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September Thursday
11 1/2
Wrote to Miss Marsh every side and the ends full (Micklegate York) to thank her for paying Mrs Cooke for me
and to ask her to pay my friendly society subscription as soon as it becomes due – enclosed
a one pound bank of England note (no [number] 40698 January 31 1815 S Draper) and 8 shillings – and 2 sixpences
neatly sewed up in paper, every one separately, and in 2 rows to fit the shape of the letter
(17s Mrs Cookes bill – 12s subscription) In the afternoon walked to Halifax – put my letter into the
post office and found to my to my no small surprise I had 4/8 postage to pay, after the rate
2/8 an oz [ounce]. I asked what would have been the rate per oz [ounce] to London – answer 3/8 – I had
better have sent it as a parcel by the Coach – but I have bought my wisdom and it will
serve me another time went to the library – called at Miss Stead’s – and drank tea at Northgate – my
uncle Joseph no better Mr Wigglesworth came in just before I left – Got home at 8 –
A fine, soft close sort of day – very warm i.e. much heated both going and returning – Barometer 1 1/2 about changeable
and Fahrenheit 60 1/2 at 9.p.m. In the course of the day read from p.247 to 327 volume 1
Watson’s Chemical Essays – Flute 10 minutes during supper –

Friday 12
12 1/4
Wrote 2 1/2 pp. of a letter to my mother (Market Weighton) to go in a parcel by Mr Joseph Watkinson
tomorrow – while on vous savez just after breakfast read from p.327 to 349 end of volume 1 Chemical Essays –
Finished my letter to my mother ends full and 1 side crossed – spent the rest of the morning
getting my things ready to go to haugh end Wrote a note to Mrs William Henry
Rawson / Mill house / to say I should be happy to spend the day with her on Monday – In the afternoon
sent off my letter to my mother in the parcel to Mr Joseph Watkinson’s – As we went called
at Stanclyffe’s (the barber’s in Northgate) who had been to the Post Office and got me a letter from M- [Mariana]
(Lawton) gave him my note to Mrs W.H.R- [William Henry Rawon] to put into the office – M- [Mariana] says Lou tho’
still very ill is out of danger and will be glad to get to Lawton as ‘all poor Steffs
assiduity and care were not able to make up for Harriets bad nursing’ ‘H [Harriet] has
not behaved as I think she ought to have done’ Got to Haugh-end a little aft 5 – In
process of time Mrs William Henry Rawson came and old Mrs and Mrs P- [Priestley] (White windows) My uncle and
Aunt went away a little after 8 and left me to stay till Monday morning – A fine – a little rain
between 4 and 5 in the afternoon –

Saturday 13
12 1/2
A thousand reflections and recollections crowed on me last night – the last time I slept in
this room and this bed it was with Mariana (in 1815, the summer of) surely none
ever doted on another as I did then on her – I fondly thought my love and happiness
would last for ever – alas how changed she has married a blackguard for the
sake of his money we are debarred all in to recourse I am not always
satisfied with her I am often miserable and often with and try to weak
my heart from her and fix more propitiously there seems little chance
of our ever getting together tho I believe she really loves me as yet
exclusively the misfortune is my confidence is not invulnerable –
Before breakfast writing out my journal of yesterday and this morning – sat down to breakfast a little after 9 –

Played on the piano a few minutes at 11. Mrs H.P [Henry Priestley] and I went to Pye nest – saw Miss Birch
there (of Stonydale near Cartmel in Lancashire, Mrs Edwards’s niece) a pretty girl – but did not say
much nor struck me as particularly like a gentlewoman. Got back at 2, 1/2 an hour before dinner
read a few pp. of Dr Syntax’s tour – after dinner won a gammon and 6 hits against Mary’s
3 hits at backgammon – dressed and went to drink at Whitewindows at 6 – Captain P- [Priestley]
came in a little before 9 after being out all day shooting – stayed supper ad did not get home
till a 1/4 after 11. Fine day – a broiling walk to Pye-nest and back, tho’ there was a
fine air now and then – very strong dew tonight – Finished my journal (from the short writing)
just before getting into bed –

Sunday 14
7 40/60
12 20/60
(Before breakfast) propositions 24 and 25 lib. 5 Euclid – Mary and I went to Sowerby Church in the morning in the
carriage with the old people – She and I stayed at home in the afternoon and alternately read aloud pp. the first 40
of volume 2 Milner’s history of the church – Miss Birch came in for a few minutes before tea – returned
after drinking tea at white windows that Captain P- [Priestley] might walk home with her and while he
was away Mary and I had a little music – I played and sang a little in conversation about
economy and keeping house she told me they last year spent above seven hundred
pounds tho it was not an expensive year and did not appear that they could live as they
do for less A fine day, but cold –

Monday 15
8 1/2
Downstairs a breakfast and all packed up by 1/2 past 9 – Mary called with me at
White-windows, but they were not at home – Got to Mill-house about 12 – dined and
drank tea with Mrs William Henry R- [Rawson] – and spent a very pleasant day – Her husband is
away with his brother Mr Christopher Rawson on a tour in North Wales – Left Mill-house at 1/2 past 6 –
and got home a 1/4 before 8 – Felt a good deal tired with , my ride – rode double behind
William on diamond – A fine autumnal day – tho’ rather close and damp sultry – the evening
very damp with so thick mist, one could hardly a yard before one – My Aunt Anne had
been out with my uncle Joseph as far as his fields at Hipperholm (in a chaise) this afternoon
He has been no better this last day or 2 – Put all my things to rights before supper –

Tuesday 16
11 1/4
Felt tired and idle and allowed myself to indulge for once – Wrote out my journal of yesterday
From p.232 to 246 volume 1 Lecons de l’histoire – Did the 4 last propositions F, G, H ,K of lib. 5 Euclid –
In the afternoon making extracts from volume 1 Watson’s Chemical Essays – Just called in my way past to ask
my uncle Joseph how he did (found him no better) and got to the lecture a little after 6 – this course of
5 astronomical lectures are to be Tuesday’s Thursdays and Saturday and commence at 6 instead of 7 in the evening – about –
50 people there – chiefly from the schools – Mr Dalton very tedious – paid my subscription 12s at the
door – A fine autumn day – dampish close air – very warm walk both there and back tho’
Fahrenheit both at 9 this morning and 9 tonight only at 58 1/2º - Barometer, at the same hours, 2º above Changeable
Got home at 9 -
DateSep 1817
Extent1 page


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