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TitleDiary page
Description[Diary Transcription]
Wrote out this part of my journal
from notes after my return here
from Lawton which accounts for the date
of my getting this book
Saturday the fourteenth of September one
thousand eight hundred and sixteen

A Lister Shibden Hall
Day Boedromion - October/November
Year 1816

Index from Wednesday 14 August to Tuesday 5 November 1816

Wednesday 14 - Macclesfield – Buxton – teazing Anne
Thursdsay 15 - Buxton – Crescent – Stables – walks – Castleton
Speedwell mine – Ebbing and flowing well – excusing
myself to anne for my partiality to the ladies
Friday 16 - Dull day at Buxton – Remarks on the place –
contradicted all I said to Anne last night
Saturday 17 - Left Buxton – the bath charity – conduct to Miss Anne
Sunday 18 - Sarah and the laundry maid very ill – Talkation
Monday 19 - C- [Charles] afraid of being thought mad – Mr Stansfield Caldwell
dined with us – Remarks on his manners and conversation –
Anne let me look at her a lock of tweres hair
Tuesday 20 - wrote π [Mariana] a circular for her friens
M – [Mariana] fainted- Left Lawton – Went to Field. house.
Wednesday 21 - all but connected with Anne – Mrs. Steph’s opinion of
C – [Charles] – Steph’s dinner party-
Thursday 22 - conduct to Anne – Steph showed me C–‘s [Charles] incoherent
note of Monday 29 July – Left Field-house-
Friday 23 - Newcastle, Congleton, Wilmslow, Cheadle, Man-
chester, Rochdale, Halifax – My aunt L's [Lister] scandal
about C – [Charles] – got to Shibden about 8 in the evening-
l Saturday 24 - Mrs. Veitch left us – wrote to M – [Mariana]
1 Sunday 25 - Wrote to Mrs Steph – Began Horsey’s sermons
1 Monday 26 - Wrote to my mother Fruitless walk to call on
Miss M - - Remarks on Mrs G’s more than common civility
Began the Itineraire de Geneve Lausanne etc
l Wednesday 28 - Wrote to Miss Marsh - A letter from M – [Mariana]
l Friday 30 - Wrote I.N. Berne en Suisse
Saturday 31 - Wrote to M – [Mariana]

l Monday 2 - Wrote to A.C. (vidsee 1 Sept) Letler from Miss M-
Telling me what Mrs. G had said of me - Account
of the Halifax parish registration – Began the Greek Testament
Tuesday 3 - Paid Mr. W- for consulting the registry and explained
Wednesday 4 - Began arranging my journal. Remarks upon it -
Mr and Mrs Hudson called. Began with german grammar.
Friday 6 - Miss S Ralph called
l Saturday 7 - Letter from M- [Mariana] – Mrs and Miss C Greenwald called
Sunday 8 - Curiously mounted walnut from I.N.?
l Monday 9 - Wrote to M- [Mariana] - Letter from my mother.
Tuesday 10 - Called on Mrs. Wetherherd
l Thursday12 - Wrote to Miss M – joint letter from Mrs H.S.B.
and Anne – Mrs. Veitch came – Her nephew
Mrs H Ridsdale drank tea with us
Friday 13 - My Aunt Lister’s story about C- [Charles]
Saturday 14 - Mr. Morris’s trial - Mr. Wilbrahamin in a scrape-
l Monday 16 - Wrote to M- [Mariana]
Wednesday 18 - Drank tea a Northgate -
Friday 20 - Miss A. Walker and Miss Atkinson and my uncle
and aunt Lister called
l Saturday 21 – Letter from M- [Mariana] – C- [Charles] takes Anne to Manchester
to see Miss O’Neil-
l Monday 23 - Wrote to M- [Mariana] – answer to a point of etiquette
Tuesday 24 - Called on the Ralphs, Greenwalds, Mrs Tom Rawson,
Mrs. Veitch and at Northgate - Joe Milnes began
cutting his wheat -
Thursday 26 - Called at Crownest, Cliff-hill, Lightcliffe
and Mrs. Hudson’s -

August Wednesday 14
L had no kiss C – [Charles] and M – [Mariana] were off in the gig by 8. Mr. Lawton being left at
home, Anne and I had the carriage to ourselves and were off about half past 8_ We overtook
C – [Charles] and M – [Mariana] before we got to Congleton – The same horses / one pr from Talk/ took us through to
Macclesfield, where we had a luncheon and then-walked into the town – went to see Lady
Lucan’s house, a mile off on the London road – the country and ground about are fine, but
the house itself / an old family place of the Fauconbergs and in times of yore a Hall of distinction)
a large pile of useless inconvenient old holes, part of them - let off to a farmer, as at
Red-house – There was formerly a chapel – perhaps a handsome one – it is now the best thing
about the place in the form of stables - C – [Charles] asked – the rent – The house unfurnished – and 8 or 10 acres
of land £100 per annum. . Would take £80 perhaps, rather than nothing – On our way back, stopped
to see what used to be Mr Daintree’s silk-mill – The machinery apparently little different
from that used for cotton – 4 or 500 people employed - Fine crimson floss silk, done up in banks
of 2 lbs and 2 and a half, going off to Scotland /Glasgow / to make shawls £2 – 12 – 6 per lb -
Macclesfield is a good town, containing -, they say, with its immediate suburbs, 1700 inhabitants
There are 2 churches – one of brick only lately built and a very neat, convenient, small
square market place, consisting, as it were, of 3 streets formed by 2 rows of Sheds running up the
middle – it is entirely closed in when not wanted - we found the gates locked – but saw
the whole place by peeping thro’ the bars – There are a great many both silk and cotton mills_
the proprietors of the one we saw are laying out a considerable sum to make it go by
water, preferring this means to steam, on account of coals being so expensive – After
being shown very civilly all over the works, C – [Charles] offered the man money – Strange
to say, he replied he never took anything, and really and positively refused it! – I wish, for the
honour of our Country this example were more generally followed – the road from Congleton to
Macclesfield is good, very hilly and picturesque – The town of Macclesfield on the Derbyshire side
is at the foot of an amphitheatre of bold Lime-stone hills to which the Mowcop range
extends along their right all the way from Lawton – You are on the moors within a mile
or 2 of Macclesfield and thence to Buxton the road is a series of tremendously ups and downs
through the wildest moor country imaginable – The moors, belonging chiefly to the Duke
of Devonshire, are now, and have been since last year, preserved for the company at Buxton -
none but qualified men / perhaps there is an exception in favour of those staying at the crescent
or some other principal house / being allowed to shoot _ There is now, therefore, goodsport-
Before, any body went upon them - who chose, and these used to be, in the course of a season,
DateAug 1816
Extent1 page


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