month and only left us last Friday the 29 - my Aunt went to dinner and stay a day
or two with Mrs Neitch – I walked down in the afternoon called at Northgate found nobody at home -
met my aunt L- [Lister] in the street, and we both went to Mrs V_s [Veitch] where we sat half an hour –
After tea read aloud from p.111 to 164 of Humboldt’s Political Essays on New Spain. A very fine day – tho rather softish –

Wednesday 4
1 1/2
Construed chapter 31 of Neilson’s Ex [Expeditions?] and 13 sentences of chapter 32. After tea read aloud from p.164 to 289 at end of Volume 1
of Humboldt’s Political Essays on New Spain. A very fine day – sat up making extracts from Humboldt -

Thursday 5
X 9
12 3/4
Construed from sentence 14 of chapter 32 and the who of chapter 33 of Neilson’s Gr. Ex [Great Expeditions?] – had a letter from Rouge
Croix / dated College of Arms / - He has not been able to find any descent prior to Richard
whom we find at Ovenden in but has added a little to the head of our pedigree
which he has sketched as follows

[Names from sketch – Richard Lister 10 to 30 Henry 6]
[a Richard Lister the younger 30 Henry 6 to 2 Henry 7. William Lister =]
[John Lister =. a Brian Lister]
[John Lister =. a Robert Lister lived 1525. a James Lister of the Parish of Halifax ob. 1525]
[Richard Lister Will 9 January 1545 = Elizabeth his wife 1545. a John Lister of Cotsall in County Gom named as living 1525. a Isabel. a John Lister. A Johanna. a Margaret]
[Thomas Lister Will 4 May 1605 = Silvilla Northend. Sibill. Effam. a John Lister of Blackhall in Southowram will 26 January 1592 A quo Listers of Hull etc =. Robert Lister Martin of Magdalin Hull Oxon]

Those descents marked a, are added by – Rouge Croix -
DateNov-Dec 1816
Extent1 page


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